Fox Information Brings You The Scariest Christmas Ever


It sort of feels just like the Battle On Christmas comes previous once a year…

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Date: August 26, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Fox Information Brings You The Scariest Christmas Ever

  1. Fox news is adamant on their image of being alarmists. They are digging their own graves. Let them do it, while we will have fun, you know it is always fun to know that there are much much bigger idiots than you.

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  3. At the time of the life of Christ, Muhammed was just a messenger, around 300 years after the death and resurrection the stories of Muhammed changed to mimicking the miracles Jesus performed, but we have got to remember the truth of Muhammed himself and a lot of people don't take it into consideration. Also, people will start to worship materialistic Gods over the true God. They will also worship the God of their sins.

  4. Underpaid workers do not concern the corporate shills at faux news. Had those employees of wal-mart 'gone on strike', faux would say those employees were preventing families from having a nice meal together because they couldn't get their turkey or what have you.

    The nativity scene nonsense, I think, is just fake anger to cover up worry that people recognize the law says they can't put it up and are being stripped of control, which will anger right wing voters. Be angry at all of it, I say.

  5. Despite the fact that you're correct about its origins It's really a bit of a stretch of reasoning that somehow it's not a Christian holiday because Christianity is not actually Christian. It is what it is perceived to be. But I get what you mean (without defending Xmas) I like the look on the kids faces when they get their pressies, I still wake up early excited despite all that and the fact I stopped getting presents at 18 just because I love my family. Cheers.

  6. I sell December 21 insurances! Insurance for Nibiru, polar shift, galactic alignment and rapture related damages! Buy now and I will throw in a collection of panic inducing doomsday videos of your choosing!

  7. There's nothing christian about it, save for a few images they pasted on it, and I think that is what riles them up, the idea of removing their tacked on bullshit to a pagan celebration is like another blow against their stranglehold on the workings of this country.

  8. Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday to celebrate Pagan Gods, which were evil and false. We took it to celebrate the birth of the man who is the one true God in the flesh who loves and who is just in his justice. He has proven himself and many have copied, just as the scriptures said would happen.

  9. THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Faux news has shown us the OBVIOUS signs of the apocalypse! With the EVIL non-christians continuing to wage the gruesome war on Christmas and EVIL unions asking for fair wages and working conditions. It's sooooooooooooooooo obvious that fourth horseman in the apocalypse is spreading deadly diseases found in airliners. Cower in fear Faux news viewers for the end is nigh!

  10. This is all just media propagada. I am an atheist and still celebrate Christmas. I have no problem with it and I don't know any atheists who do.

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