Fox Information Is going Professional-Trans and Ben Shapiro is ABSOLUTELY SEETHING


Fox Information ran a tale a couple of circle of relatives with a transgender son and what they have got realized. Ben Shapiro turns round a makes a protracted twitter thread out of anger

Ben Shapiro Defends Trans Life:

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Date: August 24, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Fox Information Is going Professional-Trans and Ben Shapiro is ABSOLUTELY SEETHING

  1. to what happend: dear moneybag owning fox gotr veeeeeery cold feet in astralia after the conservatives lost the election and now they are actively considering to check up who and how the media is aligned 😀 time for some " cover stories"

  2. It's actually wild that Ben and Walsh reacted so negatively to this. If this was a friend or even another family member that came out as trans and thrived in a loving family, what else could you ask for but appreciate a good example of being open and accepting of people? In all seriousness, imagine a conservative family dealing with this same issue seeing this and having a different perspective on their child's struggle? It's fucking wild that the conservative grift is this powerful

  3. The thing that pushed my mom away from conservatism was me coming out to her as not straight. She had never not NOT been supportive of lgbt people, but she just never really thought about it much in general.

    In the past few years she has pretty much made a complete 180. I have a few trans friends and she makes a very good effort to use their preferred names and pronouns. She’s gone from “I don’t get this at all” too “just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean I can’t be respectful and supportive”. I’ve not told her about my own gender identity because she really no longer sees my expression as important.

    I’ve been getting wolf cuts recently since it makes me looks more androgynous and she compliments me all the time! She’s stopped pushing me to wear makeup and feminine clothing too.

    Even my extremely catholic 80+ year old grandmother is supportive of me.

    I’m happy that fox news aired that story, but it doesn’t exactly shock me. Most conservatives I know actually really don’t care that much about it. I think fox realized they should probably stop being 100% against lgbt people since most anti-lgbt stances don’t actually align with the majority of their viewership’s beliefs any more. That isn’t to say I don’t think they’re gonna stop pulling the fearmongering bullshit about trans girls in sports or bathroom bills, but I do think they might start including more non negative stories like this as the general public and their general audience slowly stop focusing on it and it becomes more generally accepted by society that hey, trans people exist and aren’t a perceived threat.

    To add, I go to a very conservative college in a very conservative state, and while a loud minority of other students complain about pronouns and the gay agenda and whatnot, the large majority seem to just no longer care that much.

  4. that boy is 14 and had so much more support then i ever had as a child, i am incredibly happy for him, and wish my parents had also wanted the same for me

  5. Detransition rate in socially transitioned youth: 2.5%, most detransitioning before the age of 10 (aka, no permanent changes made to their bodies yet).
    Overall, results range a lot but metastudies find about 3%. Even that can be misleading though, as people cite financial reasons, social pressure, and pressure from family as reasons. So detransitioning medically does not necessarily equal "not trans".

  6. After watching a few hasan-videos these past two days ive been pleasantly surprised at how rational he is for being a vocal person on the left, and then we arrive at this video….If you are pro medical transitions for minors, especially young kids, you are a encouraging the irriversible maming of children for your own ideological satisfaction…..and that is fucking morally disgusting.
    Dont get me wrong, gender dysphoria is a real condition, and we should absolutely support people with that condition, but pretending that medically transitioning is good solution is so divorced from reality it puts Hasan's entire character into question. The post and pre-op suicide-stats dont change, and the surgeries are a fantasy, the genitals are complex organs, especially the vagina, we are not even CLOSE to being able to MAKE genitals. Opening a hole in the body that you dont allow to heal is NOT a vagina, its a wound, a constant risk of serious infections. and a loss of all sexual function, ofc. and hormone treatments and blocking puberty isnt reversible. You fucking monsters are LYING to people dealing with neurological problems, telling them falsehoods that play into and validates their dysphoria, all without a fucking thought or care of what the consequences might be for these poor fucks.
    I never wanna fucking hear you retards bring up ''science'' in support of your positions ever again, because when it comes to this issue, that literally is a LIFE OR DEATH issue for a very vulnerable group, the science isnt good enough, But whatever, go ahead, keep pushing for this stuff, keep chasing that dopamine-hit you get from LARPing that you are pillar of empathy and morals, lets see how you'll feel in the future when we can look back at this time in history and reflct on the part we played in the politically sanctioned and media-encouraged abuse/murder by surgical proxy……fucking ideologue's….the true cancer of Humanity.

