FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago can have a 'profound impact' on electorate: Turley


Fox Information Contributor Jonathan Turley discusses the Monday evening FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house. #FoxNews

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Date: August 23, 2022

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42 thoughts on “FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago can have a 'profound impact' on electorate: Turley

  1. Biden and the democrat over reach with abuse of power are at all time highs, just like the murders rates in big cities are, they have one thing in common all democrat controlled mayors who are wasting your tax dollars and doing nothing to fight big city crime, so if you are happy with your local, state or federal government over reach with abuse of power vote democrat for the midterms, but if your tired of corruption and government over reach vote them out.

  2. Federal judge greenlit a lawsuit against Biden’s federal agencies. Lawsuit alleges that Biden’s rescinding of border patrol policies has had a negative impact on the environment. Plaintiffs claim government has violated the National Environmental Policy Act Washington Examiner

  3. Since the Trump raid his popularity and donations have sky rocketed He will get more votes in 2024 than any Pres because he was elevated to martyr status. A fighter fir freedom and America first. He is the David of our time fighting the beast calked the demoncrat party and the deep state corruption. The world is behind him. The elitist hate him.

  4. FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago will have a 'profound effect' on voters: Turley. – I sure hope so. Maybe people will come to their senses and see what a truly corrupt person he really is.

  5. The raid might have a profound effect on voters. However, I won't have any effect on the fixed voting process. The fix is still in folks.

  6. Just because C. Wary was appointed by Ex-President Trump, does not mean C Wray is a non-bias, up right honest and loyal law enforcement officer worthy of directorship.

  7. They had no clear idea what they were looking for otherwise constitutionally it would have been specifically listed, clearly defined, in the affidavit and search warrant, which it was not! Thus, the DOJ and FBI had seriously violated the consititution.

  8. Commanding Officer
    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
    Men's Central Jail
    441 Bauchet Street
    Los Angeles. California

    What has happened Deputy Amin.
    He was doing such a wonderful job of groundskeeper with the Munchins (Trustees)
    The new Deputy who is supervising the Trustees is just not as good at it. I don't quite know how to explain it except, "oppressive," That's it, he's very oppressive. The last time I was there, the Munchins were very tense. I never saw them tense with Deputy Amish. I think possibly that he dislikes the humbleness of that mission. It is a humble mission, but nonetheless important to all of us. It may be that he feels that maintenance and griundskeeping are beneath his dignity.
    Now nobody is watering the Flower. or the plants, or the grass or the trees which are a natural ecological habitat for the birds.
    I think that it is absolutely Beastly to let the grounds dry up, wither and die and the grass to turn brown because there is Contention among the brethren as to who is going to do the chores of cutting and watering the lawn, digging around the flower beds and watering the trees and flowers. And washing down the front porch and the stairs and the sidewalls.

    It was meant to look lovely. The lawn is supposed to be lush and green, and the flours and bushes, and trees are supposedto be think with lush tropical green foliage, and the flowering trees are supposed to be blooming.
    Negligence, and selfishness is getting in the way of taking care of the environmental habitat and landscaping around the buildings and grounds. and in the parking lot too.
    These are nice green spaces. But they must receive regular care and watering and maintenance from humans, specifically from the brotherhood.

    My suggestion then is to possibly bring back Deputy Amin. Or if that is not possible, to recruit a brother who has a love and passion for environmental care and have him to work with the Munchins(guys in the yellow pants).
    I am sorry to seem as if I am trying to pressure, or coerce or intimidate or bully anyone into making the grounds look nice and welcoming 🙏 . Please forgive me. Nevertheless, it breaks my heart to see the grounds on such a pitiful condition, all brown and crispy and dying from thirst, and neglected.


  9. This guy is a right wing lawyer who is on the payroll of Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch! This lawyer is a disgrace! It is scary to see a university professor supporting a bad and dangerous person like Donald Trump! These people are apparently oblivious to the fact that their own children are watching them: their hypocrisy and double moral and ethical standards!

  10. 😱 you guys really listen to this? You guys, the remnants of ex President Ronald Reagan should at least have a little bit of common sense. But as your sad disturbed confused troops walk to another war self created, like always, hope think of the damage to the Nation you about to create, and this people angry, illogical ppl with an agenda burns the desire to urge you to abandon. Nothing good coming out this, Don and his staff should of known better not to do what he did. Period, secrets sometimes are needed to keep a Nation function and secret files deserve to be in great protection, as estipulated.
    This is not Iraq 🇮🇶 -a country we basically marched in there and basically tear into pieces for merely accusations unfounded( maybe deserved for other crimes, but not to the false accusations never confirm) this is not Iraq, but America.
    If these words intended in reconciliation and peace, and love as the Lord commanded you… love thy neighbor as to love yourself offends you and fire up your ire anger, stop ✋ 🛑 think if it’s worth it to just listen other people perspectives, open a little bit your mind for facts, stop being pushed around and fed things that at the end are not logical nor true. Well, this might hurt you, might offend you cus of the imposed blindness, but I miss a lot of my Republicans friends and family divided by an idea, some families separated for political ideation, 6 years of missing fathers, mothers neighbors and basically lots of people, at the end.. the memories of hate, act of revenge and anger on those final moments of life, not surrounded by the people you lost, or not loved enough because of an idea… is it worth it?well I check out. Good luck to the unnecessary wars to come, no! It will not make you more of a man or woman. “The truth convinces, does not scream or shout.

