Fox Information (And ALL MSM) Is Getting Extra Horrible By means of The Day…


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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Tim Scott is pivotal figure as Tyre Nichols beating rekindles talk of police reform January 30, 2023
    Presidential politics are hanging over efforts to rekindle police reform in Congress after the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police in Memphis. The lead Republican negotiator in the talks, Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), is widely believed to be exploring a presidential bid, and Republican strategists warn any deal with Democrats could...
  • Biden administration plans to end COVID public health emergency in May January 30, 2023
    The Biden administration on Monday announced that the COVID-19 public health emergency, which has been in place since January 2020, is set to end on May 11. "The COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency (PHE) were declared by the Trump Administration in 2020.  They are currently set to expire on March 1 and April...
  • Senate Judiciary mulls action amid fallout from Durham probe January 30, 2023
    The Senate Judiciary Committee is pledging to review the actions of former special counsel John Durham following reports of inappropriate handling of his probe into the investigation of former President Trump. Recent reporting from The New York Times detailed ethical concerns during the probe that prompted numerous staff departures, including concerns over former Attorney General Bill Barr’s...
  • Twenty-four GOP senators warn they will oppose debt limit increase without fiscal reforms January 30, 2023
    Nearly half of the Senate Republican Conference has signed on to a letter to President Biden warning they will not vote for any bill to raise the nation’s debt limit unless it’s connected to spending cuts to address the nation’s $31 trillion debt. The letter, led by conservative Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted...
  • Graham floats potential compromise on qualified immunity January 30, 2023
    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is floating a possible compromise on what was one of the key holdups in the negotiations surrounding policing reform legislation after the death of George Floyd in 2020. The death of Tyre Nichols, 29, at the hands of police in Memphis earlier this month has sparked a renewed push for policing...

43 thoughts on “Fox Information (And ALL MSM) Is Getting Extra Horrible By means of The Day…

  1. I find it funny how many people are getting insecure from this video and bringing up how much worse CNN is…uhh RTU never said Fox news is worse than CNN, he believes all news outlets are equally unreliable. Just because someone criticizes something from one side of the political spectrum doesn't automatically mean they are the complete opposite.

  2. Even if this is from 2018, I still feel the same way as you do. My Parents and pretty much everyone from my Mom's side of my Family buy into the crap coming from not just Fox News, but also OAN and NewsMax. But I also agree that CNN and MSNBC are no better.

    That's why I follow you on Youtube. You don't go taking sides, and you are from a more friendlier environment when it comes to Politics.

  3. Ok here’s the thing just so you know look at all the lines quarries and impact it has on the earth leaving the earth scared mining lithium and to mine lithium u need dozers and heavy equipment to mine these things those machines run on diesel so really where is the benefit there and if you really think electric cars are better take all I’ve just said.. the electric f1 styled cars use two batteries on each car for one race think of how stupid that is how much effort is being burned and you think that electric cars are the way to go and I’ll stop and put e final nail in the coffin and say that Tesla sales are diminishing they are closing down dealers which in my opinion is going to save the world

  4. There were way more killings in the 90s 80s and 70s. There are barely any killings now compared to those decades and its because they made new laws and harsher prison sentences, the prison population is several times over what it was a few decades ago and ur saying even more laws and even harsher prison sentences need 2 arise to stop the very few shootings that occur nowadays. U dont understand its the age of information and when someone gets killed it travels throughout the world a lot more often than it used 2, that combined with marshmellow soft ppl nowdays that freak out about can 2 an uneducated person make it seem like there is a big problem but there isnt, things are safer than they ever have been. Stop perpetuating this bulls h it narrative that more freedoms need 2 be taken away. If over 1000 per year and some years over 2000 murders took place in new york in the 80s and now the number never cracks 300 per year and u ppl act the way u do, its clear u wont stop until there are 0 murders and we live in a complete police state and even cant go inside our bathroom without the government watching us because we might be building a bomb. I that what u want? or are u just brainwashed? i think ur just brainwashed and uneducated.

  5. The point of news use to be to circulate information. But now it's like they're trying to tell you how to live your life, it's so hard to watch msm nowadays because you can just tell right from the getgo that it's meant to appeal to those who can't think for themselves.

  6. Fox is the worse? Don't you mean CNN is the worst? Regardless of if you agree with Fox or not they are the only msm conservative source to balance some things out. Personally I think Fox is the only msm source that is right sometimes. The REAL reason the msm is losing is blatant lying and trying to shut out alternative ideas.

