Former Trump lawyer sees no ‘possible reason’ in affidavit


Former Trump White Area lawyer Might Mailman reacts to the discharge of the Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit.

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Date: August 28, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Former Trump lawyer sees no ‘possible reason’ in affidavit

  1. Here are the facts, we do not need to know anything outside of the fact that the FBI has completely turned against the American people and the corruption is so deep that they should all be burned alive and their children

  2. If Fox News is list as an entrainment an not News. Then why are their reports from FOX at News conferences. If they listed as an entrainment broadcast, then wouldn't that alone qualify FOX NEWS as FAKE NEWS organisation?? That explains Tucker.

  3. Beware of the trump drug! A 72 year old veteran and father of a distinguished officer of the law was convicted for his part in the January 6th insurrection. 3.5 years federal and mandatory 85%. So minimum 3years. Why because a lunatic does not like to lose and told him lies. This trump drug will get you imprisoned or dead if you ingest too much! Beware and find Jesus as he may be your only chance!

  4. The W H released all of these items into Trumps custody, that's it end of line. If the w h did not want the President to have these items they would have said so when they were giving the items to the President. There is no theft here, there is no misrepresentation of facts, there is no danger to the country. The W H gave the items to the President, the W H facilitated the movement of the items from the W H to the President, the W H aided in the transport of items from the W H to the President. The D OJ via the Secret Service overlooked the transport of these items from the W H to the President. At no point did the President carry a box secretly at night alone away from cameras from the W H to a dark van. There was no theft. There was no hiding.
    The act of a sitting President raiding a Presidential Political opponent will be noted as a crime historically. It's a crime. It's an abuse of power in order to affect the outcome of an election. America and Americans should be held to a higher standard. This action is below the people of the country and the Constitution they created.

  5. Just another Hoax Witch Hunt by the Corrupt Democrat propaganda Machine….
    When is Garland going to apply the law evenly to Crooked Hillary, the Insider trading and DUI Pelosi Family and Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden and his Crooked Drug addicted international Front Man Hunter ? TRUMP 2022 2024

  6. I use to be a liberal-minded person. Until. I realize that we're at the tipping point where it becomes a perversion of morality, people's liberty, and equality. This is why democrats are becoming a destructive force. They have no purpose anymore that is why they are so left. minded.. people are wakening And democrats are panicking and the more they are panicking more they become irrational and totalitarian. Vote them out before we lose everything

  7. I cant wait to see you present these facts to the court in trumps defense. No matter how hard you try ; you cant spin the crime. You may convince the stupid and the gullible but it will fail in the real world.

  8. Soon after the newly disclosed documents reached the public, Trump released a written statement of sorts by way of his Twitter-like platform:
    Before we get to the forest, let’s consider some of these trees — because they’re unintentionally amazing.

    Affidavit heavily redacted!!!”: Well, yes, but as the documents — which I’m sure Trump read and considered in detail — made clear, the redactions were necessary in order to protect civilian witnesses, law enforcement officials, and the integrity of the underlying investigation.

    Nothing mentioned on ‘Nuclear.’”: Two weeks ago, The Washington Post published a stunning report noting that “classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the items FBI agents sought” in the Mar-a-Lago. It’s true that the word “nuclear” didn’t appear in today’s disclosures. That said, a whole lot of today’s disclosures were redacted — we have no idea whether nuclear secrets were referenced under those redactions or not — and much of the documents related to materials Trump had already given back before the Aug. 8 search. There's still some question as to whether there were nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago during the Aug. 8 search.

    Team Trump and federal law enforcement had a “close working relationship regarding document turnover.” There’s ample evidence to the contrary, which isn't surprising given that federal law enforcement kept asking for the former president and his team to cooperate with the law and return what he took, and Trump kept saying no.
    “WE GAVE THEM MUCH.” Maybe so, but what this talking point means in practical terms is that Trump took a whole lot of materials he wasn’t supposed to take, and he only kept part of his original stash. When suspected burglars defend their actions by effectively saying, “I gave the police much of what I stole,” that tends to be unpersuasive.

    Judge Bruce Reinhart should NEVER have allowed the Break-In of my home.” There was no “break-in.” The FBI demonstrated probable cause, obtained a court-approved search warrant, and coordinated with the Secret Service in advance. Agents showed up in casual attire. Repeating the “break-in” lie every day does not make it true.

    Why hasn’t he recused himself on this case?” I obviously can’t speak for the magistrate or his recusal judgments, but isn’t the better question why, if Trump is so concerned about this, his lawyers never asked Reinhart to recuse himself?
    But as notable as the former president’s hysterical statement was, let’s not lose sight of the larger context: Is this the statement of someone who seems confident that he’s done nothing wrong?
    It’s days like today when I wonder whether Trump has ever heard the phrase, “Never let ‘em see you sweat.”

  9. This is not fair. These documents belong to Trump. He should be able to profit from it or use it to blackmail influencial people or world leaders. Whatever Trump declassified in his mind should be considered declassified. It's not stealing if after several asks from the FBI you return some of it and give them a letter saying that it's all returned even though you kept some of it. There's no reason for a raid. It's awitch hunt. The important thing is intent. Trump never had intent he just needed some classified documents to wipe hi butt with.Come on.

  10. Who knew bureaucrats had this power? Duh, everyone with the possible exception of Trump and his maga lackies. Didn't Fox tell us that if asked, Trump would have returned everything? That doesn't seem to ring true anymore.

  11. I don't know, from what the average Joe can see from the affidavit is there's nothing there…how can anybody judge an ex-president by a bunch of black lines. Looks like an email from black lives matter lmao

  12. She sees no probably cause.
    Ok then.
    I guess Trump is off the hook.

    Trump's attorneys are all hacks at this point.
    Also anyone who works for trump should ask for payment up front because they aren't gonna be paid.

  13. As this point, no one knows what exactly the FBI was after! It's huge and the investigation is ongoing.
    He's not a President! He has no presidential privilege! His lawyers signed off -stating no more documents. But they lied and boxes upon boxes of documents were stored. Mar-a-lago is a wedding venue. So documents held in the basement are not all that safe now, is it?! Staff, there has also been reduced! He also had love letters to dictators; why keep that? Doesn't look good.

  14. Does anyone trust the DOJ, FBI that pushed a known phony dossier, hides a laptop can’t or won’t charge anyone on Epstein list of clients! Hell the same FBI, DOJ let Hillary off the hook and she wasn’t president!

  15. Multiple textbook acts of Treason during and after his time as president. Multiple textbook acts of High Treason during and after the election, and continued High Treason. Members of Congress who aided and abetted Trump also committing Treason. When will the media respond as such? Is the media trying to numb the public to sway them of these facts? Why is the media downplaying Textbook acts of Treason?

  16. God for bid. Doj needs to indict and lock trump up. Americans are tired of this stuff he is corrupt and he knows how to work the system. People this will not stop with trump until he is locked up. Doj has the power to serve warrants.

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