FOX and Buddies 9/4/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY September 4, 2022


FOX and Buddies 9/4/22 | FOX BREAKING NEWS TODAY September 4, 2022
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👉🏻 7PM: Jesse Watters Primetime
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👉🏻 4AM: FOX & Buddies First
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👉🏻 9AM: The united states's Newsroom With Invoice Hemmer & Dana Perino
👉🏻 11AM: The Faulkner Focal point
👉🏻 12PM: Outnumbered
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Date: September 6, 2022

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  • Russian forces pull out of Lyman, a key city in Ukraine's Donetsk region October 1, 2022
    Russia has withdrawn troops from the city of Lyman in Ukraine's Donetsk region Saturday, one day after announcing the annexation of the area and three other regions. Ukrainian officials said earlier that their soldiers had surrounded the city. The Russian state-owned news agency RIA reported that the Russian Defense Ministry said its forces retreated to […]
  • GOP prospects dim in New Hampshire Senate race October 1, 2022
    Republicans are facing an increasingly uphill battle in New Hampshire's Senate race as polls show their chosen candidate, Don Bolduc, losing ground to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D). Observers had long seen Hassan as one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the upper chamber, but that changed earlier this month when GOP voters chose Bolduc,...
  • Ranking Trump and the top seven GOP White House contenders October 1, 2022
    Former President Trump is the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, despite facing mounting legal trouble and the recent FBI raid of his Florida home. But that doesn't mean Republicans aren't considering their options in the event that Trump's political prospects wane in the coming years. Trump has been a political force...
  • Hurricane Ian leads to political whiplash for Ron DeSantis October 1, 2022
    It’s been a week of political whiplash for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who in a matter of days has gone from top foil to the Biden White House to a willing partner with the president and his team. It was Sept. 20 when the White House was on alert for the potential that DeSantis...
  • Five takeaways from the Abbott-O'Rourke debate showdown in Texas October 1, 2022
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke traded barbs and sought to paint each other as inherently out of touch with the state in their first and only televised debate on Friday evening. The debate — hosted by Nexstar Media Group, which also owns The Hill — gave the candidates an opportunity...

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