  11. If Trump was out-of-town when the FBI showed up at Mar-a-Lago, then he did not witness what they did,
    unless he used surveillance cameras to monitor his own activities from afar. Trump appeared to comply
    with requests for documents back in March, but then it became apparent that he and his attorney were
    less than candid, and that what he (belatedly) returned resembled a stolen car that had been stripped bare.
    Trump not only "intended" to withhold documents, he withheld them en masse, probably to sell them to the
    highest bidder at a later date, although perhaps to engage in blackmail, or else to prevent it from being used
    against Trump himself. The "synergy" to which Prof. Turley alludes is not a coincidence, but a consequence
    of convergent field operations. There are unasked questions about the attempted kidnapping of Gov. Whitmer,
    but they concern Trump's involvement in the plot, not the conduct of the FBI. Sandy Berger stole five identical
    copies of the same classified document—a report on the "internal assessments of the Clinton administration's
    handling of the unsuccessful 2000 millenium attack plots," for which he was subsequently disbarred, albeit
    not imprisoned (quotation courtesy of the Wiki entry on Berger, which provides further details). Hunter Biden
    was paid $600,000 for his "services" in Russia during the Obama administration. No doubt he is corrupt, but
    his corruption pales beside Trump's own, much as Berger's theft of a few pears has more in common with a
    youthful St. Augustine than an aging kleptomaniac. "Hillary's emails" is a legend that has been printed once
    too often. I could go on (and on), but the point is, if one leaky bucket won't hold water, neither will ten leaky
    arguments, especially those based on false analogies, suppressed evidence, and ready-made scapegoats.
    The result is a set of begged questions, non sequiturs, and logical howlers, as risible as they are absurd.
    Murdochs of the world, take a hike: you have nothing to lose but your capitol games.

  12. If you reside in America and it is dinnertime, you have almost certainly broken the law. In his book Three Felonies a Day, civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate estimates that the average person unknowingly breaks at least three federal criminal laws every day. This toll does not count an avalanche of other laws — for example misdemeanors or civil violations such as disobeying a civil contempt order — all of which confront average people at every turn. An article in the Economist (July 22, 2010) entitled "Too many laws, too many prisoners"
    So given this, who decides which law to enforce, when and why ? The Trump Mar Lago FBI raid seems … well, unseemly.

  13. Wait a sec… didn’t the repugnicans spent two years and $7M of the American tax dollars investigating Hillary and found “nothing” but the goal was to hurt her chances of winning a presidential election? Yes, you guys did that and it worked. Kudos repugnicans! Now it’s happening to their boy trump and they don’t like it. I’m now hearing all of those chickens coming home to roost.

  14. Yes there are numerous serious concerns – … but of course – ALL TALK AND NO ACTIONS … WHY IS NOBODY DOING ANYTHING TO STOP THESE CORRUPT SWAMP SCUMS ??

  15. "FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago will have a 'profound effect' on voters". Mmmmmh. I DON'T THINK SO. I DIDN'T STOLE (or kept) DOCUMENTS THAT DO BELONG TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!! SO, NO! IT CANNOT HAPPEN TO ME (either the ones here), I DON'T WORK IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

  16. The plot thickens!
    We can all see that the Democrats planted advisers around Trump who programmed Trump's mind to make him steal "Top Secret" documents related to the US nuclear system and store them in his house, and then they sent the FBI to catch him! We now see that Trump fell into an evil scam orchestrated by the Democrats to damage Trump's reputation.
    But. it won't work! … Trump has a rock-solid defense: — These "Top Secret" documents related to the US nuclear system were neatly stored in a PERFECT location in Trump's house — and voila! … Genius … ! … You will never be able to defeat our genius president, no matter how hard you try!!

  17. Ya they (former presidents) go back and forth on the documents they can take when they return to private life! ….Yes, we saw before this type of haggling on what "Top Secret" nuclear system documents they took or wanted to take with them once they left the White House. This is such an important point that this reporter brings up for us to understand how much "Con Don" Trump has been abused by the FBI and DOJ!

  18. Remember the chants of "lock her up" for Hillary mishandling classified documents, and cheering on the FBI investigation?
    Faux Nooze viewers don't remember that either, or they are all just hypocrites and cult followers. Nice 180 by the GQP.
    How can she be a criminal, and he be the victim of overzealous FBI agents and government overreach for political purposes?

  19. To answer this ladies question they used a search warrant to grab everything they could and take it back to thier HQ and plant evidence and falsify thier findings to try and frame President Trump. That is the only reason bidens traitorous administration did this….

  20. He had NO BUSINESS taking the documents AND didn't want to give them back (what are you negotiating)? He did this AFTER raising holy hell over Clinton's private email server! He wasn't president anymore. What a king-sized HEE-HAW

  21. Just a witch hunt and nothing more….. with 2 failed impeachment attempts, the communist Dems are now going for anything…..!!!! Voter have
    distrust for the FBI??? NO, voters do not trust the FBI anymore, just look at what the FBI did with Hunter Biden's laptop or with Hillary's emails…!!!
    So, let's go Brandon, and the sooner the better for all Americans…!!!

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