Fox Information Host CONFRONTED For Biased, Divisive Protection | Breaking Issues with Krystal and Saagar


Krystal and Saagar give an explanation for how the mainstream media ecosystem produces divisive and biased protection after journalist Andrew Sullivan known as out Fox Information to their faces concerning the media

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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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50 thoughts on “Fox Information Host CONFRONTED For Biased, Divisive Protection | Breaking Issues with Krystal and Saagar

  1. Clickbait…the host states the guest’s views about divisiveness on the left, then states the guest’s views about divisiveness on the right, then asks the guest to explain, which he does, and guest appropriately states his views. S&K trying way too hard to make something out of nothing on this one

  2. @BreakingPoints It’s time to focus on actual news and real content. We don’t need to hear more of this “why we are better than them” playground games. You have a following and we are here for a reason. This segment was poorly done.

  3. Stelter did this again this Sunday, bringing an anti-woke author on his show. Probably because he got a lot of coverage from getting battered on air. So maybe this becomes a "thing" for a time. A way to grab ratings. Certainly Brian is desperate for viewers. But the real problem is that he is such a pinhead, the little suck up that everyone hated in school. And of course he denied that there is any "woke" agenda at CNN, that he can cover any story he likes, in whatever way he chooses. In other words, he just lied again.

  4. I feel like a lot of the people in the comments who are angry at Krystal & Saagar for "clickbait", are just upset that they're calling out Fox in this particular segment. I feel like everyone in the comments would be praising them if it was CNN instead

    Listen, I get a lot of conservatives watch this show, and that's great, but you guys know that both parties are corrupt, right? Stop thinking that only one party should be called out. Be consistent

  5. Two networks all Dems.
    One network all Republicans-Independents.
    I used to loath FOX , but I saw Sanders Town Hall with Brett – Martha ( both are Independent’s ) ,and Tulsi when CNN,and MSNBC would bash her.
    In those cases they were TOTALLY UNBIASED !
    The flip side of that of course is a show like “ The Five “ . Five what I’ll never know.
    But at least FOX has a couple of unbiased journalists .
    I disagree with Krystal,and Saagar on that issue, I believe they should watch “Bernies Town Hall Meeting”.
    It pulled in a lot of conservatives to his side, and it was something the left wing media would NEVER let happen.
    The two “ Liberal “ networks are entry level journalists knocking down millions.
    Madcow RUSSIA RUSSIA ad nauseum.
    Joy Reid doesn’t even bother to dog whistle, she just comes out ,and says.
    “ If your white, you’re a racist “
    I was Dem, now an Independent …

  6. Lol repubs aren't into white identity in general. Republicans I know (besides two) don't give two shits about race. Anecdotal but the sample size includes hundreds of people over decades of interactions.

  7. I disagree with there is no solid other opinion. I watch the Five, where I'm not big on knowing everyone's names, but they use to have Juan as their liberal who was HORRIBLE. Now they have three liberals who will give a decent liberal view and are quite articulate and knowledgeable. They even sometimes totally agree or partially agree with the conservative side. Now if only the other four would occassionally do the same thing and give the other side some credit where it is due. The Republicans are not sinless. I rarely see them bash their own side, and that is where Fox falls on their face.

  8. Krystal or Saagar, if you read these comments I hope you would look into Michael Scheuer, he is the first person to do exactly what you both are speaking of in this segment. As a retired CIA intelligence officer in charge of the Bin Laden unit, he was blackballed by ALL news/media for speaking about their lack of honesty and transparency while on their networks. He is a great man who did many many great things. I encourage you to look into him when covering stories like this.

  9. There is an unbiased network? There are actual journalists out there? The country has something besides an entertainment new media. The media is a joke. Yeah that includes Breaking Points. Breaking Points never points out their editing to slant a story in support of their viewpoint. Someone really needs to find that other guy and see their own face looking back.

  10. Maintaining ones Honor in a corrupt & dishonorable world is not possible indefinitely. You must remove yourself periodically, like coming up for air when swimming; if you fail to do so you will become part of the environment. After all… We are products of our environment, regardless if we accept the idea, thus one who Truely "Keeps it Real" will be, by nature of him/herself, compelled to report the truth.
    The Lion doesn't go around telling the other animals they they are a Lion, but they know the who the Lion is ,by the Lion's behavior. The Lion does what a Lion does because it is a Fuk'n Lion!
    Y'all Are the Lions!
    Thats why you roar/speak the truth! You couldn't Be You if You didn't.
    Thank you Krystal & Saagar for speaking up & out for all of us, who are sick of MSM's decades of lies & manipulations.

  11. Love how this community drops its mask every now and then to reveal its bias in favor of right wing authoritarians. Children in the comments love hearing them trash dem establishment, but jump to defend republican establishment all the time.

  12. Speechless? Looked like he was letting the guest talk, then, when the host actually opened his mouth to comment, you cut the video. Spin the news much? Oh, wait, look where I am, this channels is no different than main stream, just independent.

  13. I started watching breaking points less and less, I unsubscribed and only click when I scroll and see something interesting. Sad that they are becoming like the so called main stream media / cable news that they claim to hate and break away from.

  14. Saagar, sometimes you twist yourself into a pretzel. They wouldn't have to worry about anyone criticizing their network if their network weren't a complete corrupt fraud.

  15. If you two weren't so far to the left, you would not even consider making a false equivalency between the one stinking non Leftist station and the predominant realm of Leftism on TV that I was forced to endure since the 1960s.

    But Sullivan is right LOL
    -On CNN and MS-NBC there were only opinions that Trump and Putin were colluding.
    -On Fox, there were only opinions that Trump and Russia were not colluding
    No real balance. One trying to find the truth, the other two trying to lie.

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