Fox Information Host Buries Himself In Racist Tirade


Fox Information host, Jesse Watters, is going off on a racist and careless tirade about unhoused other people and migrant college students in New York Town faculties all over a The 5 phase. John Iadarola and Yasmin Khan ruin it down on The Harm Record.

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Jesse Watters Speculates Migrant Scholars Will ‘Sluggish the Lesson Plan Down,’ However Colleges ‘Would possibly Get a Higher Football Staff Out of It’ –

“Jesse Watters puzzled whether or not migrant college students in New York faculties will be capable of stay alongside of English-only lesson plans, and added the scholars may well bolster early life football groups.

On Monday’s The 5, the co-hosts mentioned Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s coverage of busing some undocumented migrants to New York, which has gained them by means of offering healthcare, meals, and mobile phones.

“If I had been a homeless particular person in The united states, I’d be disappointed as a result of I was the toast of town in New york. Take into account? De Blasio was once letting me keep in motels without spending a dime. Joe was once sending me loose crack pipes. I imply, I may do just about no matter I sought after,” Watters stated. “And now hastily there’s like some better-looking particular person on the town that the Democrats are simply falling in all places.””


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Date: August 25, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Fox Information Host Buries Himself In Racist Tirade

  1. So someone down on their luck shouldn't be allowed to have a sleeping bag to keep them warm or a phone that they probably had before they were homeless. Gotcha. Why are Fox News hosts such cretins? A phone isn't a luxury, it's a necessity in today's world. How do you think that person is going to answer job application responses? Or simply keep in touch with people?

  2. Fox News audience: yeah, how dare a person on the street have a phone and a too fancy sleeping back?? Imagine treating the poor like normal people?
    Also Fox News audience: We are the party of good, church-going Christianity!

  3. My husband is an AT&T retiree and we had flip phones that are not expensive. Last year those flip phones couldn't be used anymore and so AT&T sent us replacement phones. You can take pictures, get internet (but it costs a little more), text and use e-mail.

  4. If you become homeless or a refugee, you should get rid of a nice sleeping bag and phone. Markwayne Mullin, the idiot running for US Senate in Oklahoma got upset because people using food stamps shouldn't wear Nikkis, so throw Nikkis away if you have to resort to food stamps. Sen. Infofe, the guy Markwayne is running to replace, came back from Kosovo in the 1990s declaring that refugees from the war were not that bad off because some of their children were wearing Nikkis. If you have to flee and need help make sure the kids don't wear their Nikkis that they could have gotten at a thrift shop.

  5. Some homeless people use what is called an " Obama " phone.its cell phone they give to people on food stamps and homeless. It has limited data and I think it's minutes are limited as well. They are not sporting the latest IPhone or anything like that and people donate good quality clothing at churches and homeless shelters. So this ass clown needs to do some research before he opens his privileged mouth and talks about what he has no idea about.

  6. Who is confused about how this works?

    1. In their country… they have homes.
    2. They fled their country for the violence.
    3. So… they packed their things. They made it here.
    4. Is a phone… or a nice sleeping bag out of the question?


  7. Let this dude try to make it in the country those migrants came from. If I was at a party and some dude said this same stuff, I would most likely ring his bell.

  8. I work with the homeless everyday. 95% of them have a phone. Homelessness is on a spectrum. There are the homeless with jobs but no home, homeless with no home and no job and there are the homeless with cars and no home (but have a job). Folks have this myopic lens of the homeless. They get SSI, SSDI and some get retirement pension. Since the moratorium has been lifted homelessness has magnified exponentially.

  9. Jesse’s family hates him. Which is why he’s such a miserable human being.
    Maybe hate is too strong but they sure as hell know he’s the moron in the family.
    I love this Jesus loving, Bible thumpers who love thy neighbor to hell!!!!
    Being right wing should be considered a pre existing condition for health care coverage.

  10. What exactly are the children "behind " in? Due to Covid and the one year ("lost"???) at home? All the children on the planet were experiencing the same lockdowns/remote learning, so won't they all be on the same schedule? I know I'm just focusing on one thing fox moron said, but I'm tired of hearing it

  11. Hey Jesse. Ever think that the sleeping bag might have been donated? And that it's not possible to apply for a job unless you have at least a way to reach you.

    Once you're homeless EVERYTHING GETS HARDER. Sick world we live in.

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