Fox Information Humps The Flag To Distinctive feature Sign To The Proper


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Date: September 8, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Senate advances stopgap funding bill minus Manchin language September 27, 2022
    The Senate on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to start debate on a stopgap government funding bill without Sen. Joe Manchin's (D-W.Va.) permitting reform language. The stopgap bill, known as a continuing resolution, would keep the government's lights on through Dec. 16 and include $12.4 billion in aid for Ukraine against Russia, $4.5 billion for natural disaster […]
  • McConnell, GOP give political payback to Manchin September 27, 2022
    Senate Republicans on Tuesday gave Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) a taste of political payback by forcing Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to cancel a scheduled vote on Manchin’s permitting reform bill. The message to Manchin is clear: Republicans are still furious over the surprise deal he cut with Schumer this summer to pass major...
  • Manchin permitting reform cut from spending bill September 27, 2022
    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) on Tuesdasy asked Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to remove permitting reform language from a stopgap government funding bill, bowing to the reality that there was too much opposition to the measure. Republicans in the Senate along with Democrats in the House had voiced opposition to the language, and Senate...
  • McConnell gives big boost to Senate's Electoral Count Act bill September 27, 2022
    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Tuesday that he supports the Electoral Count Reform Act, which aims to protect future elections by making changes to the 1887 Electoral Count Act. McConnell's support gives a big boost to the legislation led by Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), in part a response...
  • Why Hurricane Ian poses a unique threat to Tampa Bay September 27, 2022
    Hurricane Ian would pose particular risks to the city of Tampa and the Tampa Bay area if it lands there due to the Gulf Coast’s geography, rising sea levels and lagging resilience planning. The storm made landfall on the west coast of Cuba in the early hours of Tuesday morning shortly after becoming a...

43 thoughts on “Fox Information Humps The Flag To Distinctive feature Sign To The Proper

  1. 'No Borders, No Nations'.  They're anarchists.  They don't believe in the idea of nation-states.  "What If these people got power, what would you do?"  That's the thing.  They don't believe in holding power over anyone.  They set up their on networks as alternative to the government on the community level.

  2. Sorry but I thing Lora is the sweetest person I've come across. But back to this flag thing. America haters are like the nerdy looser who sits by the cool bad kids and jumps at the opportunity to do something wrong for them. Same with flag hating cowards there against the flag but live by it's bounties. So I ask this puzzling quistion how do you go out lash and mash your teeth at rich people then take out a 20. Witch by the way is money. And feed your fat lazy useless selves. It contradicts the premise for your entire belief system.

  3. why would you protest against the display of your own nations flag? USA is screwed. Trump is a symptom of a way out of control problem. freedom is failing because special interest groups are ruling the masses.

  4. i just stumbled across something*, it might be worth looking into (not sure if it effects anyone else)
    videos from you, Jimmy Dore, Democracy Now, Real New, Redacted Tonight, RT America, and The Intercept. Don't appear in the subscription news feed if those video are at least 16 days old
    i've been grossly behind b/c i get 60 vids per day that i sift through and I had this video loaded up for about 2 days.
    so i was intending to use it as sort of a bookmark so i'd pick up from where i left off when moving upwards.
    **same for Red Ice (far right/alt right/white supremacist small news group) too, though i'm subscribed to them for a special reason
    im sure there are other channels experiencing this
    i just found it strange that in the "This Month Section" all i saw were League, Joe Rogan, and Philip Defranco vids

  5. This sort of thing only makes the right correct and puts us in the wrong. Vandalizing flags and other Antifa nonsense are examples of the left being actually wrong in a way that gives the right ammunition they desperately need. Their base has so little they can rationally use to support their position, and people like Antifa give them that one thing they can cling to, the idea that the left hates America. If the Koch brothers aren’t through a shell organization funding Antifa they should, it’s the perfect false flag the right needs. And downplaying it making yourself a hypocrite while doing so only worsens the problem and destroys your credibility.

    Antifa certainly is a gift for the right. I can’t imagine a situation where their actions will result in positive left wing change. And the choice of black flags and wearing masks, those choices are deliberate and again just to provoke the right. They know full well they pulled the look from ISIS who else fly’s black flags aside from old time pirates? It is no different for Fox to say they look like ISIS than it is for me to say people in groups with some members wearing garb that looks like Nizi uniforms look like Nazi’s. Let us not be hypocrites on this. We have plenty of things to legitimately criticize.

