Fox Information bashes Celebrity Wars Enthusiasts


Some other clip of Fox Information basing Celebrity Wars, its lovers and now even George Lucas, who they are saying is handiest making The Power Awakens to make-up for prequels.

Date: August 31, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Fox Information bashes Celebrity Wars Enthusiasts

  1. obvious troll to get a reaction. Almost everything everyone said about star wars was incorrect. It was so wrong it sounded purposefully misinformed in order to get a reaction.

  2. This is some real informed journalism they're doing here. Disney has purchased Lucas film like 4 years ago and a simple google check before air could've solved a lot of this discussion. Also, there is literally no actual intelligent debate going on here. If someone doesn't like Star Wars give a reason, don't just bash it with total ignorance.

  3. Okay this was 10 or so months ago and I still hate this. She sounds one of those girls in an 80s who dates jocks and hates jocks.I mean WHY? What did Star Wars do to you. So yeah the next time Star Wars gets bashed by Fox News I might literally have to march over there and pee on the news studio💀💀

  4. She is not as attractive as Daisy Ridley, Natalie Portman oder Carrie Fischer in the first Star Wars Movies. Mayby that's the point of her Star Wars bashing? I don't think it'll make a difference if she has a bad opinion about Star Wars fans or not. And what can be cooler than a little Space Nerd Stick?

  5. Why did she call us nerds and tease us when most of the millitery likes Star Wars and congress made a bill I think it was or something that with the name shorted is 3cpo and they on porous one time the government wanted a Death Star. This lady does not know how many and powerful people she pissed of

  6. "Wah, I was never into X, but now it seems like EVERYONE loves X, and so to make myself feel better about not being in the 'in-crowd', which is definitely a thing that I associate with the core of my identity, I have to mock and belittle X and all those who like it just so I can feel a little better about myself, and pretend that this particular 'in-crowd' that I am outcast to isn't such a big deal… Is it working…?"

    What a dumb, insecure bitch.

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