Fox File with Jon Scott 8/27/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 27, 2022


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Date: August 28, 2022

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  • Five takeaways from the Abbott-O'Rourke debate showdown in Texas October 1, 2022
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke traded barbs and sought to paint each other as inherently out of touch with the state in their first and only televised debate on Friday evening. The debate β€” hosted by Nexstar Media Group, which also owns The Hill β€” gave the candidates an opportunity...
  • What happens next after Putin's annexations in Ukraine October 1, 2022
    Russian PresidentΒ Vladimir Putin’s move Friday toΒ annex parts of southern and eastern Ukraine amidΒ Moscow'sΒ war in the country hasΒ elevated the stakes of the conflict, threatening to bring the Kremlin’s struggling military campaign closer to the doorsteps of the West.Β Β  The stunning move has prompted a flurry of activity across the globe, including new U.S. and Group of […]
  • DOJ requests expedited appeal of Trump special master appointment October 1, 2022
    The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a motion on Friday to expedite its appeal of the appointment of a special master to review the documents it obtained from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Fla., last month.Β  The filing comes after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit sided with the...
  • Most registered voters say Trump shouldn't be allowed to serve a second term, says new poll September 30, 2022
    Most Americans say that former President Trump should not be allowed to serve another term in the White House in the near future, according to a new Yahoo News-YouGov poll. With several investigations into Trump's conduct ramping up, 51 percent of registered voters say that the allegations of wrongdoing are enough to preclude the former […]
  • Lawmakers furious at Democratic leaders after stock trading ban stalls September 30, 2022
    Anger is boiling over at House Democratic leadership for failing to deliver on a bill to ban members of Congress from trading stocks β€” a key priority for voters on both sides of the aisle β€” ahead of the midterm elections. Democratic leaders unveiled draft legislation to tackle the issue Tuesday, just days before Congress...

40 thoughts on “Fox File with Jon Scott 8/27/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 27, 2022

  1. That's funny the criminal semi president must have been looking in a mirror. It was so funny the reporter said here is fjb saying he had no knowledge of the fbi raiding President Trump. The video showed fjb and he said " I have no knowledge"πŸ€ͺ

  2. Biden is a shell of a man he's blank behind the eyes, poor man needs trainer wheels on his bike what a slimly little man search his failures everything he touches has turned sour.


  4. Biden is impose The 3:1 rule of combat states thatΒ in order that for the attacker to win the battle, his forces should be at least three times the force of the defender. This somewhat vague statement has resulted in numerous interpretations and discussions from historical and military science points of view. By have the Democratic Nazis party in Congress pass an Assault weapons ban to reduce civilian firearms to 10 rounds of ammo while government firearms hold 30 rounds of ammo or more. That's how a Tyrannical Government starts.

  5. Biden corrupt socialist government continues to only divide the nation by calling the others who don’t agree with their agenda calling others with immature hateful names rather than come together as mature adults make good policies to deal with the real issues, to stop inflation, crime, and socialist indoctrination of our children!

  6. FOX is so comically full of shit. Anyone that actually believes a single word from FOX should schedule an appointment with their doctor ASAP. 100% lies, 100% of the time.


    1. Surgical mutilation of children

    2. Killing babies at birth

    3. Men in girl’s sports

    4. Males in female’s bathrooms

    5. Low cost project housing in suburbs

    6. Sexual grooming and brainwashing of children

    7. Humiliation and brow beating of children based on race

    8. Supporting criminal robbing and looting of business

    9. Denigrating law enforcement

    10. Elimination of energy industry

    11. Tax and Inflationary spending

  8. Biden is a bumbling senile, demented, delusional loud mouth fool. All those fooled into voting for him by the fake news should VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER unless they want to keep paying high prices for gas and groceries.

  9. Get a load of the guy with the covid mask shaking the illegals hands to welcome them.
    Yet, this same schmuck probably did fist bumps with Americans.

  10. I find this type of reporting deplorable. He's a sitting President show some goddamn respect. A man that has committed his lifetime to the people. Trump has committed to filling his coffers and asking for donations. To a tune of $150 mil that just does in his bank account t collecting interest. While he is asking for more money. Cause he's being investigated by the FBI for alleged crimes. Trump was too busy dealing with Kushner's $2 billion deal with Saudi Arabia before Trump Term expired. What were the conditions of receiving that money? Wake up and realize Presidency for Trump is all about money and nothing more!

  11. Biden is going against his opponents in the most desperate and shameful way …His comments and the action of his DOJ are very inline he's the engine behind the raid on trump

  12. Mr Biden was behind this political hit everyone knows this and this criminal must be removed he is the worst prez in history that’s a fact he has not accomplished anything except wrecking this country

  13. Till bidens impeached this hardship and ball racking of our country will not stop HE MUST BE IMPEACHED HE IS HATED FOR THE DAMAGES HE HAS DONE TO THIS COUNTRY

  14. Iam so sick of bidens bashing of trumps MAGA voters and supporters he is angry because h3 is well hated NO ONE CAN STAND THE BIDEN REGIME THE MAGA GONNA ROCK IN 2024

  15. The handlers think this is going to give him some better ratings and hoping for some younger voters but all the young voters can’t stand Biden because of the gas prices and oil and groceries and rents he has caused major hardships

  16. Root cause is that the people who take out the loan for student loans do not have the backbone or the will to pay it back so why even give them an education when they have no intention of paying it back so their word doesn't mean anything I would not even allow them in a job work site because they don't show ethics. Everything that Joe Biden is talking about the maga! I't s basically his own party!!! Democrats AKA Demon-crats the death dealers of America.

  17. Do not forget that the "Fascists" of the world are those who want to lock you down
    and lock you up. There are no exceptions to this. You MUST vote Republican in November. πŸ™‚

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