FOX Information Cuts Off President Obama's QA With GOP


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In an obvious try to censor the President as he engaged in an informative and conciliatory query and resolution consultation with GOP contributors, FOX Information made up our minds to bring to a halt transmission and divert the dialogue. This doesn't encourage consider in information, however represents but every other instance of ways FOX Information manipulates the reality and engages in lies and deception to additional their political time table.

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Date: September 6, 2022

RSS The Hill

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29 thoughts on “FOX Information Cuts Off President Obama's QA With GOP

  1. Nobody is as bad as Fox News for the last 11 years. And I mean nobody. You can’t compare anyone except maybe infowars with their false narrative they put out daily. There’s a whole group of conservative crybabies that are brainwashed and refuse to look up facts themselves.

  2. If you can watch MSNBC and CNN like morning Joe and think Fox is the worse news network you need help ! Neither of those EVER say a thing positive about the president. Check I it out

  3. Fix noise,the nerve. Smart people has always astounded this network, their at a loss. But let Palin call Africa a country and they'll air that shit all day. Because they simply don't get it,or do they. Fixed news probably knows that our education system produces mass idiots and this is the break fix news jumps on,sad huh.

  4. the one thing with fox's supposed big guns like hannity, o reilly, carlson, they seem to always be the home team at all times. sometimes they will make a cameo on some other network. but its not like their on a opposite predominant viewpoint show taking their own asswhoopings in which they so love to dish on their own shows only..

  5. You guys think Fox is the only one doing that? This Asshole from MSNBC has his head so far up Obama's Arse. If obama ever stopped short he would be kissing the first Lady..

  6. I actually watched the whole Q&A on C-SPAN between the president and House Republicans.  It was like question time with the prime minister in England.  It was one of the most open and healthy debates I've seen in a long time between the president and the opposition party  . . . which is what makes me think why they never did it again. 

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