Folks Don't Even WANT $1,400 Tests! – Fox Information Morons


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Because the Space of Representatives prepares to present ultimate approval to the Biden management’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid equipment, a large majority of U.S. adults (70%) say they choose the law. Simplest about three-in-ten (28%) oppose the invoice, which supplies financial relief to companies, folks and state and native governments.

Whilst congressional votes at the law were deeply divided alongside partisan traces, 41% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents assist the measure. The invoice attracts overwhelming assist from Democrats and Democratic leaners (94% choose).

Broad Public Support for Coronavirus Aid Package; Just a Third Say It Spends Too Much

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Date: August 30, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Folks Don't Even WANT $1,400 Tests! – Fox Information Morons

  1. Why am I not surprised that it was this BAFOON of allll the bafoons on faux who did this segmant? What a fucking JOKE! The idea that millions of Americans BARELY making it were going to look at those checks and say 'No yeah I wish I could just send this money back somehow..' These people are sooo completely out of touch I've never understood how folks watch them faithfully 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. If i recall correctly, right before the tax cuts the 1% were saying the same thing, "We don't need this. Why are you giving it to us?" But then they went ahead and gave them a giant pile of money they didn't know what to do with anyways.

  3. Kyle any chance you could send out an invite to these types of people for an interview? You would destroy these corrupt hacks and make them take the mask off in front of everyone

  4. Arguing against checks for the common person while displaying the stock price for Goldman Sachs and Boeing,. How harder do you need to show that you are nothing more than an oligarch propaganda channel? Before even the most densest person figures it out.

  5. Tell daddy Rupert Murdoch to defer their wages for a month then watch them cry. Also, see how they have gone back to caring about the debt now mango man is no longer in charge.

  6. I have numerous ways to tell whether there's money around… and I can tell you, nobody's got any money right now. The $1400 is already spent, or will be in a week or two. This idea that the economy will overheat with a spike in inflation is laughable.

  7. I didn't expect the money "immediately", because our Federal government, never works fast. I did get the $1400, quickly enough, I got a letter, from the IRS saying an additional $600, will deposited into may account, in the upcoming weeks. Gets, here, when it gets here.

  8. Here in Canada people are being given $2,400 PER MONTH during pandemic to help them get through bad times! America has no moral standing at all. Its leaders will burn in hell.

  9. Yes .. it’s so obvious now the results of the 2020 presidential election, was the result of billionaire/millionaire revolt due the gop handing them trillions of $’s…

  10. Granted, I could probably get by without the stimmy check. But the reason it's called a stimulus is because we'll spend it! It stimulates the economy. Merchants will get that business and be able to keep their employees, and maybe be able to hire more. Conservatives whine about this but were glad to pass big tax cuts for the rich, who stashed the money.

  11. “College students are gonna get checks.” Ummm, how the fuck is that a bad thing? Until they graduate from college and actually find a job in their field, most college students typically don’t have that much money.

  12. Yeah. The promised Covid Stimulus of $2,000.00, I believed them. Then, when they changed the Stimulus payment to $1,400.00, I believed that I had originally misunderstood Biden’s promise. My bad for thinking it would be $2,000 on top of the piddling, little, woefully inadequate 600.00 the dam Republicans passed. And finally, understanding that I hadn’t been wrong. They DIDN’T fulfill their original promise. Should’ve been a total of $2,600.00 for us. Instead, we got $2,000.00 total. Mind you, I’m more than grateful for the help.

  13. You think I am Saving that money? HELL no it is going to that new fridge and car insurance and the rest of the shit that makes the wheels go round. Asshole gov needs to go. It all goes right back to the same corps that want a bailout. But they are going to get more money cause people need shit and spend it . IT'S the TRICKLE UP EFFECT. SCREW YOU REAGANOMICS

  14. College students 100% needed ALL of the checks. My parents claimed me because were poor and it helps them out. Because I'm too poor, I was denied any help. Both my parents died of COVID so they couldn't help me whatsoever and I'm FINALLY getting 1 $1400 check (But I still havent recieved it). Dependent does NOT necissarily mean your parents are helping you. I was evicted from my home and briefly homeless after recieving no stimmy, losing my parents, and losing my internship. I really want to leave this cruel country but I can't afford to. I can't even describe how devastating this year has been. Please stop means testing.

  15. The only reason poor people vote for republicans is cause they're pro gun. Anti abortion. Those two policies override their own well being. Classic cut nose to spite face

  16. I’m in a situation where I DEFINItELy needed the check, my dad got it but didn’t really need it, and my brother made too much to get it at all…. my dad wasn’t like “why am I getting it” he offered to give
    Me 1000 and keep 400
    For the taxes he will
    Probably pay on it….. but either way….. it is a STIMULUS, meaning that if you you don’t NEED it for bills, working people
    Need you to SPEND IT to boost the economy!

  17. if you don't need it, give it to charity. or even just give it to someone in your community who does need it. old ppl with medical bills, single parents, someone who's lost their jobs. get together with others in your community and pool your unneeded checks and put it towards a park, a cycle path, a local school playground. use it for direct action in your own community. if you don't need it then be proactive and use it to help others who do need it and more.

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