Fox Information July 28 2011


Congressman Paul suggests freezing spending moderately than expanding the debt.

Date: August 30, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Fox Information July 28 2011

  1. Fox news is a joke, where going to put you on the record as saying you object to raising our debt limit. Your a arrogant pompous ass lady that only Fox TV would higher, and I bet the only reason you got the job is from your looks, clearly not your brains. Go Ron Paul and Bleep Fox propaganda news.

  2. Of course, not wanting to raise the debt ceiling = wanting to default, wanting to print more money….are inteviewers supposed to seem totally ignorant of whom they're interviewing or is this an intentionally unfair interview?

  3. Is it just me or does everyone act like cattle?Everywhere I go I cant get that image off my mind. Cattle.I dont watch FOX anymore because of BS like this. When you "wake up" you realize that the Republican CATTLE are no different than the Democrat CATTLE. They graze the propaganda pasture and are sent off to the feed lot to fatten up for slaughter. When I hear and see RP supporters , I know theres hope, even if he doesn't win… I know that there are real people still out there. Keep Stackin.

  4. I was a big Ron Paul supporter/follower in 2008 and I still am today but have been working to much to follow the campaign. Is the Revolution still growing? Are people still passionate about his views. I hope so! Can anyone answer the questions for me?

  5. Unfortunately, I have little faith that the average American knows what he is talking about. Try this simple math to see if you understand.
    (5 + 3) -1 = X
    Now “5” is what we spend now, “3” is estimated increase and “-1” is the bill’s “cuts”. Now, is X lower than “5”?

  6. That chick is not very good at putting words in Dr. Paul's mouth. She also seems to have a basic monetary comprehension problem. One of the many reasons not to watch TV. Dr. Paul, your time is better spent on that brain dead bimbo.

  7. These news casters are so dumb!! She isn't even trying to use her brain, just falling in line with what everyone else is saying, not thinking things through…. And the guy said "Oh its up I don't think its been down all day"..It was down 135 points around 10 to 11 am!!!! I hope to God they stop spending and do what's right, tea party Loyalist (not calling them Republicans since they are Democrats using another name). Mitch and Boehner and McCain can cry all they want, there time is coming!

  8. is it possible that ron paul can ever win the republican primary? im a democrat but he has some great ideas and seems like one of the most educated candidates in quite some time. i could see myself voting for him over obama

  9. @TrippingTheTube That's the problem with most people who call themselves Democrat or Republican, they think they are on a Team, and no matter what their team needs to win.. it's absurd. I think some of these people don't even understand why Ron Paul has the support he has.. He has Stuck to his guns for as long as he's been in office.. He makes brilliant points, and they are glanced over by these pundits… it's sad at times.

  10. Does anyone recall that during the election debates both candidates were asked if they would change any of their policies in light of the economic crisis? Obama looked shocked by the wuesttion and then went into a long list of all the spending that he would not cut back.

    McCain's answer was that he would freeze all but essential spending.

  11. Everyone needs to watch THE MONEY MASTERS -FULL here on YouTube. It is a full documentary explaining the how the Fed came into being and being based on the corrupt bank of England. It exposes corruption in world banks and world government you could never imagine. If everyone could see this they would understand WHY Ron Paul is opposing raising the debt ceiling. Once watched you will realize he is the only choice to save this nation and its economy. RON PAUL in 2012!

  12. I've said it before and I will say it again, this women (and I use the turm lightly) keeps trying to twist Dr. Pauls words. Stick to baking cakes girl you're giving the working women of America a bad name!!!!

  13. I don't understand how people think this man would not make a good president? Oh wait that's right Obama and the Media have brainwashed Americans into thinking that this has to happen or else. in others words BOOM!!!!!

  14. show yourself – whoever clicked dislike – I demand that you show yourself to the public and tell us why you clicked it. I want to know who we are fighting here – are you family of opposition leaders? Are you the actual candidates deathly afraid of Ron Paul? Stop cowering and start explaining yourself.
    Thank you
    Paid for by People For Ron Paul

  15. @dragnet53 Ron Paul is an exception to that rule. He's been on this for 40 years now. Only now are people starting to listen. He has consistently proposed cuttting all foreign aid and all mititarism first so we have some breathing room to find a way to spend less money on entitlements without screwing those that have become dependent. You're right, both sides have failed and are blaming each other. Meet the one guy who never changed his tune, and predicted the whole debacle.

  16. The House delays vote on
    Boehner debt-limit plan
    July-28-2011– The US House is in recess and has delayed a vote on Speaker John Boehner's plan to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, as the GOP leadership struggles to get votes for passage.
    Fears that the partisan deadlock in Washington won't be broken by an Aug. 2 deadline caused the stock market to tumble this week. The impasse on raising the debt ceiling also has raised the possibility that America's AAA credit rating —

  17. I like the poles these news programs use. One says 70% of americans say the government should cut spending, then a week later 65% of americans say we should raise the debt ceiling. Either these polls are full of shit or people are just dumb because these are totally conflicting policies that the same people apparently support. How many times do you have to tell people that we are never going to pay off this debt, never. This centrally planed welfare state will crumble if people don't wake up.

  18. @maskedphrogg – Oooh wow, now there is a straw man if I ever saw one! Fought any evil windmills lately Don Quixote? Don´t you feel good defeating a figment of your own imagination?

    I did not say anything about her having to agree with Ron Paul. Just the reasonable request that she understand what the devil is going on and that she do her homework and background research on the person she is interviewing. It is called being professional and taking pride in your job in case you did not know!

  19. Congress doesnt listen to Ron Paul because they want to continue spending and helping their buddies. We need this man as president maybe then we as Americans can take our country back from the people who are pulling it down. The media is still trying to make Ron Paul look bad because they dont want him as president either because the media is big buisness and they benifit from the current gov. and its spending

  20. Just take a look at the blank stare on this lady! Ron Paul could just as well have been trying to explain quantum physics and string theory to her. "Come on Barbie let´s go party!" Can´t Fox find a reporter to cover this that has some idea about economics and at least knows what "Austrian School of Economics" means and what Ron Paul stands for?

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