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A Fox Information contributor has been mocked after expressing outrage over the brand new, bisexual Superman.

DC Comics showed the day gone by (11 October) that Jon Kent, the firstborn son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, might be in a courting with a person in imminent problems with the long-running comedian e-book. Jon took over the mantle of Superman following his father’s departure from Earth.

All the way through an look on Fox Information display The Ingraham Attitude, visitor Raymond Arroyo puzzled why DC Comics are “sexualising superheroes”.

“I used to be a Batman and Superman and Spider-Guy child,” he stated. “I beloved the ones heroes. We simply sought after them to get the unhealthy guys, no longer a venereal illness.”

Arroyo’s feedback had been briefly lambasted on-line, with DC readers and observers mocking the Fox Information common.

“Ensure this dude hasn't ever learn a comic book e-book in his lifestyles,” wrote one particular person.

Someone else tweeted: “This can be a take that demonstrates that our dude right here hasn’t learn a comic book e-book in 30ish years or extra. Additionally ignores the truth that male superheroes, no less than historically, have ALWAYS had love pursuits. Like, because the starting, some have had prolific love lives.” kingdom/arts-entertainment/motion pictures/information/fox-news-bisexual-superman-raymond-arroyo-b1936630.html

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Date: September 2, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Fox Information FREAKS OUT Over Homosexual Superman | The Kyle Kulinski Display

  1. Kind of a lightbulb moment for me. I was always a bit unclear about the difference between a geek and a nerd. Kyle's the definitive nerd who is completely about substance and has a tough time getting down with geek culture. I guess this is an obvious take, but it was the first time I ever really considered it. I think the moment he said, "I can get that from a WWII documentary," I furrowed my brow and wanted to call him a geek but then I was like, wait, I'm a geek, so that makes him… A NERD!

  2. To me it's just very unoriginal and stale. "How do we get more attention and a higher Rotten Tomatoes score for our series? Oh, let's just make the characters gay!" Fucking brilliant.

  3. It’s also not Superman it’s his son. They were bitching about “stop changing the sexual preferences of characters and make a new one”. So they made a new one. “Oh my god I can’t believe you made a new one and made him gay”. They are just bigots, not that I needed to clarify, as it was already pretty obvious. They also scream how it’s just done to “shock”. No it’s normal.

  4. Also…one of the Robin's is his son dude…so, gross…and Batman (even if he was gay) would not be with any of the Robins…they are all basically like his son (or literally is). If Batman was gay, he would be with Superman…duh.

  5. Ya, I agree. I don't givafukk. I'm not gonna watch gay Superman. Not because I have something against gay Superman but because gay Superman's only defining character trait is his gayness which makes for a boring Superman.

    (Not that Superman was ever really all that interesting to begin with, fuck DC and Marvel, go watch some anime)

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