Former FBI investigator reacts to the FBI's Trump search warrant


Former FBI investigator Bill Daly weighs in on claims by former President Donald Trump that the seized documents by the FBI are declassified on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto.'
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Date: August 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Former FBI investigator reacts to the FBI's Trump search warrant

  1. Lmfao so much whataboutizm documents were asked for. Lawyer signed saying no classified documents on property then more were found on property. Nothing Democrats have done illegal in the past have anything to do with Trump doing illegal things now. Everyone regardless of politics that break the law should be punished. Making excuses makes you part of the problem.

  2. Bill Daly says “search warrant was badly written”. But his reasoning seems to be that it only allowed a search of some areas. That’s not evidence of badly written. “Amicable conversations in June”. Yes they were, specifically asking for the documents to be returned. Trumps lawyer has been shown to have said “ there aren’t any documents that haven’t been returned”. That was a lie. Negotiations took place to get the documents returned. Requests were ignored or obstructed, but it seems the authorities requests were “amicable”.
    Bill also says “they were obviously low level,documents or they would have been subpoenaed back in June”. The return of the documents was requested back in June. You don’t subpoena a document you subpoena a person. What did this guy actually do for the FBI, fix the coffee machine?
    As to the suggestion that it was heavy handed and doesn’t smell right, etc etc. I am sure the owner of a crystal meth lab in Mexico would think the police that turn up are heavy handed. Why are so many people blind to the fact that an investigation is going on and the guilt or otherwise is open to question and the subject of a valid investigation. Many many people have been investigated before, some guilty, some innocent. As someone outside the USA, it looks like there are many Trump supporters like Bill who think he Trump IS guilty, and that is obvious to an independent viewer because “he doth protest too much”

  3. The Trump team was in fact working with the records group.( Whom do NOT have security clearance) to verify and make certain they had a complete set of records for archival. It's been several months with correspondence both ways. Now there is a snit?.

    The justice department did not issue a subpoena ( the most reasonable and legal method) but went straight to a culpable warrant ( by a magistrate or bias judge which the feds shopped about for over 2 months) that is supposed to be verified and sworn (attested to) for accuracy.
    " Apparently it went to the 7th floor for Wrays approval and then through justice for Garlands approval. " also the white house. In fact, the warrant was issued on a Friday and sat on, til the following Monday.(to coincide with a new news cycle) and to make certain Trump was not at home.

    Then the feds failed to notify the secret service on site. The local sheriff, and both the governor and states AG. Though local police were notified after the fact,To determine a risk to those nearby.

    They even broke open a safe. Which they knew was there and had identified. From a previous visit.( Which is why they brought with them a safe specialist< cracker>) This requires a firmer test for a warrant. While they may seize an item spelled in the original warrant they do not have authority (onsite) to break open a secured vault or safe. That takes a warrant where there must be a direct preponderance of information that purports to contain illegal activity or contraband. Also, if national security information was the subject of the warrant , were the agents involved cleared enough to secure/review and transport such classified material? Especially special compartmentalized material. (Which takes the highest of clearances.

    They are NOT entitled to attorney/ client information that is privileged and NOT within scope of their investigation. That is such a breach of the Constitution it should anger EACH AMERICAN.

    This is the white houses direct over reach.and since any information in said safe was corrupted by intrusive agents it is not admissable as "fruit of the poison tree". The agents acted illegally and the lawyers are going to have a field day.

    The information was in a secured area that Trump's team agreed to. And was secured by a lock specified by the govt and another placed with it at govt request. And most importantly PROTECTED BY SECRET SERVICE and Trump's exceptional in house security team and whole house camera system.

    But rummaging through his house unaccompanied, is a lawyers dream come true. As each agent could be criminally culpable or even civilly liable for damage. Their qualified immunity would be moot if it was proven an illegal or corrupted search. Let alone, if subsequent examination turned up a deposit of contraband, illegal documents or invasive monitoring devices.

    The 7th floor has been corrupted since Hoover, and still has the odor of political corruption. There will be a great call for dismembering many components of the FBI. As I understand the public outcry is deafening.

    And the attempt by the main stream pundits to whitewash this base and criminal intent by saying the field agents are innocent is a scam. If an agent felt pressured or coerced, he should come forward now and take his/her chances.

    by law… you ONLY ARE PERMITTED to search a specific area and for a specific item . Not a blanket area.

    I would question if "nuclear data" was in fact missing. Why wait til a year plus before doing anything. Each bit of classified information has a cover, a code and several descriptors to identify it's location and content and authorizing agency. Don't ya think the agency in question would realize that their shite was missing, Or copied or listed elsewhere ?

    If that's the case, I would question the management of that agency.

    Also, all former living presidents are commonly read in on matters affecting the states and diplomatic policy, as they have the highest clearances and in many instances serve as a sounding board for the current administration. ( An informal committee of experience)

  4. Listen up Trumpeters. You are basically hard working God fearing nice people for the most part. However, when it comes to Trump you are all a little nuts. Face up to the reality that you are supporting someone who has no ethics. He is like a little brat kid who changes the rules of a game he is not winning. You are a bit brainwashed.

  5. Let's not forget that Trump did not have any right to take any of these documents in the first place. Also when the National Archives found that documents were missing only some were handed back to them, Why not all? Why did Trump hide others? Surely Trump knew what documents were left out of those originally taken by the National Archives. Why did hide those others?
    Also we now know that despite requests and a subpoena by the DoJ in June, no documents were handed over, hence the need for a legal search warrant.
    Trump could have easily avoided all of this by NOT taking all those boxes of documents in the first place. After all thirty boxes isn't something that you hide in the trunk of your car!