  7. Anyone who still watches TV and doesn't realize that it's all entertainment is the problem. They only call the fucking thing an "idiot box" so you definitely have to be a special kind of stupid to actually believe anything you see or hear on it. Not saying it's all lies. I'm sure the traffic reports are honest, cant have the sheep late for work.

  8. When you going to call out CNN and there bullshit? One thing I can say about all mainstream media sources including Fox something they push that I strongly disagree with and that's there claim that playing violant video games cause people to kill other people! I think there should be more focus on the individual who does the killing instead of using a excuse for them to kill. Also it shifts to focus away from the person who did the crime to video games being too violant!

  9. One third dislikes to likes. That's pretty high. And I GUARANTEE it's all righties who have been convinced by Trump that CNN is the worst, and Rich didn't go after them specifically. It's so hilarious to me that this narrative has been sewn into the minds of Trump's Republicans. Now, I don't watch CNN, and it's for a very good reason — but it is NOT because of them having a liberal bias. I'll get to that…

    CNN does go after Trump (rightfully at times, not at others), but that's essentially because it's just a war now between them and his White House. But the fact is that CNN really isn't the hardcore liberal equivalent to Fox News — that would be MSNBC. Not even up for debate. THEY are the hardcore liberal arm. CNN leans a little left, like many mainstream outlets, but their lean has been GROSSLY blown out of proportion. I actually work in the media, and we study metrics on partisan bias and viewership for major outlets. CNN isn't even as liberal as the Guardian or HuffPost. MSNBC is the one Trump and his supporters need to be clowning at for being liberal, but he doesn't understand enough to really grasp that (CNN just got under his skin is all), and his supporters seem to only trust what he says.

    Well, listen to ME. Here's why I don't watch CNN, and you shouldn't either: they aren't a good news network. Their work is shoddy and often unsubstantiated (also true for Fox and MSNBC, but I digress). Their reporting prowess is weak, and it's often presented as a mess. But no, they aren't some hardcore liberal faction. You're thinking of Rachel Maddow. Check out stuff like Reuters, The Atlantic, The Hill, and Politico for large media outlets with less lean (they all lean a little). And your local news is usually pretty trustworthy, too, depending on where you live. But for the love of God, turn of Fox and MSNBC, and definitely avoid sensational mouthpieces like The Blaze, Think Progress, Breitbart, etc. Enjoy your day.

  10. To be fair, if a celebrity like Arnold Schwarzenegger came out and said he was pro gun control, it would be pretty jarring…

    Just let off some steam.

  11. I honestly believe this is likely fox doing the same as CNN of "omg! they weren't exact with their beliefs and wording! look! look!" but I also think some liberals would call curtis out, like jim kerry, who regretted doing the superhero movies with hitgirl. so who knows anymore

  12. I always laugh at the conspiracy nuts who think they're going to "come take our guns". Is this the fucking Walking Dead now? Do these people think Obama is going to send a goon named Vinny to "tax" them once a week after he takes all of their guns too? Wouldn't surprise me at this point.

  13. Rich im 49 yrs old my first rifle was 22cal. Long rifle i was 8yrs dad taught me to use gun and respect for fire 13 yrs old my dad bought me 30/06 rifle.i have learned how to hunt.i have made a living as a law enforcement officer for 25yrs. I whole heartedly belive in the second amendment!!!im a compition shoot i go over the united states.i train kids to use guns properly and i hope they use what i train in a proper way. All the mass shooting is not done by law biding citizens.all the mass shooting have been done by ppl
    With mental issuse .there the issues.i agree there should be back ground checks but to tell me i have to have a shoot a gun is b/s….i seen to many people killed by not having a gun pn them or in there home unable to protect themself.people are going to get guns weather we have gun control or not its called the black market. I am very pro gun.i even collect guns o have walk in vault.i couldnt tell how many guns i have after 30 yrs at least i know o will be able to protect my family and friends at any time. Just remember one thing rich guns dont kill people/people kill ppl.i know ppl. There all kinds ppl.that want to ban thr second amendment.i hope for you and your family and friends they never do it.

  14. as far as climate change goes ted has a point if it wasnt a dumb tactic to dismiss climate change, you dont NEED to go from campus to campus in single day with a private jet if you already make tons of money, so yes it's hypocritical, and if you want fairtrade electronics you could buy a fairphone with that money you spent on a new iphone, in the end a lot of 'necesities' are luxuries we have become too accustomed to

  15. Al Gore said that the ice would be gone and people would be dead by 2020 but that’s obviously not happening and now Rich says 2040. We’ll see. By 2040 they’ll be saying that we need to wait until 2100

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