  7. I think Hasan problem and why he's freaking out is because he's trying conservatism to all this. Conservatives don't dislike trans people obviously that's a false narrative and childish to think.

  8. Bro sometime so think Hassan is actually braindead. He said "they're not mis-gendering him" Bro he was born a girl and they're calling him a boy so they quite literally are mis-gendering him 😂💀💀 dude took one too many mushrooms or something

  9. For anyone whos trans, what makes u want to change? Like im u happy with my body and im quite a feminine guy, but i dont feel the need to change my pronouns. I don't think id mind actually but i just believe in staying with the pronouns u were born with and accepting yourself as who u were born as. Not trying to start a hate filled debate, just wanting to listen to people 🙂

  10. I totally see why transition should be possible before the age of 18. The being trapped in the wrong body is probably worse if it is fully developed. Growing up as the person you want to be is great.

  11. the story with the family is very wholesome, usually i dont like the idea of trans kids because i saw those super woke families that push the kid to these things, but here its the case of "was born in a wrong body" and the mind cant accept it

  12. Holy shit the line “id rather have a living son than a dead daughter” is so good. Shoutout to Ryland and his parents and somehow Fox News for once and probably the only time.

  13. Growing up more conservative and had a point where I followed ben Shapiro, it’s definitely faded to seeing so much hate. He calls it child abuse that the boy is now happy with who he is? Like what? Besmirched Trevor project too like it’s doing the devil’s work. Really starting to see him in a new light.

  14. Honestly, I'm the type of person who loves seeing people unbelievably mad when someone makes a good argument and in retaliation, they try so hard to invalidate it. It makes it even better when that person is someone I hate, so that's why this makes me so good.

  15. To preface, im a leftist, I support trans rights and everything. I just don’t know if minors taking hormones is a good idea. This is because I have no fucking clue what I’m talking about. Is taking hormones reversible? Does trying to reverse it not have any side effects on the body? What about surgeries. They surely aren’t reversible.
    I’m all for minors experimenting with pronouns and gender identity as it can help them feel themselves and isn’t harmful to themselves. But these are still children. They are still developing they will change their minds about things. Please explain this to me because again I have no fucking clue what I’m on about

  16. imagine being so upset because a news network that is normally the most conservative and far right, ran a story about a trans kid that was actually positive or "middle of the ground".

  17. I cant wait for the day shapiro gets so humiliated and made fun of to the point of him leaving social media because hes so embarrassed. Man cant even get his wife wet, cant even understand graphs and proof of transgender suicide/suicidalness, just overall a huge 4chan level dweeb. I was bullied so much in school but god if i went to school with him you bet ill be shoving him into lockers.

    Anyway, @ shapiro: im a trans person. Ive attempted suicide more than the number of fingers i have. I couldnt get testosterone because I lived in the early 2000s. Being trans wasnt a common thing in the medical department. It took me from age 13ish to 24 to get hrt, ive been on it for about a year or so and it has caused so much of my dyphoria and self hate to disappear. The only thing thats keeping me from being less suicidal is top surgery. Which costs SO much and is not covered at all under insurance.

    So @ shapiro tldr: youre an ass. You dont know how to read graphs/statistics or understand the number of suicidal/self harming trans people. Get bent limp dick virgin.

  18. Wow. I’m not trans, just a boring old cis gay, but that Fox News coverage really made me so ridiculously happy. In fact, it gave me shivers of relief and hope for actual positive change in the future. Believe me when I say – I haven’t had that in a long, long time.

  19. I’m a transgender woman with extreme social anxiety, I don’t go out anymore and people like you make me feel safe to be myself. You’re a sweetheart, thank you ☺️💕

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