Farage warns UK is in 'large hassle' as a result of they made up our minds to 'move inexperienced'


Former Brexit Birthday celebration Chief Nigel Farage argues he's going to give new British High Minister Liz Truss ‘the good thing about the doubt' as the rustic faces financial and effort demanding situations.

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Date: September 7, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Farage warns UK is in 'large hassle' as a result of they made up our minds to 'move inexperienced'

  1. When you do things like a moron you get treated like a moron this is happening to Europe it’s pretty bad when communists country show more common sense than the free world when it comes to energy production

  2. We've gone down the same Rd.hear in Australia 🇦🇺 the amount of coal(which we're quite happy to sell overseas)and uranium (same as coal) but the stars will stop shining if we use it here

  3. I don't think Farage understands just how many policies and practices that would be considered ''on the Left/Green'' goes into putting food on his table. I have a degree in biology and have been a beekeeper and queen breeder for 15 years. Things like government regulations, mandatory health inspections and national registries help to insure healthy bees for everyone. One single negligent owner who ignores these laws puts all colonies in their area at risk.

  4. That’s hilarious hilarious they don’t have the infrastructure and it will take them 30 years to get it and in California that idiot moron governor said mandatory electric cars by 2030 and 2 days later he told the state that they can’t charge electric cars because of the heat Gavin Newsom is the worst governor in American history bar none so GM and Dodge are over and done with and it’s long overdue!

  5. Greta Thunberg demands that you suffer in the cold and heat since she is smarter than everyone in power, except maybe Obama and Al Gore. and you have made her unhappy with your greed and selfishness.

  6. Well, That Truss tidbit was kind of a joke now isn't. It doesn't matter they know most of the UK peasants have no choice but to bend over and accept the royal weenier.

  7. GOING green is a false pretend from Biden. The fact is Communist China wants business in selling their "Passove energy products" to the world through Biden. Wind turbines, solar panels, & electric cars; NOT much used in China, so Xi needs "international consumers", just like flooring, wall materials for building materials – toxic! We pay the price with our health!!!

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