Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson's Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look


Seth takes a closer look at former White House official Cassidy Hutchinson's shocking testimony before the January 6 committee, revealing that Trump orchestrated a violent coup and wanted to lead an armed mob to the Capitol to overturn the election.

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Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson's Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Date: August 17, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Group sues to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan September 27, 2022
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  • Kaine to vote against Manchin permitting bill September 27, 2022
    Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D) announced Tuesday morning that he will vote against a motion to begin debate on Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) permitting reform bill, dealing a blow to Manchin’s hopes of passing the measure. Kaine said he will vote against a motion to proceed to a legislative vehicle that Senate Majority Leader Charles...
  • Court hands partial win to Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit September 27, 2022
    A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday handed former President Trump a partial victory in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who accused Trump of raping her in the 1990s, with the court ruling that presidents are covered by a federal law that gives broad legal immunity to government employees. A divided...
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    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report incorrectly identified the location of Bnei Brak. TEL AVIV – U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said his main mission in the region is to “keep the waters calm.” Another view is that Nides is tasked with preventing any major waves for President Biden’s relationship with Israel, following...
  • Riggleman at center of new Jan. 6 controversy September 27, 2022
    Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who previously worked as an adviser to the Jan. 6 select committee, is at the center of a new controversy engulfing the panel after he dropped a bombshell revelation while promoting his forthcoming book. In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” teasing his book, Riggleman said someone at the White...

50 thoughts on “Even Fox News Was Stunned by Cassidy Hutchinson's Devastating Testimony: A Closer Look

  1. 29 June 2022 Q drops the following:
    What is at stake?

    Who has control?


    Who was surprised?

    Who will be surprised?

    Use your logic.

    Can emotions be used to influence decisions?

    How do you control emotion?

    Define 'Plant'.

    How do you insert a plant?

    Can emotions be used to insert a plant?

    Who is Cassidy Hutchinson?

    Trust the plan.


    And at 30 June 2022 this video comes online……….CABALISTIC BASTARDS WE HAVE IT ALL

  2. Seth – taking your kids to see a drag queen show today? Why don't you support the WORST trash in every city? Oh, that's right you do.
    The most depressing, depraved – and the teachers who deliver it to our kindergarten kids.

  3. They can try to say she's a "low level staffer" all they want. But an audio recorder in the room would have had even lower status, yet everyone would certainly want to hear every word on it, and various groups would be happy to pay $50 million dollars for it, either to release it, or to destroy it. And she was right there hearing every word, and numerous comments she relayed were to and from her personally. That's a bit better than a hypothetical recorder. The 'low level staffer' gambit only works as an indication that someone wasn't in the room, and so could only guess at what was going on. But she was right there, front and center in the middle of it all. No guessing involved.

  4. Lmao. How embarassing. How much more of a disgrace can the Democrats become? I mean.. SERIOUSLY.
    The actual S.S Agents themselves came out & said that NONE of her claims ever happened. What a sickening waste of taxpayers time & money.
    And they wonder why so many of us former liberals have walked away from that garbage party. 🗑 so sad.

  5. She is a liar and every state run by a demonic democrat are a disaster and they destroy everything they touch.Death to Biden and all the demonic democrats in Congress for treason.

  6. LOL If you can't tell when women are obviously lying then I feel sorry for you. People Cassidy Hutchinson specifically mentioned immediately responded by saying her claims were untrue. Liz Cheney has received $10 million dollars in political donations, often coming from Democrats, since the start of this show trial and people are dumb enough to believe she is motivated by a sense of higher purpose to defend "Our Democracy™."

  7. Stunning revelations. Just like Hillary’s Russiagate tale. Trumpy assaults an agent and tries to commandeer a car from him.
    Are people truly that stupid ? I guess so since they fell for the other Russia fairy tales.

  8. Cassidy Hutcheson was the proverbial fly on the wall. She was totally dismissed by those in power as having any importance because she was "just an aide" and had no policy or decision making ability. She just was at EVERY meeting, taking notes, sending texts, making phone calls, and hearing everything. But because she sat to the side and kept her mouth shut they forgot about her. The fly on the wall. Good for her!

  9. HA HA – Donald Trump gave the ok for troops (and a lot of them) to be used on January 6th. What a sham "hearing" this was when it was not his fault the others did not follow through.

  10. I couldn't tell for sure but…Wally looked genuinely displeased with having to hold up a cue card with a curse word on it…either that or I'm misunderstand 'the bit' he was doing

  11. He should be put in prison for lying along with the rest of the damn Democrats there's so much evil in this world we've got to put fear back in evil people and take our country back there should be a public hanging of all these Traders

  12. I haven't seen an episode of him hosting this show since its early days. Now I remember why and I don't need to question the reason for the ratings. Who funds this show to keep it afloat?

  13. One question for the lemmings here. If this a "hearing" why are there NO CROSS EXAMINATIONS? Imagine you're at a hearing, the lawyer asks your accuser questions that are damming to you……….. And then your side ISN'T ALLOWED TO CROSS EXAMINE HER? Go ahead you fucken idiots. Justify it.

