Fox Information Blames 'Wokerati' For The Upward thrust Of China


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Date: September 3, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Lawmakers slam regulators following Silicon Valley Bank failure March 28, 2023
    Lawmakers raked banking regulators at the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) over the coals during a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday after the agencies failed to act on signs that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was in trouble, mobilizing instead to bail out depositors after it had collapsed....
  • Dominion, Fox News want testimony from Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity March 28, 2023
    Fox News’s biggest stars and most powerful leaders could take the witness stand in a Delaware courtroom next month as part of the network’s ongoing legal fight with Dominion Voting Systems, new court documents show.  Hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, as well as Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, are among the...
  • Mexico is moving to power California and Arizona. But who will pay for it?  March 28, 2023
    Residents of the U.S. Southwest could one day power their homes with solar energy generated across the border — if a multi-pronged plan from the Mexican government comes to fruition. A 120-megawatt capacity photovoltaic plant in the Sonoran seaside city of Puerto Peñasco already began feeding the national grid last month, while another 300 megawatts...
  • Defense chief slams Tuberville's hold on Pentagon nominees over abortion policy March 28, 2023
    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday said there will be "powerful effects" on military readiness if Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) continues to hold up more than 150 Pentagon nominees over an abortion policy in the Defense Department. Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) the U.S. is facing "one of the most complex times"...
  • Tennessee Republican responds to school shooting: 'We're not gonna fix it' March 28, 2023
    Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett (R) said there’s no way to “fix” gun violence, after a shooter killed three children and three adults at an elementary school in his home state on Monday. “It’s a horrible, horrible situation,” Burchett told reporters. “And we’re not gonna fix it. Criminals are gonna be criminals.” “My daddy fought in...

30 thoughts on “Fox Information Blames 'Wokerati' For The Upward thrust Of China

  1. The main issues is.. two party system is corrupt. Vote 3rd party "which is derogatory for political parties to begin with" make parties happen. Like "labour party (Social democrat), socialism party, left party, right party, anti immigration party, religious party" i mean i could go on. But its two party system that is authoritarian, and thats a issue.

  2. people actually believe this BS? people actually watch fox and think. wow this is factual news information. this is the true facts. this is something i have to remember. dafuq are they on about. this is literally all propaganda. china does at least some good things. they try to fix up their country they try to have basic human rights. meanwhile america is only making the world a worse and worse place to live in. they have no basic human rights in america. and the wokeness in america is of the chart. what a joke of a news station fox news is.

  3. I criticise woke culture yet when I hear people like these unironically say stuff like “wokerati”, my eyes roll like crazy. Cos when they complain about it, there’s nothing substantive about what they say and when you ask what they want to do, they either don’t have an answer or they, without realising it, expose to me that they have beliefs that would make them no different to the SJWs they criticise.

  4. The wokerati is actually a conjunction of woke and Glitterati NOT a derivative of "woke people" , Jesus christ Also, its quite obvious what Douglas is on about, He is simply saying the focus on left ( and right ) is on "woke" stuffwhen it should be on more pressing matters You have entire HR teams giving people their marching orders because a worker has used the wrong term To say republications have used woke stuff to play dodge ball as much as the Dems is an utter joke, BLM was the biggest game of sleight of hand ever as was the saying Chinese flu is racist. I hope this guy is never on break points again. All his "look at me swearing and shouting , I'm kinda a comedy person " is rubbish

  5. Hey Kyle, I really would love to see hear your thoughts on Critical Race Theory. I haven’t really seen you talk much on it and it is another distraction that Republicans are using to take attention away from their disgusting policies. It’s also being used to further fascism in this country and block education of slavery and the history of white supremacy and privilege that have built many of our systems today which still are discriminatory.

  6. How about blaming 70 years of stupid foreign policy so that every other country prefers them to us? I'm not supporting China, I find Xi to be a much more restrained and therefore chilling version of Mao, but we have played into their hands at every single opportunity.

  7. Honestly, both Democrats and Republicans distract people with this cultural war BS. I hate when one side thinks they are morally better. They arnt. Regardless though, if we dont get our act together China will take over, and then the US will have gulags.

  8. So the hardworking and intelligent 1.4 billion Chinese people have no credit to the rise of China? I like Kyle and everything, but the American hubris deeply roots in all Americans, even the left.

  9. Well to be fair wokeness is a left thing, they started it. But yes, the right talk about it too much instead of talking of real issues. I suppose the right sees keeping the woke shite down as being important, which it is, but they don't see the problem with keeping the show running the same as usual financially. Basically the left are the ones with the desire to change things, which is their nature, while the right wants to conserve things the way they are. Change is not inherently good, even if change is needed. It depends what that change is. It sees to me there are two lefts. One talks bollox about niche issues all the time and tries to emphasise how they are different and deserving of special attention. The other one talks about how we the 99% are being played by the rich and powerful elite, and how we need to fight for fair treatment, not as individuals, but as the collective human civilisation.

  10. This would be funny if it wasn‘t so said. Those right wing morons poison the discourse with completely useless culture war issues. They wonder why people are illiterate and unprepared after leaving school after having underfunded public schooling for decades. 

    But of course as of their propganda "wokeness" is to blame for everything. Too hard to look into the mirror what disgusting tribal hacks they are and how their party, agenda and ideology has destroyed the entire social fabric

    I just can‘t believe a single person is still falling for their complete and utter duplicitous nonsense … Let alone millions. Guess that alone speaks to the failed education system they, in all honesty, only have themselves to blame for. And are probably more than happy with. Otherwise nobody would watch their cr@p.

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