FBI searches Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house | FOX 9 KMSP


The FBI searched former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property as a part of an investigation into whether or not he took categorised data from the White Space to his Florida place of dwelling, other people aware of the topic mentioned Monday. Trump disclosed the motion in a long commentary, saying that brokers had damaged into his protected in a seek he decried as proof of “darkish occasions for our country.”

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Date: September 7, 2022

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49 thoughts on “FBI searches Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house | FOX 9 KMSP

  1. You can’t get stupider misinformation than Fox News. Trump is so Fucked for taking nucular info home. straight up Russian Spy, Putins beeeotch 😂 these dimwits are hilarious AF… legal scholars 😂

  2. He looked at the documents and declassified them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHRHEHEHEHRHEARRRHEHEHEHE. Just like I looked at the Moon and then suddenly appeared on Mare Imbrium. HAhahahshehehehehehahaha. I saw a cow and suddenly I was eating a NY steak! HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHA!

  3. What was the slogan again?… "Lock her up…" Well it should be "Lock him up!" Of course MAGA crazies and GOP right wing will defend this guy as hypocrites. Remember this was a know fact that when he left he White House he took boxes of documents with him. This was already reported. What we finally know is that he stole nuclear secrets to sell to probably Putin and Saudi Arabia.

    Right wing MAGA and Trump will say and do = the rules are for thee not for me! HYPOCRITES!!!

    Guys save our country!

    So much for law and order GOP – not anymore under them.

  4. I'm from the UK. I'm really tired and sick of you Americans attacking your own legal justice systems to make it all political to get more votes. What cry babies you all are! I followed this story on the news closely. The raid was legal. Trump received a Subpoena. He didn't follow the law. He kept secret Government Official documents for his reasons 'unknown'. Remember he loves Kim Jung Un and Putin. He wants to run America like Putin manages Russia. An authoritarian country and Dictator. He is not the President. He is now a civilian. He lost the election fairly and is just a crybaby LOSER. He could have handed them over. But he was never going to disclose them or return them. He does not obey the law or Subpoenas. The only resort was a legal and official raid to get them back. The Justice system acted properly and followed the law and rules. The FBI acted legally and professionally. Garland followed the Justice Department laws and rules. What's up with people objecting? Trump committed a crime in retaining top secret documents as a civilian Shop whining and moaning you Americans. Stop the distractions. Lock this criminal and clown up. Send him to prison for 10 years. He is not above the law. No person is above the law in USA.

  5. Trump likely sold to Russia some of the classified documents he took just before leaving the White House and that caused them to launch an attack on Ukraine almost creating WW3. Look like we have the next "reality winner".

  6. What did Trump and Putin discuss in Helsinki when they kicked the interpreter out?
    Putin studied English when he was a KGB Colonel.
    Was Trump planning to sell Nuclear weapons related classified information to Putin?
    These are serious questions and the good people of USA deserve an answer.

  7. There is NO WAY IN HELL Americans will ever again trust this politically motivated FBI and doj ever again!!! We want them disbanded immediately!! They are corrupted to the core, even now, they planted evidence and microphones in Trump's house to try to convict him of some false crime. And they are coming for us next!!!

  8. Trump stole a lot of government documents, and took them home, documents that do not belong to him; its a pure crime!!!…..Isnt that funny how Trump fooled all these GOP members again?? They are all fools!! because Trump has the search warrant, and all the information they were looking for, but he could not release it to his people to see; and they were all making stupid noises every where….Trump fooled his people in a disgusting manner again; Why cant Trump show the public the Search Warrant,? …..Merrick Garland is very intelligent man …very calculative and smart

  9. when you stop to think of it this very well may be the first step on the road that will land Donald Trump in Prison behind Bars wearing a Orange Jumpsuit before he runs in 2024,

  10. Trump is letting me down again. Why can't he simply follow the rules? He has given the Dems a reason to prosecute him and prevent him from running… Why? So he can look at the documents and regale in his former power and status? I have given up on him. I'm sorry.

  11. This is the reason. While this event is now on all the media programs and minds of Americans, there is in my opinion something else happening in the works that no one is aware of. This is another false flag drawing our attention away, while something really bad, sinister is about to be sprung.

  12. And if you're poor in this country you get the whole full effect of the law if you're rich you get away with murder so I don't think it's right if Nancy pelosi can get rid of destroying evidence Trump should get away with whatever they're trying to get him with but I just don't see they will get with him with anything he didn't destroy that White House that was Joe Biden and Nancy pelosi's doing just to keep him out of getting president again

  13. Nancy pelosi can destroy evidence and not getting no trouble if Trump done that they would have done impeached him put him under the jail and throw away the key they might as well give up Trump needs to keep trying won't vote for Biden or Nancy pelosi they suck ass literally

  14. They need to leave Donald Trump alone he done his time for this country he didn't take no pay I don't know what's going on but they are something going on they don't want Trump to have 2024 election but I hope he does get it because Joe Biden up there sucks ass Nancy pelosi can go back where she come from she goes to China and look what's happening over in China she's going to start world war III that's what they want and Trump was the best president we had at least he did tell the truth and do what he said he was going to do he tried to build the wall in Mexico to keep all the math out of do you United States and Joe Biden says all the mess and everything in Mexico come on over we don't care

  15. LOCK HIM UP! A lawful investigation done by the rule of law! Dear God. If you are there, deliver us all from the screeching noise of the trumpeteering media, criminals, politicians, and anarchists. Protect the innocent people who did nothing to deserve this manufactured chaos. Shut trumps mouth and remove this narcissistic sociopath from our presence. Let us enjoy a quiet contentment that we had before these people got mad that a black man was elected to the office of the Presidency in this country. Get these authoritarians in Russia and Hungary and elsewhere off the world stage, Oh God. Everything they do is for money and power. Deliver us from CPAC these fake white christian nationalist NAZIs and those they have conned, and we will believe in you again and we will praise you like never before. Why didn't President release the warrant instead of emailing everyone a request for $45 send immediately. We shall not be moved..'

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