Fox Information: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi bei Laura Ingraham am 02.12.2020


Ausschnitt aus dem Fox-Information Interview mit Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (emeritierter Professor der Mikrobiologie) vom 2.12.2020

(Zitat in englisch weiter unten)

LAURA INGRAHAM (GASTGEBERIN): Herr Doktor, zum Thema Impfstoff sagte heute Abend Anthony Fauci in diesem Netzwerk, dass 75 Prozent der Amerikaner geimpft werden müssen, um die so genannte “Herdenimmunität” zu erreichen. Kaufen Sie – kaufen Sie das ab?

DR. SUCHARIT BHAKDI (GAST): Used to be für ein völliger Unsinn. Ich weiß, dass Dr. Fauci ein bekannter ….

INGRAHAM: —Immunologe.

BHAKDI: — medizinischer Wissenschaftler und Immunologe. Aber used to be er sagt, muss falsch sein. Und das ist es auch, used to be wir in dem Buch mit großer Mühe erklärt haben. Und warum — wissen Sie, jemand, der so etwas sagt, hat nicht die geringste Ahnung von den Grundlagen der Immunologie. Und das ist sehr, sehr überraschend für jemanden in der Place von Dr. Fauci. Und ich würde es wagen, ihm jederzeit und überall auf der Welt zu trotzen. Aber ich kann dies nicht in 2 Minuten tun.

INGRAHAM: Nun, Sie glauben additionally, dass der COVID-Impfstoff nicht notwendig ist?

BHAKDI: Ich denke, es ist geradezu gefährlich. Und ich warne Sie, wenn Sie in diese Richtung gehen, werden Sie ins Verderben stürzen. Und es ist so, so unnötig.


LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Physician, at the factor of the vaccine, this night, Anthony Fauci, in this community, in truth stated that 75 p.c of American citizens are going to must get vaccinated to achieve what they name “herd immunity”. Do you — do you purchase that?

DR. SUCHARIT BHAKDI (GUEST): What utter nonsense. I do know that Dr. Fauci is a famend —

INGRAHAM: –immunologist.

BHAKDI: — clinical scientist and immunologist. However what he says must be incorrect. And this may be what we have now taken nice lengths to give an explanation for within the e book. And why — you recognize, any individual who says this, has no longer the slightest inkling of the fundamentals of immunology. And that is very, very sudden for any individual of Dr. Fauci's status. And I might dare to defy him anyplace on the planet at any time. However I will not do that in 2 mins.

INGRAHAM: Smartly, so that you imagine that the COVID vaccine isn't vital?

BHAKDI: I feel it is downright unhealthy. And I provide you with a warning, if you happen to pass alongside those traces, you're going to pass for your doom. And it is so, so useless.

Herzlichen Dank an Oliver Janich für den Hinweis! Und ein Danke an Anke für den Textual content:-)

Date: August 26, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Fox Information: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi bei Laura Ingraham am 02.12.2020

  1. Hahaha nun lachen alle über ihn. Er verliert seinen Titel wegen seinem antisemitismus…und so kurz gehalten werden und nie wieder eingeladen worden…oooo
    Check out walulis daily:)

  2. Unfortunately he does not speak like Americans are used to. He should have given short statements.

    What a pity, this will not convince Americans to listen to him.

    In Germany we watch his interviews for one hour or more as it is worth the time. He explains slowly and with simple words for everybody.

    If he had made an on point performance people in America would order his book and learn from him.
    His wisdom deserves to be heard.
    He is a scientist and not a reporter. This needs to be 10 minutes.

  3. The entire globalist media machine has come out to demonize him for being brave enough to speak what he believes to be the honest scientific truth.

  4. Jim M
    Please consider that some viruses are overall helping us.
    Take Covid helping pass those of us who are terminally ill to end our suffering and those around us, early. Just as we do for our beloved terminally ill pets.
    For the rest of us, highlighting organ damage we need to address sooner than later.
    And for all of us, over time making us more sensitive to our body’s ailments earlier so we can heal them before they become terminal.
    Look at the death rates connected to age and pre-existing conditions.
    Look at the flu predominately does not kill.
    Isn’t it cold and fever that actually cleans our mind machine some just as our planet’s seasonal weather of cold and heat cleans and renews our planet’s life?
    Take care

  5. Fauci has since upped the figure to 90 percent of the population will need to avail itself of the vaccine. I can see domesday on the horizon.
    Thank you for your video.

  6. This is a pandemic simulation, prepared years before, the last time in October 2019 in New York

  7. Dr Bhakdi is retired since almost 10 years. He is neither a virologist nor does he do research himself. He mixes facts with speculation and disinformation. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, he has been noticed by false statements that he has conveyed to the public and that have met with a great response from corona deniers. His theses are not considered serious among experts in germany. He is isolated in the professional world with his views on Covid19. The clinics and scientific organizations he has worked for have publicly distanced themselves from him. I personally see him as a stubborn old man who cannot learn. I could almost feel sorry for him if he wouldn't publicly slander and defame respectable people.

  8. Congratulations Mr. Bhakdi for the "Goldenes Brett vorm Kopf" award! Trump would also deserve to receive it but Trump's lack of intelligence is by nature!

  9. All you have to do is check and you'll see that there never was a pandemic.
    This is from the UK Government website (back in March)
    [quote] As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.[/quote]

  10. People like Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi will receive an honoured place in future history.

  11. Don't be surprised he dies mysteriously one day.😀 We can't have that much truth out there!

  12. I remember Dr. Bhaki speaking out early on during the plandemic, back in March I think it was. The interview was in German and he'd wrote to Angela Merkel to advise her. I don't know what the outcome was. He makes sense and good on him for speaking up.

  13. To see how corrupted the CDC and the government are in regards to epidemics, etc…. Watch this 15 minutes segment from an older 60 minutes with Mike Wallace… He obliterates these fraudsters…
    Today it's much worse because today 60 minutes would not be allowed to do something similar around the covid-19 plandemic

  14. Der Youtube-Kanal von Sucharit Bhakdi wurde "… gekündigt, da es gegen die YouTube-Community-Richtlinien verstoßen hat."

    Wurde auch Zeit! !!

    Es hat sich inzwischen gezeigt das seine Thesen nicht bestätigt worden sind

    Bekanntlich hat sich die Uni Mainz hat sich von ihm distanziert.

  15. Prof. Bhakdi vertraue ich. Unserer Regierung, Drosten, Wieler und Co misstraue ich zutiefst ! Die Impfung ist gefährlich und unnötig !!!

  16. Have you noticed professor Bhakdi could hardly find the right words to express himself so OUTRAGED and SCANDALISED he was?

  17. Our problems spell in three words: "Ideology of Progress", which is the unrestrained way our mind, and particularly that of influential people like scientists and politicians, carries on a perpetual march towards a supposed human perfection without adopting any immutable principle to guide us on that journey.

    But in being human beings, which we always were as a species, and always shall be, there therefore must lie a principle in ourselves that does not change, which is today as it was thousands of years ago in the Homo Sapiens and in every human being that lived in between.

    What we call scientific enquiry is at the end of the day a mind game because it's our interpretations of observed facts that dictate our actions which are the important part in the enquiry and if our interpretations are not suggested by that principle, which manifests usually as common sense, we are likely to act in opposition to our very survival. To take an example, it would be like believing that being able to imagine pink elephants (unrestrained mind), implies that pink elephants could exist; and then acting on that false premise as though it was true.

  18. A darn serious debate is wanting about Ethics in the field of Science and what place it should assume in society.

  19. Using gullible idiots to swell your bank balance. Or could that be a conspiracy theory ? 😂

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