Fox Information Goon Rips Bernie Sanders 'Failed Ideology'


Fox's diminutive wannabe comic and The 5 co-host, Greg Gutfeld needs their audience to be very frightened of that “loopy” socialist Bernie Sanders and lower unfastened on him all over a bit rant in this Tuesday's display…

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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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44 thoughts on “Fox Information Goon Rips Bernie Sanders 'Failed Ideology'

  1. I still have a hard time imagining the Nazis as conservative. Not liberal, certainly, but they were really in a category of their own. Yes, they did pretend to be liberal at the beginning, and then switched to pretending to be conservative from there on out. But what they really were, was against the entire Western political tradition, whether liberal or conservative.

  2. You sell Bernie better than he sells himself I appreciate your look on things and I will do more fact checking but I’m a democratic who’s for trump because he is the best president I think I’ve ever seen

  3. Fox news viewers and Fox news analysts are the equivalent to someone being blindfolded and forced to piss from a far distance inside a bottle that still has the cap on, they make no sense and their nonsense is all over the place and it's destroying the country.

  4. I'll say this about the Republicans, they're great at demonizing progressive policies by spouting platitudes, which fools the general public. Kyle, you're absolutely correct, but to expect the general public to think critically about these issues is a stretch, especially when the corporate media indoctrinates the people with right-wing ideology

  5. And on the subject of education, I believe Malala put it best. "Guns kill terrorists, but education kills terrorism." Thus we shouldn't invest so heavily in military spending, but rather invest in education.

  6. The only think that I like about Greg Gutfeld is his music taste. He should have stayed away from politics and made a show more along with his Red Eye show. His politics are completely stupid and he is a child when he tries to talk about anything political.

  7. Scandinavian model isn't applicable almost anywhere but in Scandinavia. It all depends on the mentality. Scandinavian countries would do well in any kind of system: liberal capitalism, state capitalism, socialism etc.

  8. Hi Kyle, my question today: Do you think it will be successfull, to defend Bernie Sanders?
    Could it be more succesfull to attac the opposite oppinions? You will ever have the better arguments defending Bernies arguments, but then you are in a defending position. Mock them those idiotic right wings. Turn it upsite down. Call them Nazis or KKKs. Attac them, mock them.

  9. Think about about capitalism as playing a poker game. Extreme income inequality is bad because if the rich accumulate too much money the game ends. the same way if one guy has all the poker chips, the game ends as well l.

  10. people are not saying LIBERALISM is the cause greece, venezuela, USSR failed. SOCIALISM is the cause. Swden and Denmark are going more and more right wing because they are close to bankruptcy because all the stupid social programs.

  11. "Sanders is so NUTTY that most kids should be ALLERGIC to him" xDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    wow. i'm fucking dead. i just cringed myself into a stroke and died.

  12. I love it when the progressives call on the United States to emulate Scandinavia. You mean those countries that are 98% white, have a highly militarized police force, and rigidly regulate immigration? Got it.

  13. How to appear as an intellect, Stick an unnecessarily large mic. in your face, swear like an illiterate, and act smug. I could be more easily persuaded towards others opinions without the arrogant antics

  14. Thats so hillarious…. What made Greece fail was not socialism, but corruption. Its not only scandinavia, most of europe has these kinds of systems. I really dont understand why the americans are not fighting for their money.
    Just look at france these days. They tried to cut down on the working class rights. Whats happening? They fukin go to the streets, hundrets of thousands of people. They strike. They put pressure on gouverment….

  15. Nazi Germany was all about unlimited growth of government power. I fail to see the connection between conservatism (which advocates for less goverment intervention and limiting the power of Washington) and Nazi Germany.

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