  6. This does not make any sense.
    It’s a painting on a wall, why was there such a large protest?
    This seems set up by the right ?
    How many people are actually going to put so much effort for painting over a flag?

  7. A rally for the flag? That's pretty lame.

    "So when I saw the pushback she was getting for putting an American flag mural up, I personally had a problem with that." A veteran who has a problem with freedom of speech, one of the values they were supposedly serving to uphold. And to him the American flag = military and law enforcement. Shouldn't it equal everybody?

    Ingraham sees people just standing around, some dressed in black, and thinks they look aggressive. If she saw white guys in tactical gear armed with machine guns I bet she'd say, "They're good patriots."

  8. I agree with Kyle!
    All this bullshit about the flag is just another deterrent that's used to not talk about real issues! Republicans have always been masters at doing such! Who the fuck cares? It's a piece of cloth for fucks sake 🙄!!

  9. It's a damn symbol made of cloth. It is not what the true meaning of patriotism is. Patriotic Americans don't need to put so much meaning into a material object. Instead your feelings, your actions, and your intent is the definition of patriotism. But peaceful actions and protests are such a trigger for the conservative right wing. They care more about a song or piece of cloth than the real issues that define our democracy and freedom. This country is lacking the morals that really matter and it needs to be addressed and challenged by the people before it's too late.

  10. The US ruined Antifascism Movement (AntiFa) and their masses completely do not understand the difference between Black Bloc tactics in fighting fascism which is not every single antifascist. I am sorry but Kyle himself does not comprehend what AntiFa is and completely misquoted Chomsky.
    In Europe every protestor who turned up to stand and face the fascists wherever they showed up became know as AntiFa, from Black Bloc to Trade Unions.
    The US is a weird place man. Turning up wherever fascists come to show numbers to never allow Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to take place is a bad thing now?
    Well let me enlighten you Amerikkka, this tactic worked in Europe and for decades made the fascist so scared hiding underground. This silly Black Bloc imitating kids protesting a fucking painting on a wall of a restaurant know fuck all about AntiFa, they have no clue about getting your head smashed in by the National Front in England in 70s.
    US media covering antifascism now after the events of Charlottesville and constructing a narrative might be news for Kyle and the American population, but we have been fighting this fight to stand up against the fascists since 1930s. Not a new phenomenon, or a particular group having ownership. This is simply ANTIFASCISTS (AntiFa) not some “elitist” (as Kyle tried to put it) who get triggered by mispronunciations.

  11. " . . . they're obviously supposed to genuflect to this piece of cloth . . . ". Genuflection is showing respect and devotion by getting down on one knee. Don't do this while being black though. Colin Kaepernick tried this and look where it got him.

  12. I'm a student at New Paltz. This is such a nothing burger. The mural is still there, but who the hell cares? People get too heated over a symbol. Remember the Carlin quote "they're symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol minded"

  13. Kyle, you are a smart dude with a fucking PoliSci degree. Surely, as a fan of Chomsky, you are at least familiar with the position of Anarcho-Syndicalism? If you don't grasp the implications of "No Borders No Nations", I've radically misjudged you. If one advocates for a State-less society, the validity of the Nation State and, by extension, borders comes into question. Agree or disagree, the position is defensible and has been advocated in a coherent way since the 1800s. There were contemporaries of Marx who developed socialist principles in a non-authoritarian direction. If you've never read Bakunin or Kropotkin, you have a massive blind spot of ignorance. Even taking the time to familiarize yourself with the pertinent concepts will enrich your understanding, both of Chomsky and of politics at large.

  14. No border no nation just means that people should be free to go wherever they want to. Also those people think that the construct of nation is a man-made one and brings more harm than good to the mankind. I sympathize with that ideas and I think we should go towards it within the current system, not in a form of a revolution.

  15. Of all the these that is going on in the world.If I was going to protest something.It would be how the how big companies treat their workers.How about term limits their are people who been in government for over 60 plus years.What about fixing our school system and infrastructure.And not to leave out our vets who come back hurt.

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