Fox Information Advised The Fact And Now Their Audience Hate Them


Fox Information audience have misplaced religion of their community of selection during the last 12 months, however the true turning level was once when the community as it should be known as the state of Arizona for Joe Biden in November's election. The community advised the reality – one thing they don't seem to be recognized for doing – and now they're being punished by way of their target audience. This says extra concerning the audience than it does concerning the community, and it provides us transparent perception on how those other people wish to are living. Ring of Hearth's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republicans don't seem to be proud of Fox information and to be truthful, they have not been proud of Fox information for approximately a 12 months right here now. However their anger on the community truly kicked into overdrive following the 2020 presidential election, when Fox information determined to name Arizona for Joe Biden. And naturally, Arizona went to recount. It was once a pair days sooner than we knew the transparent winner after which when we did Fox information stated, good day, Arizona is going to Joe Biden. He wins the election. And that, that little bit of fact, by way of the best way, as a result of that was once truthful. That was once true. That was once correct. Off Fox audience such a lot that in keeping with a brand new ballot, religion within the community among their dependable hard- proper Republican audience has fallen by way of 8 proportion issues within the remaining one year. So Fox information in fact were given, were given punished for doing the appropriate factor.

The community went in the market, advised a fact, an incontrovertible fact and they are paying a value for it. Now, to be truthful, this tells us a hell of much more concerning the Fox information audience than it does about Fox information itself. Those audience would relatively be lied to by way of this community, which is most probably why Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson, excuse me, is the best rated host at the community as a result of all he does is lie. However they'd relatively be lied to. They'd relatively Fox information paint them an image of this fact by which conservatives all the time win and liberals all the time lose. And liberals are all the time the dangerous guys and conservatives are all the time the heroes. The ones are the worlds that those Fox information audience select to are living in. And anything else that comes out, that threatens that worldview, that, that exchange fact that does not in fact exist they usually get livid.

And now they are taking it out at the community. The risk right here regardless that, is that Fox information understands you'll be able to't off your whole target audience. You already know, you lose them, you don't have anything, proper. If you find yourself within the media business, your whole livelihood more or less is determined by, , other people staring at you. It is simply the best way it's. So in the event you proceed to them off, in the event you proceed to inform them the reality, smartly, you will proceed to lose them. And at the moment it is simply that their self assurance within the community is shaken. There is not but proof that there is a mass exodus of audience from Fox information. Despite the fact that there's proof that audience are leaving Fox to visit different networks like Newsmax, however now not by any means that are meant to fear the community simply but.

What I expect will occur because of that is that Fox information goes to must double down on their opinion programming and most likely do away with extra of the instantly information programming the place on occasion a nugget of fact slips out as a result of they perceive now that their target audience does not need the reality. Their target audience does not need actual factual reporting. Their target audience does not wish to are living in fact in any respect. Their target audience is tuning into Fox information, the similar manner that individuals play video video games. You comprehend it's pretend, you comprehend it's now not actual, however you need to flee into this global for slightly bit to omit about the whole lot else or as a result of it is extra a laugh. That is what Fox information is to those other people. It's their get away from fact. It's their VR. It's their online game that they prefer to play as a result of the true global round them in fact scares them to dying.

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Date: August 28, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Fox Information Advised The Fact And Now Their Audience Hate Them

  1. Honestly who cares republicans aren't doing ANYTHING for the ppl they've become conspiracy theorist it's so sad they have forgotten their. Oath of office all because of one man who doesn't give a fuck about any of them they aren't even allowed to think for themselves or they get censored smh it's so sad how they are behaving and destroying this country what. They need to do is unite against this maniac who no power and take back their party this country needs bipartisan policies but these ppl are just looking for ways to hurt democrats which is sad it's not about red or blue it's about the AMERICAN ppl and this has to stop asap they need to take trump's toys away like FB did and punish him for his actions and let em sit in a corner and think bout it

  2. I don't think the demographic you speak of; the ones that tune into Fox just for concious political / "values" comfort and junk food – is as big ad you seem to hope it is. I fear you, and too many others, underestimate how badly a huuuge portion of the "right-leaning" population have been brainwashed. That's why they get triggered so insanely hard when Fox slips in a reality-nugget. Because that videogame analogy? That game is their percieved reality now. That's why it hits so hard when the real world breaks through the fog; from their perspective, that is now the deceitful, dangerous and scary fiction. So that feeling they get when it happens – its more like a mix of anger, anxiety and sometimes despair, than frustration. If you have someone in your life with Schizophrenia, ask them how it feels when reality breaks through in a confrontational manner while in a wave of delusion and/or hallucinations, or the other way around. They can tell you a lot about that feeling.

