Fox Information Fearmongers About Insanely Standard Gun Reform


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Date: August 30, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Meadows, numerous Trump aides, ordered to testify in Jan. 6 probe March 24, 2023
    Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and a suite of other aides are being forced to testify before a grand jury hearing evidence in the Justice Department’s investigation into Jan. 6, rejecting former President Donald Trump’s claims of executive privilege. The decision, first reported by ABC News, came in a sealed ruling last week from...
  • Jeffries warns Trump's words may 'get someone killed' March 24, 2023
    House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) warned Friday that an escalation in violent rhetoric by former President Trump has the potential "to get someone killed." Trump, who is under investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) related to hush money payments to an adult film actress, had written hours earlier that charges brought against...
  • House Republicans pass Parents Bill of Rights March 24, 2023
    House Republicans passed an education bill on Friday that emphasizes parental rights in the classroom, leaning into a hot-button, culture war issue that has gained popularity in GOP politics across the country. The legislation, titled the Parents Bill of Rights, passed in a 213-208 vote, and it now heads to the Senate for consideration. It […]
  • Trump warns of 'potential death and destruction' if he's indicted March 24, 2023
    Former President Trump argued early Friday morning that filing charges against him could result in “potential death & destruction” as he railed against the possibility of an indictment by the Manhattan district attorney.  “What kind of person can charge another person, in this case a former President of the United States, who got more votes...
  • Will he or won’t he? Bragg faces historic test with Trump indictment March 24, 2023
    Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) is facing the biggest political test of his career: the possible indictment of former President Trump. It’s a consequential moment that could end with Bragg becoming the first in history to prosecute an indicted former president. As the possibility rises, Bragg is facing questions about the strength of his […]

29 thoughts on “Fox Information Fearmongers About Insanely Standard Gun Reform

  1. She keeps saying "anti-gun" as if everyone listening will be as gullible as the typical Fox viewer.
    Listen Dana, people are IN FAVOR OF all manner of rules, regulations, and laws that can affect their lives is a positive way. If someone is in favor of more stringent safety laws for the workplace, that doesn't make them "anti-workplace". If someone is in favor of stricter rules, regulations, and laws regarding vehicle emissions, that doesn't make them "anti-vehicle".
    Why not just tell the people you're targeting your messaging towards that you think they're simpletons Dana?

  2. Don’t ban anything but stop production of military style semi autos and attack the heart of gun homicides, handguns. Overtime, the hopes would be an AR-15 would be like buying a Ferrari in the gun world and no poor man(or teenager) with a vendetta can use one. I know it’s giving guns to the rich, but let’s be honest, poverty and conflict cause the majority of gun related issues. If you cut out gang violence and suicide, we pretty much don’t have a gun problem.

  3. On the case of magazines, they should be limited to the standard magazine for the weapon or smaller. Standard magazines should be legal. It is what the arm was designed to have. An AR-15 (Which does NOT mean Assault Rifle 15, it is actually means Armalite Rifle model 15. The is also no fully semi-automatic rifle. There are automatic rifles and semi-automatic rifles. Semi-automatic means that 1 round is fired for every time the trigger is pulled.

  4. Kyle as i explained to you in a superchat, california has the assault weapon ban and that is just purely based on COSMETICS. So california is not a good example. I told you already "military style" just means LOOKS that is it, pleas i encourage you once again to do your research. An ar15 has the exact same function ar a ruger mini 14 and shoots the same caliber, so unless you are talking about banning every semi automatic rifle which would include alot of hunting rifles, you dont know what you're talking about, this is why i respect someone more if they just admit they want all guns banned, because atleast they are honest about where they stand, not that i dont think you are honest, but even after explaining it to you in a super chat you still act as if "military style" means they have a super deadlier feature than anyother gun and as i have said before, outside of LOOKING scary, it doesn't.

  5. I agree with the majority or those changes however banning "assault style weapons" is a fallacy because it's all cosmetics not functionally. Also the 10 round argument is also false as no one should rush anyone with a gun and the database is a bit of an outreach. Universal background checks along with mental screening and training courses I think would be an ideal way to go. Once person passes all that and obtains a license than they should be able to own any gun with in reason that would include all semiautomatic rifles not "assault rifles"

  6. CALLED IT! I knew they would go for the one issue I disagree on. However as long as you don’t try to come for my AR15 or hi-cap mags then I’m ok with common sense gun related reforms. Expanded background checks, checks even for basic mental health, a red flag law that has due process(some of them don’t tho), severe punishment for parents who’s kids use their guns for violence, severe punishment for bullying. Medicare for all so we can have the mental health care we need for some of these disturbed people. Let’s be like the Scandinavian countries. Don’t ban the scary guns that are still semi-auto. They don’t even ban full-auto like we do. Focus on the people control. If you come for my AR15 instead of focusing on the issues that actually impact literally all Americans like healthcare and economic equality, then you will turn me and others into single issue voters.

  7. Hey, Dana – you know what we've seen time and time again that doesn't work? "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

  8. Sensible gun control is the gift that keeps on giving for democrats. An issue that will allow them to continue to virtue signal for incremental legislation that will in no way stop the next parkland or colombine. You can pass everything the democrats push for and they would not have stopped any of the high profile cases that bring these conversations up. Kyle, youre a smart guy, but this is a dupe issue.

    The US needs a full repeal of the 2nd ammendement with sensible priveleges restored. Revolvers and self contained shotguns and rifles carrying 6 rounds max for example.

  9. How can we make fun of Fox "News" for messing up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's name on air consistently, but we're still doing the same thing to them. Pronunciation is not hard, that's why it's in the first sentence of EVERY Wikipedia article. Love you Kyle, that's why I wanna keep you honest.

  10. Where were they fearmongering? They just said that gun control is a top priority for dems in the house and showed clips of them saying that. Dana didn't say anything more than "hey but don't worry because we did great with the Senate and blah blah".

  11. So free healthcare and getting paid enough to live isn't considered a human right, but being able to have guns meant for fighting a war while being mentally ill is? Good to see America has its priorities in order

  12. The 2nd admendment don't protect peoples right to bear arms it protects a states well regulated militia to bear arms, but I agree with the privilege of gun ownership to lawful citizens for hunting and self defense and recreation at a gun range it is important.

  13. Sorry but I should be able to get an ar15 if i want to protect me from my shitty government. If trump does build a wall it'll be used to keep us in

  14. You say "sensible gun control," they hear, "ur gunna taek mah gunz!" With zero data, these people insist that guns save lives. More guns somehow equals fewer gun deaths. That's some flawless logic. And to assert that right wingers aren't eyeballs deep in big money is beyond hilarious.

  15. Who CARES if other countries have less deaths via guns….up yours NRA….I don't mind sensible gun owners, it's greedy assholes like NRA whom care nothing for all of ours lives.

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