Former US legal professional hasn't observed one thing like this in over twenty years


Former U.S. legal professional Brett Tolman forecasts what could be the Justice Division's subsequent transfer in its investigation into former President Donald Trump on ‘The Ingraham Perspective.' #foxnews #theingrahamangle

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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

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44 thoughts on “Former US legal professional hasn't observed one thing like this in over twenty years

  1. F*CK YES! The Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said her office will immediately investigate the the level of damage to our national security Trump caused by keeping documents at Mar-a-Lago and will report to Congress.

  2. HOLY MOLY: Donald Trump just blew his ENTIRE defense. By publicly complaining that the FBI photograph made it look like docs were out on the floor instead of in hiding, he just admitted they were concealed.

  3. THE BIG LIAR TAKES THE FIFTH! It must be the first time in Trump’s corrupt/crooked life but it won’t be the last. By his own account, he has committed a crime/s: he claimed repeatedly that only people who are guilty of a crime take the fifth. His lackeys, minions, whores, and brainwashed worshippers still believe he can do no wrong!

  4. So Trump has a snitch on the inside. This always happens. Hahahahahaha What an ignoramus. The question is… How will FOX News recover. Why don't you go back to reporting on UFO's? FOX and the National Enquire are exactly the same ridiculous blue journalism.

  5. After saying all that CRAP do you get paid???? With fox help trump will bring AMERICA to Her knees from within… don't believe that you will be save the mob that is coming don't know Dem different from Rep… you all are being warned…A LIE IS A LIE weather you believe it or NOT

  6. Fox is apparently squirming to protect a criminal all day every day no matter what the actual evidence shows. Their "experts" often mislead or even lie to viewers. What will you do when trump gets indicted? Will you encourage violence in the streets? How anti-American can you be?

  7. * Trump stole highest classified documents and tried to hide them in house part time house…

    * Trump delayed many attempts to return the sensitive docs and after a long stall returned some back to DOJ…

    * Trump lied on paper and said no more documents at his beach house

    * Trump got DOJ subpoena and even lied again saying sensitive documents were all returned

    * Trump proved he was lying again after boxes of records found all over his home

    * Trump then lied and said he magically declassified but kept the declassification itself a secret

    * Trump lies claiming boxes 'planted' after he first claimed he declassified them

    DOJ has Trump by the 🥜🥜 sack … 🐒 😲

  8. "Garland now knows for sure that he must prosecute Trump for the crimes of criminal espionage … obstruction of justice … and concealing or destroying government documents IF the rule of law is to be preserved. We have crossed the Rubicon." – Laurence Tribe

  9. Every politician and pundit defending Donald Trump is willfully lying and gaslighting.

    They have put our intelligence at risk. They have put lives at risk. They have put our nation at risk. All to defend one man.

    There is nothing more un-American.

    Remember. Their. Names.

  10. The idea Trump didn’t know what those documents are makes no sense. The idea he just kept them like a hoarder, with no other plan, makes no sense. Will we learn soon who saw them and possibly acquired them? I don’t know. But Republicans sticking by him now are suicidal.

  11. BREAKING: Andrew Weissman, a veteran federal prosecutor on Mueller’s team says the DOJ’s midnight filing shows Trump is guilty of at least four crimes:

    (espionage; contempt of subpoena; obstruction related charges; and unlawful retention of government documents).

  12. "Executive Privilege" belongs to the President… not the ex-President. BIDEN is the source now for "Executive Privilege" and it has been widely reported that he (predictably) waived it in this case. How is this guy a credible expert if he ignores that core element? FOX needs to get people who will tell it like it is – otherwise they are like CNN and nothing can be trusted.

  13. President Biden continues to bring in jobs and business as Toyota is announcing a multi-billion dollar investment in North Carolina.

    That’s a Biden Win!

  14. Yeah there should be a committee to go into all these agencies the FBI the CIA the state department the intelligence are NSA all these agencies need to be vetted from top to bottom we need to farm a committee to go into these agencies and see exactly what these people have been doing to America and the American people.

  15. Trump took classified documents. This is not a conspiracy. He admitted it people. Not only did he take the classified documents. He withheld most and gave back a few when the National Archives asked for them back. Knowing this, finally the FBI was asked to go to the Florida residence and retrieve it. He was given a chance to give it all back but he chose not to. If you truly value national security you will denounce these actions from #45 and appreciate the FBI's involvement. Stop blaming anyone else except #45.

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