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  • What we know about Chinese balloon sightings during Trump presidency February 6, 2023
    The U.S. military shot down a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon on Saturday off the coast of South Carolina after it floated for days through U.S. airspace. Republicans have blasted Biden for the delay in taking down the balloon, however reports have emerged that at least three similar “spy” aircraft were spotted over the U.S. during...
  • DeSantis wants a 'core curriculum.' That idea is college kryptonite. February 6, 2023
    Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor and a potential Republican presidential prospect, says he wants to mandate a “core curriculum” in public universities as a way to ensure young Floridians are grounded in Western civilization. To the nation’s higher education leaders, that idea is political kryptonite. Proponents of the core curriculum say every student should emerge from...
  • Trump, Christie exchange fire after gloomy 2024 prediction February 5, 2023
    Former President Trump and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) sparred online Sunday after Christie predicted that Trump couldn’t beat President Biden if they run against each other in the 2024 presidential election. Christie, who endorsed Trump in 2016 after dropping his own campaign for the presidency but has since become a vocal Trump...
  • Five things Biden is likely to say and not say in the State of the Union February 5, 2023
    President Biden on Tuesday will deliver the State of the Union address to a divided Congress, which will bring him face-to-face for the first time with the new GOP House majority. The address always represents a chance for the president to speak to a large national audience. This one comes as lawmakers and the president...
  • Prospects rise for NY charges against Trump in Stormy Daniels case February 5, 2023
    New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s latest moves suggest prosecutors are nearing a decision about charging former President Trump in connection with a $130,000 hush payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election. The Manhattan district attorney’s office this week escalated the fight by empaneling another grand jury in the case […]

26 thoughts on “Fox and Pals Weekend 6AM 9/3/22 | Fox Information Lately September 3, 2022

  1. I would like to say THANK YOU Ron DeSantis for comparing Biden to NERO. It seems Trump’s “Foot in Mouth” syndrome is CONTAGIOUS.


    NERO played his lute, or whatever musical instrument he played, while he watched Rome BURN, as per HIS ORDERS, and THEN he blamed it on the Christians, and again, sat back and watched the Christian Men Women and CHILDREN being eaten by LIONS and other wild animals.

    TRUMP, sat and watched the RIOT AT THE CAPITOL, which HE had instigated, and THEN blamed it on the DEMOCRATS, and again, sat back and watched FBI agents AND THEIR CHILDREN being attacked by MAGA Republicans, and other FASCISTS

  2. If stupidity was a CRIME, death row would be BUSTING OUT AT THE SEAMS with MAGA Morons

    Considering how much damage Trump does every time he opens his mouth, not only to the Nation but also to himself, why is he not in CUSTODY? UNLESS of course, they WANT Trump to keep INCRIMINATING himself?

    TO THE 846 PEOPLE who were arrested for their involvement in the January 6th insurrection . . . SPILL YOUR GUTS OUT TO THE FBI, it ain’t gonna matter because TRUMP IS GONNA PARDON YOU . . . Trump would NEVER betray you, you trust Trump COMPLETELY to keep his PROMISE, don’t you?

  3. From day one Trump proved himself a prolific liar, four years exposed this twice Impeached treasonous cur not only monumentally incompetent monumentally corrupt Trump was the most illiterate morally bankrupt American Head of State to ever walk onto the world stage. Now Trump is terrified in panic mode unhinged and unraveling as the DOJ indictments noose tightens. The fact finding 'evidence-based' hearings of the January 6 Committee have exposed Trump's despotic campaign a seditious conspiracy to undermine the integrity validity and legitimacy of the electoral processes and outcome with a litany of lies invention fraud and propagation of manufactured baseless claims of voter fraud. Oh let's not forget witness tampering Electoral fraud, and there is tax fraud. AND now Espionage for the theft and misuse of highly classified material stolen from the White House. The depths of Trump's criminal depravity has no measure. Trump will be indicted
    Trump will be put on trial
    Trump will face prosecution sentencing and jail. It's brilliant 🤩
    And you Fox News goons are shrill with delusional speculation toxic fabrication and invention. Biden is winning the hearts of minds of America. And America is awake up to the toxic self serving Maga infested Republican agenda. It's a Blue wave 🌊 rising

  4. Yep ! Biden And His Liberal Handlers Are Further Dividing Americans With Their POLITICAL HATE SPEECHES ! Just Disgusting For A Sitting US President ! Politicalized Liberal Govt. Corruption ! Clueless , Biden ! If Old, Senile, Joe Biden Is Moving His Lips ,….. He's……. LYING ! Let's Go Brandon ! Just Pathetic ! Biden Is A Lying , Corrupt, SENILE , Liberal Controlled Puppet ! A Complete EMBARRASSMENT For Americans , And Is Joke Of A Leader Of The Free World ! No One , No One Respects Biden And The Liberal Controlled Media Desperately Covering For Biden's Mistakes And His Liberal Agenda Hurting And Destroying Our America ! Biden And His Liberal Controllers Have NO CLUE Of The Damage They Have Done ! Out Of Control Border Illegal Immigration, Gender, Racial Divide , Identity Policies , Staggering Inflation/Gas Prices Are All BIDEN'S FAILURES ! Biden's So-Called 80+ Mil. Votes ? Who Really Believes That ? …… Come On Man !

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