Fox hosts HUMILIATE themselves ON AIR with hilarious Trump defense


NEW: Fox hosts EMBARRASS themselves ON AIR with humiliating Trump defense.

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Date: August 20, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Fox hosts HUMILIATE themselves ON AIR with hilarious Trump defense

  1. TFG didn't come up with America First. It was utilized by Roger Stone during Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign that Roger Stone organized. Roger Stone used America First again when he worked on TFG's campaign. source: Get Me Roger Stone (Netflix)

  2. I believe DOJ left all those boxes with Trump after their first visit so they could come back and charge him with Espionage. I just can't figure out why Trump didn't give the boxes back after DOJ requested to get them back for a year and a half. I guess if Trump didn't pack the boxes he wouldn't know where to look for the documents.

  3. These people use every trick in the logical fallacy playbook. And their apologists just keep eating it up. But hey, "Sheep not lions" or something like that.

  4. Sycophants on either side are the reason we, as a country, are in such bad shape. Really, electing Trump then Biden back-to-back? Wow! For a bit of fairness, Brian, how about an expose on the Hunter Biden-"Big Guy" cover-up?

  5. 😆 …” classified, I mean declassified “, “ classified, I mean De classified “ “classified, I mean declassified “ ☺️… that almost made it worth listening to those fools with no integrity on #Faux. Which I refuse to watch or support because it’s enough to make a person “ go postal “ on them for all the lies. How do those people even go home to their family? 🤦

  6. Nothing this FOX host not journalist host opinion host is giving his opinion which is wrong again he’s lying through his teeth as usual to protect Donald the scumbag criminal Trump Fox News should be taken off the air

  7. Obama did not have 30 million documents — those went to a facility in the same state where he lives. Not his facility. Not in a box, with privacy lock and a sock on the door. I mean, they narrowed down the state — so, THAT's a connection, right? These people are epic assholes.

  8. "Hillary exposed us to more danger, because she had an electronic version OF THOSE DOCUMENTS that could be hacked,.." Yes, hypothetically if we assume all the missing emails were nuclear secrets, you'd have a point. People listen to this nonsense? This BS works?

  9. "He auto-declassified them." "He cooperated the whole time." "He took them to study." "He doesn't know those documents, nor Steve Bannon. Never met Nuclear Secrets either." They sounded so forceful and certain they had the facts each and every time they changed them.

  10. I have now learned from Fox apologists that nobody is responsible for any crimes that they get henchmen to do. President Nixon did NOT sneak into the Watergate hotel. He just TOLD people in general terms, he wanted dirt on the Democrats — it wasn't his fault they went and did something with that casual request, was it?

  11. "Somehow obstructing an investigation he was cooperating with." This isn't editorializing, this is straight up lying. "Palettes of cash in the middle of the night." Another bald faced lie. That was Iran's money and due to them meeting their commitment, the banks unfroze their assets. "Biden's family is on our enemy's payroll." Projection your honor.

  12. Trump: Transparent because he sucks at lying and grifting when people are watching, and is too vain to not take credit for dumb ideas that he echoes because he thought they were smart when he heard them.

  13. what about the ones he ate. he was moving too fast calling in the EPA to check on the flushing of toilets.

    I don't get the acceptance of supposedly intelligent individuals, owning ignorance to kiss this man's ring. 😕

  14. I wonder why is these people allowed to manipulate the masses of millions of people still backing all this lies because of the only TV channel they watch and listen to is mainly Fox..? what a shame…!!

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