  3. Fantasy and delusional thoughts is all Fox News has been spreading since Trump won in 2016. Hence, company filing state "News Entertainment!" It has been more entertainment than actual news on a daily !

  4. Looks to me that Fox's opinion programs skate very close to malignant and illegal propaganda against Democracy.
    The network may be rich but not rich enough to fight the United States government.

  5. Not a fan of the video game comparison
    Can people please stop perpetuating "Playing video games is a complete waste of time and is actually dangerous to you", because comparing Fox "News" with video games means exactly that

    Fox viewers don't want to escape reality, they want to have their pre-existing beliefs that they have been force fed since birth confirmed to them

    Don't compare these dangerous folks to video games because one is recreational and the other is a dangerous menace to society

  6. In Canada a network that would tell lies all the time with shourly be in danger of loosing their license, the air waves is public and has such comes with a responsablity when using it even on the internet.

  7. Farron, did you know that fox has a $2.00 / household fee on all cable bills, whether they watch Fox or not. So even if viewers "leave" stop watching, Fox will still get paid $2.00 from the cable carriers. This "Fox-tax" amounts to 1.4 Billion/yr. That is why when advertisers started leaving Fox doesn't give a damn. People can go to : to let the cable companies know they don't want to pay for Fox. And really start to hit Fox in its economic wallet.

  8. just a quick note:
    big difference between gamers and fox news audience
    we gamers know that we are playing on a fantasy
    these morons dont know the difference between both

  9. Fox needs to find a new audience of viewers preferably an audience that can handle the truth and reality. Extreme far right wing Republicans would rather be lied to then face reality and they are just one of the many reasons that I have voted Democrat.

  10. Fox News had a special show way back in January 2008, about how Mass Effect full frontal nudity and hardcore pornography affected children. For those who still haven't played this game, there was no frontal nudity and no pornography. There was an optional sex scene shot like a PG13 sex scene. You see the top of the ass, a side boob and a lot of backs. This was already over a decade ago and was about something they didn't even care about. Fox wasn't in the videogame business, they lied just to get viewers and fill a time slot.

    At this point any Fox viewer left is there to ehar what they want to hear, not because of the veracity of the news reporting.

  11. Man….I honestly feel so sorry for Fox News viewers. How shallow and deluded do you have to be to have your world view be so FRAGILE, that the smallest kernel of truth is enough to shake the foundation or crack that mirage that they have. And they need that constant stream of Fox News to prevent them from facing the reality that they don't want to face.

    I swear its like having 30-40 million drug addicts who only sit around, watch Fox News, and then either do nothing but yell and scream and send money to the GOP, or actually go out with their deluded version of reality and have it clash with what's really out there. To live with this type of fear…..I only pity them, because no matter how much Fox News they consume, reality is still there, and as Thanos said: "Its often disappointing".

  12. It doesn't take much research to show Reps are MUCH MUCH angrier due to the 2020 results than Dems were of the 2016 results. They're not just morally bankrupt and intellectually challenged, but emotionally unstable.

  13. The KKK make manifest to complain joe Biden.. Its your problem's nazi basterd… And they are not update.. But we are.. With a Airon killer telephatic.. 🎶

  14. What would the world look like if there were Aliens that "disappeared" any news personality or network that didn't report the actual facts and truth in reporting…Including "Opinion Reporting" which is absolute BullShit"!!!! Let's guess what networks would disappear as if Thanos snapped his fingers with all 5 stones?

  15. 💥 The Republicans don't even like themselves. Sad really.
    Get out the popcorn. "The GQP Show" is the reality program that's worth a watch. I'm waiting for the big in-fighting scene that takes them to the edge of the swimming pool.

  16. I used to watch Fox News when they were normal, I even watched Bill O Reilly sometimes,after Trump was elected they became ugly and divisive as he was,they lost there minds but gained a lot of white nationalist and people who got sucked into there lies 🤦‍♂️

  17. They left because Don the conman became angry when they called Arizona for Biden. Newsman & OAN are even worse they are trying to outfox Fox entertainment

  18. Republicans are Christians …. "Truth" means SWEET FUCK ALL to anyone who subcribes to fairy tales of ever-lasting Life In Paradise. … Let's just CALL THIS PIG WHAT IT IS and stop trying to put lipstick on it.

  19. Believing something someone said in light of evidence to the contrary makes it impossible to expect allegiance to the proven facts. It is futile to expect such easily led people to recognize reality.

  20. I think this issue is a scary reality. We got a large group of people that chose to listen to only one kind of a description of a fantasy world. It seems like an addiction, and it is a real danger to democracy. What can be done about it?

  21. Ah Fox News, the monster you raised is now ready to turn on you. You told them if they didn't like the news it was fake and anyone who tries to tell you something you don't like they must be cancelled.

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