Fox Information Host Argues for Andrew Yang's UBI in Reaction to Coronavirus


Fox Information' Correspondent Gerolda Rivera is going on Fox and Pals to argue in desire of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang's plan to put into effect a common elementary source of revenue of $1,000 for each American citizen in accordance with the industrial affects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Date: September 8, 2022

RSS The Hill

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21 thoughts on “Fox Information Host Argues for Andrew Yang's UBI in Reaction to Coronavirus

  1. How much money is fucking wasted on the MIC? Good God, America could afford the UBI with a fraction of the money spent. She is no different from anyone on CNN, MSNBC, it's bloody nuts.

  2. How many freakin' times are you going to ask how are they going to pay for it. Andrew Yang has told you again and again and again and you're still NOT LISTENING!!! Just send the check and STFU.

  3. I think I'll will post this here:
    I live in a small midwest town. Small midwest towns are dying. Do you have any idea what the injection of $1000 a month into the hands of the people in my small town and all small towns across the country would do? I know everybody on this panel is "big city" and we are the "people you fly across". And I know none of you give a damn about us. But we are here. Andrew Yang's proposal would give us, the little people, a stake in the game.

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