FOX and Buddies 9/3/22 [7AM ] | BREAKING FOX NEWS september 3, 2022


FOX and Buddies 9/3/22 [7AM ]
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Date: September 5, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • The seven Democrats most likely to run for president — if Biden bows out September 24, 2022
    President Biden’s statement this week that it “remains to be seen” if he'll run for reelection has prompted more Democratic chatter about whether they'll have a different candidate for the White House in 2024. If Biden doesn't run again, a number of Democrats are expected to wade into the presidential waters. But even Vice President...
  • Some Republicans feel uneasy about DeSantis migrant strategy September 24, 2022
    Some Republican senators are privately expressing misgivings over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) provocative decision to ship migrants from Texas to liberal enclaves such as Martha’s Vineyard. GOP lawmakers acknowledge sending planeloads of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, where former President Obama recently bought a house, plays well on Fox News and will likely ingratiate...
  • Denver Riggleman: White House switchboard connected to rioter's phone on day of Jan. 6 September 24, 2022
    Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who staffed the Jan. 6 Committee until April, said on Friday that the White House switchboard connected with the phone of a rioter at the U.S. Capitol during the insurrection. “You get a real ‘a-ha’ moment when you see that the White House switchboard had connected to a rioter's phone...
  • Five things Republicans would do in a House majority September 24, 2022
    MONONGAHELA, Pa. — The sprint to Election Day is fully underway, but House Republicans are looking past November and eyeing what they’ll do in the likely event of winning a majority in the upper chamber. They’ve hinted at parts of their agenda for months, but this week Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other members...
  • The Memo: Unease about Trump’s legal woes spreads through GOP September 24, 2022
    Former President Trump has had one of his worst weeks on the legal front — and it is causing unease even among Republicans. The most dramatic news was the suit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James that accuses Trump, three of his adult children and the Trump Organization of huge fraud. The case...

42 thoughts on “FOX and Buddies 9/3/22 [7AM ] | BREAKING FOX NEWS september 3, 2022

  1. Boris Johnson has already danced, Biden 75% rejection across the ocean, Olaf Scholz is the ball, next Macron and the cycle starts all over again with Liz Truss. Weak conspiratorial policy against Russia. Your armies have taken a beating, it's time for the politicians.
    Germans protest government over energy prices: 'They are out of control'
    Thousands of people took to the streets on Monday (5th) in Leipzig, Germany, to protest against the government's pricing policy in the energy sector.
    The protest was called at 7 pm local time (2 pm in Brasília), in one of the city's central squares.
    According to the German newspaper Sachsische Zeitung, the protest, called by the left-wing Die Linke ("Left" in German) party, was attended by up to 4,000 people. Leipzig police did not release the numbers of protesters.
    "Energy prices and inflation are out of control. The cost of heating has tripled and, instead of limiting gas prices, the federal government is raising prices by law," the party's note reads.
    The government's policies, spearheaded by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Economy Minister Robert Habeck and Finance Minister Christian Lindner, "put the lives of millions of people at risk", according to party members.

  2. "Cracker Jack's!" "Last game of Babe Ruth's" You had a Cracker Jack from that box. You let it sit there. You'll have a reminder. Don't you dare to brush it. You'll gave this historical memory of a ballgame that I would love to know about!" You will have it tipped a color looks like it's offset for me to remember the days you left to go with. But pertain it another. I will be proud you listen and was reminded!". Words. I bet you needed that. They all say bad things. Someone is still proud of you! Someone really is.inaudible. There was a couple interruptions! Good day!

  3. Joe"s occasional fleeting memories turn into movie scripts as he embellishes events and adds dialogue. I wonder if his dad told him he should be a screenwriter early on instead of a politician.. That will be Joe's next story LOL

  4. I only side with Democrats because everyone saw the MAGA was trying to steal the election with outrageous lies. MAGA IS XENOPHOBIC, want to destroy the Constitution because it says all men are created equal. So I now I side with Democrats even though they are not perfect much much better than MAGA we don't want no dictatorship we don't want no Hitler. WE DON'T WANT NO MORE FASCISM. Obama left the office just the way he should, maga is not to be trusted. We stand against the MAGA, dictatorship and allegiance to one leader above all. United States will defeat MAGA threat just like United States defeated the Confederates.

  5. Trump’s socio-path narcissistic personality disorder (underlying his disease is a terrified little boy) manifests itself in ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, self-destruction, anti-abortion, anti-voting rights, authoritarian, dictatorial, autocratic, and jailing/destruction of his supporters (deaths occurring during and after the insurrection, and his violation of the Presidential Records/Espionage Act, two impeachments, bribery of Ukraine’s
    President and Georgia's Secretary of State). It’s time for a MINDSET change supporters. Don’t be deceived by Trump’s rhetoric!

  6. We all know how it began how it started and why it's still here it's because of your damn border patrol incompetence by Biden! Other reporters have already blown this report out of the water as we now know for over a month the half these people that are crossing that border are bringing these big huge bags of fentanyl in with them! Have you tried seeing anything other you're just going to look incompetently stupid!

  7. Way to go, Joe Biden. It is HIGH TIME that he called them out for their dangerous fascist behavior. Yes, they ARE a threat to our democracy. Without a doubt. I am a registered Independent who will be voting Democratic in November. I've HAD ENOUGH of the likes of Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boeber, Matt Gaetz and others. They are extreme. They are immoral. They are not good for America. Biden's list of accomplishments grows and Republicans HATE it. America is responding as his poll numbers have gone up 9 points in the last 2 weeks.

  8. The puppet and the ones pulling his strings are in distress right now because they cannot break
    America. They are defeated and they know it so bidens days are so numbered and it's only a matter
    of weeks!

  9. Russia air launches cruise missiles from Russian airspace. Their fast jets no longer fly over Ukraine. New military equipment including trucks and body armour are sold on their equivalent of eBay. The place is horribly corrupt. That makes them unpredictable and even more dangerous.

  10. Have you considered that there is a definite purpose behind Biden's threatening speech?? Does it make you wonder why certain federal agencies are stocking up on arms and ammunition, a good example being the IRS. Does it sound ominous that they are now funding 87,000 new IRS agents who are going to be armed and allowed to use deadly force?? Does anyone see red flags all over the place?? There may not be midterms! Has anyone considered that a dictatorship is coming?? You might think that there will be a problem finding 87,000 IRS agents, but consider a large number of illegal aliens with green cards! What a thought!!!

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