FBI refused Hunter Biden investigation: Whistleblowers


Former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker joined ‘Fox & Buddies First' to talk about the most recent at the Mar-a-Lago raid and whistleblowers alleging the FBI used to be ordered to not examine the Hunter Biden pc. #FoxNews

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Date: August 27, 2022

RSS The Hill

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41 thoughts on “FBI refused Hunter Biden investigation: Whistleblowers

  1. Former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker joined 'Fox & Friends First' to discuss the latest on the Mar-a-Lago raid and whistleblowers alleging the FBI was ordered not to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop <<< they dont want to do it <<< >>> where is the fbi from Republican's ? can do it

  2. They just lost every ounce of respect. There will be a changing of the guards and the dishonest FBI agents should be fired. FBI NOT ABOVE THE LAW. IF THEY SUPPORT THIS ADMINISTRATION THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS FRIEND.

  3. Of course the FBI at the Top are as corrupt as the Biden Administration. Seems the people running thing seem to think they will have power forever. Time changes all. Incest of Media and government has gone on too long. SAD!!!

  4. It's because there literally nothing that they need to investigate. It was all a big nothing-burger and republicans are embarrassing themselves by continuously demanding an investigation

  5. Any presidential candidate now should be screaming for every single state department leader and FBI leaders to be all fired immediately executed upon command by Congress. If there is no presidential candidate screaming all FBI leaders are to resign then they should not be voted for.

  6. What is a worse crime, taking classified documents to your home and keeping them in a locked basement? Or allowing your son to sell access to you when serving as VP of the U.S.?

  7. If Donald Trump had been president there would not be a war in Ukraine, or Southern border crises or a world shortage of food with high inflation: Joe Biden has been and still is a BLOODY NIGHTMARE:

  8. That's because their on the client list too. And they don't want it to get out.. And judges are on it too. Wake up AMERICA 🇺🇸. They go after a innocent man why all the crooked ones walk

  9. We all know this is a setup just like they did the January 6th deal they set that up Nancy pelosa didn't call the National Guard because she knew Trump was down there and making a speech so she figured well if we don't call the National Guard and then attack the capital which they did they encouraged them to do it Nancy pelosa was setting him up for this now the FBI is setting him up to try to keep him from running for president it ain't going to work because it's all false they were there in May to get something boxes which they did so why don't they just take all of them no because they figure well they're going to set him up that's what they figured they were going to do they're taking their time about it because they have to figure out something that they told the judge that he had so they can set him up to make it look good this is their last chance that's why they're taking longer than usual it ain't going to work they're playing politics with the Democrats the FBI are they know if they don't come up with something good and he gets to be president they're all fired every one of them is fired they're not going to be in the FBI anymore and the justice department is the same thing and the CIA they're all in the back pockets of the Democrats and we know it you know it we all know it

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