  6. Trump is à boy he have no authorities of no us gouvernement neighter in the White house when he was président, the démocratique does what ever please them with Trump, but not with president Putin

    Trump is just a foolish litlle man

  7. $1.6 billion defamation suit

    Dominion Voting Systems inc. was falsely accused of rigging the 2020 election against Donald Trump is seeking to question two former administration officials and Georgia’s elections chief as part of its $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News.

    Dominion Voting Systems inc. has subpoenaed Christopher Krebs, the former top cybersecurity official at the Department of Homeland Security whom Trump fired for refusing to question the integrity of the election, court filings show. The company is also seeking to question Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who was pressured by Trump to flip the state’s election results after Joe Biden was declared the winner.

    Furthermore "I told them it was crazy stuff and they were wasting their time on it, and they were doing a great disservice to the country," Barr said of the Dominion conspiracy theories, which were consistently pushed by Trump and his allies. "I saw absolutely zero basis for the allegations, but they were made in such a sensational way that they obviously were influencing a lot of people." Including Fox News

    Dominion has filed a string of lawsuits against those it says helped pushed false accusations that it helped rig the 2020 election, including attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.
    Motions by Giuliani and Powell to have the lawsuits against them thrown out were denied by a judge last summer.

    In her filing, Powell wrote that "no reasonable person" would have believed her theories were "truly statements of fact."
    Dominion's suit against Giuliani-Giuliani appears to overwhelmed by his criminal behavior so much so he has currently been hospitalized.

    According to Dominion’s suit in Delaware state court, Fox News knowingly broadcast false claims that voting machines were rigged in order to win back viewers( knowing that their viewers are the biggest suckers on gods earth
    And will believe anything you tell them)upset that the conservative network had called the election for Biden. The voting machine maker’s suit notes that ratings for one Fox News show spiked when Giuliani and former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell appeared on air to claim that Dominion gave “kickbacks” to Raffensperger “for its contract to provide voting machines to the state.”
    When in fact Fox News knew that there was no truth to this.

    This was just another demonstration on how Fox recklessly disregarded the truth — indeed, that Fox knew the truth, but kept on broadcasting these malicious defamations anyway.”

  8. Trumpet Virus 🎺 was born wealthy and has never lived one day as a pay cheque to pay cheque living American…not one single day, ever. In Trumpet's world average income folks like us are seriously big-time losers. How any average American can try to argue that Trumpet Virus loves them is beyond delusional. In the last two years you have never seen Trumpet visit a children's or veteran's hospital, visit a food line, welcome a new immigrant family or even speak kindly of the homeless. In four years in office, he did not drain one single ounce of the swamp…not one ounce. Why? Visitors to Mailogo like Laserbeam Marjorie Greene, Kevin McFlipFlop, Mutt Gaetz and the resorts' wealthy elite members are THE SWAMP!!! Here's reality: Trumpet is too busy hosting Saudi Arabia at his private clubs to spend time demolishing swamps filled with his buddies. When's the last time you saw Trumpet at a charity intended to help little guys like us. When Americans were lined up in food lines across America during Christmas 2020, Donald J Trumpet Virus was playing golf and hosting lavish Christmas 🎄 parties at the White Hiuse. I know because I watched the stories on Fox News!!! Who sends love letters to Trumpet? None other than the little Rocket Boy of the swamp in Korea. God bless America 🇺🇸.

  9. Trump is Lying. The national records archives says Obama has no records and took NO recorders when he left. Trump is Lying agains

  10. This man, attempted to hold on to National Security Documents? Is no one concerned. His lawyer, signed off that all classified information, that he took to Mar-a-lago had been turned over to the proper authorities. They lied, and the FBI knows it. There is camera footage of the comings and goings of the Trump personnel…so there's that. Where there's smoke, there's Trump.

  11. Fox news team just ignoring all the statements from others about finding flushed documents in the White House. That and now this narrow view of this man who hasn't seen the original subpoena himself. Superb reporting! (No further comment)

  12. You remind me of the flat earthers or the people who try and convince us the earth is less than 10,000 years old. You ignore and twist the facts to try and prove your fantasy. Let's see how Trump gets on in court. Problem is, he'll never go to jail as before he's exhausted the appeals procedure he'll be dead. At least history will show he is/was a conman.

  13. This is all just one big misunderstanding and foul-up. What happened was: he accidentally took some documents he had declassified in the moving van, and then the ones he couldn't declassify were planted by the FBI…
    In all seriousness though, the chants of "lock her up" were at a fevered and frenzied pitch when Hillary used a personal email for classified communication. These same people also often parroted "why vote for anyone who is being investigated by the FBI?" The mental gymnastics required to justify all of this is pretty impressive…
    The sad reality is Donald Trump is NOT a Republican. Or a Democrat. And certainly NOT a patriot. He is a moral lunatic, scarcely human: concerned only with his own brand and desire for power, even if it means selling out his own followers and the country he was born in.

  14. In his column, Mariotti said that the Department of Justice's (DOJ) attempt to show "deference" to Trump in requesting the return of classified documents may have led to the ex-president digging himself into a deeper legal hole. By allegedly withholding some documents after initial requests, Trump may have helped make a potential case against him for violating the Espionage Act "quite strong." Thus the talk of espionage charges created entirely by trumps counter actions.

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