  14. Democrats have completely perverted justice and the rule of law in America. There is one legal standard for Democrats where they get away with anything and everything with no consequences. On the other hand, the standard applied to Republicans is to prosecute them when there is little or no evidence, make up false charges against them, crush their free speech, and try to totally destroy them, just because they have a different opinion and vision for the USA. This joke of a committee is nothing more than a hand picked pack of rabid Trump haters whose mission is to attack and destroy the Trump. The Republicans were not even permitted to pick their own representatives to sit on the committee to cross examine the witnesses. What a total farce and and pathetic display of partisan hatred. God help America.

  15. JOE BIDEN cheated in law school and never practiced law. Neither did Hunter.
    TRUMP, however, gave his ex-wife $14 MILLION dollars. Women are IMPRESSED! He also made beautiful hotels that all women wanted to go to. Their Democrat males wouldn't take them – too cheap.
    Joe lived off taxpayers for 48 or more years. NOT IMPRESSED!

  16. Cassidy was probably no more than a secretary. They give each other important titles. I worked for the government and that's what they do.
    You people are so naive and wanting to worship Democrats proves it.
    Apparently, neither Joe or Hunter ever practiced law, either.

  17. Hunter Biden is the smartest man Joe knows. But Hunter left his laptop at a repair shop for over 90 days so it then became the property of the shop owner. The shop owner's father is a former COLONEL who took it to the FBI and was told to get out of their office and lawyer up. I worked for the government. We were supposed to help everyone not ONE PARTY.. You Dems are criminals.

