Fox Information grills White Space over Biden's solution to fentanyl flowing throughout border


Fox Information White Space correspondent questions the White Space press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over what the president is doing to protected the southern border on ‘The Tale.' #foxnews #thestory

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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

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46 thoughts on “Fox Information grills White Space over Biden's solution to fentanyl flowing throughout border

  1. Would he stop it if hunter overdosed You are full of BS I live in Texas we're loading them up and sending them to New York Chicago and DC

  2. Closing up the southern border to keep drugs out might help . We don't need drugs from other countries coming in we have our own to worry about. Oh wait , that's right, World economic forum wants world order and population control , I forgot about that

  3. Tell Biden to tell his Chinese friends to STOP supplying fentanyl to the Mexican cartels.
    How can the administration secure the borders when they made the borders non-existent?
    Jean-Pierre is a paid liar for the Biden administration.

  4. I am reading these comments and everyone is talking about how Brave and impactful Diicy was and no one talked about her answer, which is that the people who get elected thru Fox News are doing nothing at all, and the President is doing something.

  5. She says they're intercepting 200% more, like that's a good thing… why doesn't anyone point out the obvious… that there's 200% more to catch. That means at least 200% more is also getting through. Come on man.

  6. Oh my goodness she is so funny 😂 But she goes on about republicans they don’t need to be onboard about anything the democrats have control of the Senate, Congress and for the trifecta the White House

  7. Doocy is not there to gather news. he is there to try and trash the administration. Always has. Fox does not gather news, they want to make news. This is why they are NOT journalists. Just tabloid scum.

  8. There you go she is going to try and flip the “ How dare You” while the World is looking at her thinking How dare you for spitting lies, BS and pissing all over the people and families your stating “ Your Honoring Today !” There’s a Sign

  9. We need to organize an award event giving Biden awards for [ Drug Trafficking ] Child Trafficking ] [Human Trafficking ] [Fastest Energy Independence Loss ] [Most Illegal Alien Crossings into United States ] This is just a few we would need another one for the rest.

  10. If these people had family members seduced by this drug (like ours has been) and/or worked with these folks who are sunk in the depths of addiction (like I do) they would shut the freaking border.

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