Florida legal professional normal: As of late is a 'stunning' day


Florida Lawyer Normal Ashley Moody stocks her ideas at the FBI raiding Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago house on ‘The Ingraham Perspective.' #foxnews #theingrahamangle

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Date: August 23, 2022

RSS The Hill

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49 thoughts on “Florida legal professional normal: As of late is a 'stunning' day

  1. How ignorant do trump cult need to be, giving hard-earned dough to the “billionaire?”!!
    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” (Mencken)

  2. A hypothetical situation lets say there was a pandemic and the people in charge shut down the entire country. Then for Good measure they had the FEDERAL Government pay all the unemployed 600 dollars a week extra. The SHUT DOWN created pent up demand. Once the Shut Down ended millions of people had a ton of extra cash and went on a spending spree. Now being the ENTIRE supply chain was shut down and came to a halt during the shut down. Now with just a novices understanding of elementary school math and the first rule of supply and demand….WOULD THIS CREATE INFLATION. Hopefully a person HONEST to themselves do not blame Biden for Trumps ineptness. BTW the above does not include the stimulus checks and the massive ppp money the Republicans gave away.

  3. Will we ever know what was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop? Apparently not, if we are to rely on the FBI to provide us the whole truth. I mean, who among us can believe ANYTHING coming from the FBI these days – even in the Age of Trump? Director Christopher Wray appears to be more concerned about protecting the outward appearance of his agency than disclosing any Obama-era criminal conduct. And we know there is plenty of that just from the public record!

  4. Could there be something on those documents that would expose more people that are involved in corrupt deal's or possibly something that would shock the American people and biden didn't want those documents declassified cause it could hurt the democrat party because of elections are coming in November. It doesn't make any sense at all that biden has President Trump home raided because they knew that President Trump has those documents for almost two years and the FBI said to Trump as long as those documents are in a secured room that has locks on… To me it's makes them look more and more guilty and always pointing there finger on President Trump. It's very suspicious to me that they keep going after President Trump. But you don't see them going after all the crime's hillary and hunters committed…

  5. 87,000 hire on IRS then IRS better raid on biden’s house!! If IRS not doing on raid Biden, Clinton, Kamala, ACO, Biden, Beau Biden, democrats and whoever! Then IRS will get a trouble! Honest American people pay on IRS too much! Because IRS doing steal American money oh well! Biden is crime!

  6. Trump and his lawyers are lying .
    If something is declassified there is a "paper trail" of documents to back it up (even if it is done post declassification. It has to be documented within documented 36 hours

    TSCCI are not to leave specific government facilities even when "declassified."
    They are never declassified and even if they are(which has never been done before) they are highly redacted and you do not get to take them home.

    1. Oh, and stop bringing Hillary Clinton into this because it was Trump that let her her go not his AG.

    2. He got it away with it a lot longer than any normal person would. They babied him, as usual . And he's used to getting away with everything his privelaged entire life.
    *Some are saying that his deal with Satan has finally come due😉

    So, no your logical fallacy of attempting this whataboutism bull$hit is ridiculous.

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