  18. Revealing world wide satanic conspiracy. Urgently look at a hidden message on Sainte Peter's Basilica, in Rome Italy! Encoded in the statues on the building, for telling WW3! Look at these bible scriptures as further proof, Romans1:23, Deuteronomy5:8, Romans1:25, Revelation/ Apocalypse 17, 18, 18:4,6,24;John the Baptist, Jesus….Roman soldiers Peirced him, not Jews The Mark of the beast is on the shield of the Empire and on top of their buildings. 666 is on the three level crown(vicarivs filii dei). Germany concealing historical information about WW2 and that Nazi war on Russia, which killed more of their population than almost all other nations involved combined. The Pope never spoke out about the atrocities, even though informed. The French and Bolshevik revolutions infuriated Revelation/ Apocalypse 17,18, and that is why both Russia and France were attacked. 1798, the French Revolution ended the Bible's for told 1260 years of complete subjugation of the world, including the death penalty for observing the Sabbath (which is not (sun)day) and for Biblical festivals, like Passover(538AD was the beginning of the death decree, by Roman Consul(Emperor Justinian). The UK also had a secret they wanted hidden by the fog of WW2. Turkey and Arab States are where Gog and Magog are of the Bible's Ezekiel 38, and surrounded by seas(Walid Shoebat), which to be driven in to as per the Bible's description. Turkey is also directly north of Israel, and where the bible calls the "seat of Satan". Constantinople(Roman Emperor Constantine's city, now Istanbul, Turkey) was headquarters of Rome in the past. Rosh means head, but just because Russia sounds like the Hebrew word for head, doesn't mean it is the head(Rosh) of Gog and Magog. They are not even in the same Country. Gog Magog war comes after the 1000 years of peace on earth. A sovereign city is under attack in Florida USA, by an American Governor Ron Desantis, for speaking about Biblical matters. He talks how it is waking people up, and must stop. This is war over knowing God. The US claims to believe in Democracy and has in God we trust on money, but are attacking God. 80% of US money has been printed in the last couple years, with the stock market just better than the drop of the great depression of 1929 and still falling. NATO must be broken up, and is the greatest obstacle to peace in the world. The time is quickly approaching for all nations to take control of oppressive business holdings of NATO Countries, as enemies of you and the world. Take away their terror production ability. NATO changed the name of Ukraine's Capital from a Russian word to some thing else. Refused to talk peace. US Senator Jim Risch on video says,"we can not let this end", when reffering to the Ukraine war. Stockpiles of NATO weapons were found in bunkers in Ukraine. The evidence to invade Iraq, still has not been given, or Syria. NATO nations have military bases around the world(800+). They are masters of deception, and misdirecting anger. Revelation 18:6,24. The church claims they are the new Jerusalem, and the Vatican represents God's temple, so the Pope is the one sitting in the (false) temple with 666 on his crown and the sign of the religion and empire in his hand(the cross). US Senator Lindsay Graham said that Ukraine's war is the US war, and that the year 2017 would be the year of offense(wow). That was before this so called invasion. US's Mike Pompeo also said that the war would start in 2017. President Donald J. Trump said over 3 1/2 years ago that the US would soon be at war with Russia and China. Christian networks, behind the scenes are fomenting a war against China, using false attacks on Taiwan. These people are totally evil. NATO is the military arm of the beast system. (M.O.B. (cross/X) on flag). People pledge an allegiance to its supposed ideals. Bow to what the image(cross/2crossed swords of Islam/X of Rome) represents or die. Catechism of the Catholic Church say no "buy or sell" or greeting to any who leaves the cross(Church). Those who don't accept it, have fire rain down from heaven in the sight of men. Remember this! No man has greater love than this, that he give his life for his friends. Joe Biden now says, that the weapon stockpiles in Ukraine were there preemptively for when Russia attacked Ukraine. So when the offensive attack came that Lindsay Graham, Mike Pomeo and Donald Trump were talking about in advance. Russia entered Ukraine because weaponization in Ukraine against Russia and because of killing of so called Russian separatists and sympathizers. NATO Countries are stealing Russian assets claiming on account of the war, but it seams to be the other way around. NATO was attacking Russians in Ukraine and militarizing for an all out assault. The West would not negotiate with Putin to prevent the escalation. So seaze NATO property, confiscate their money in your Country, stop their monetary transactions and send them packing. Do to them, what they were doing. Why does the Roman Empire and Church(called Roman Catholic Church) exist, when the Bible in Revelation 17,18 says it is evil and responsible for all those slaughtered on the earth? Verse 6 of chapter 18 of Revelation says to pay her back double for what she has done to others. Is Donald Trump a prophet, or was he just ahead of schedule proclaiming wars with Russia and China? Think! The war with China hasn't even started yet, but it was Trump saying that the corona virus started in China. He thought he could get you to start a war through that, but it is not China spraying your cities just before outbreaks. Look up, see spraying! Taiwan has no embassies, as it is not a Country, but a part of China, as openly acknowledged till recently(accept Lithuania, which is going to be used to start war on Russia and China). Trump authorized "operation warp speed" to force vaccinate by military force. He authorized death by poison gas, electrocution and firing squad to the already authorized lethal injection. America you are fighting for your life, don't choose cowardice, as the world counts on you! The world collectively belongs to all mankind. It is greedy people who try to usurp the resources and control. All people deserve dignity and their fair share. This is not NATO helping Ukraine, but a NATO take over of Ukraine and war on Russia. Ukraine was part of Russia.(Russian language and history being hidden). Biden stopped 3 gas pipelines and all exploration in Alaska, but didn't even envite the largest electric car company to an electric vehicle fair. US future walkers? How many nations of the world will be attacked by an alliance that the Bible calls satanic before people realize it must be stopped? Revelation 18:4 "Get out of her my people" NATO-Rome/UK attacking Acts2:44. Taking a righteous stand is never easy, and God says no COWARDS will inherit his Kingdom. Research Boris Johnston's " plan A", corona virus deaths not working, WAR! New vaccines for new variants, with out testing and very quickly, how? Prince Charles was recorded hugging the Pope and congratulating him on his war. What war? British Royals own video. NATO is planning to go to war with the Solomon Islands if they militarize, but Russia had no right to defend themselves from the NATO aggressors militarizing Ukraine with the goal of destroying Russia, and attacking Russian loyalists(NATO only defensive lol). Carefully Share this information and pray for Russia and Ukraine, and clear browser and site history! Sweden/Finland extremely militarized with M.O.B. on equipment and on Russia's border. Think! Remember the German Nazis? German tanks in Ukraine and Lithuania. When media disallows commenting is because of deception. Unbiased media that hides opinions(how can that be possible?) 2400+ Nazis(Nazi tattoos) surrender to Russia in Ukraine. NATO is headed for a trap that they will not be able to get out of. US President admits, behind the NATO proxy war. Unless the US people stop what is happening, get out of the US, get out of the US! Roman Catholic Joe Biden is making moves, like Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler. Rome and cronies attacking businesses and products. Think! Corona/monkey pox(they're changing the name)/leopard pox/heat lockdowns about to arrive world wide compliments of Rome/UK. UK saying the culling of ALL domestic animals coming(Pharaoh like control, bow or die). 2 US billionaires say US dollar collapse and civil war coming. (G7 ban Russian gold to prop up their fiat currencies, based on faith, but not faith in God, 2Corinthians4:4) The great reset before being hijacked by Nazi billionaires was that every man will have property including his own fig tree and grape vines(obviously a dwelling), which became the you won't own any thing and you'll be happy. These are the guys attacking Russia and Ukraine(like WW2).
    Stallenburg admits NATO was providing Ukraine heavy weapons for a long time(NATO, defensive?). Bitcoin=gold backed decentralized, Church/State digital currency=faith backed, centralized/enslavement 2023. The UK imported a king from Germany @WW2 to marry the British Queen and take her last name, fooling the masses. WW3=WW2=Rome's war on Acts2:44. Select, copy, paste, email and print, and repeat. NATO has Russian weapons. Leaders of Ukraine military, foreign. The war was going to be a distraction from the G7 digital dollar of 2014, 2017, but failed to arrive then, but will arrive 2023. Russian gold banned, to protect fiat $. I'm not Russian, so quit attacking them! Rome starting WW3 to hide exposé. *WW1=WWincome tax, think! Angola, Japan = Rome. NATO now sinking ships preemptively.(Thought Police/executioner) Wow NATO defensive? Why so many NATO Countries spend the most on military? ;!((

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