Fox Information' Largest Stars Set to be Deposed in Billion-Buck Lawsuit


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Dominion's $1.6 billion lawsuit towards Fox Information heats up after the depositions of a number of key community hosts. The Regulation&Crime Community's Jesse Weber and Aidan McLaughlin, Editor-In-Leader of Mediaite, ruin down the trends within the case.

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Date: September 3, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Fox Information' Largest Stars Set to be Deposed in Billion-Buck Lawsuit

  1. 👉The left wants to defund c/s popos🔪The right wants to defund fed popos👈..There's only one logical option for America.🇺🇸🇺🇸 VOTE Dwayne Herbert Camacho 2024🇺🇲 🇺🇲"HE HAS A SOLUTION!!!"🇺🇸

  2. This guy basically says all networks should be allowed to get things wrong without punishment except for the one network that tells a different story than the others.

    Maybe someone should file suit inquiring about communication between Mediaite and the Democratic Party.

  3. every one of those comments at the beginning, despite me not liking Fox News, none of them said anything outright, a lot of ambiguity, "i believe, i think, someone has said.." those are opinions and hearsay, good luck with that

  4. 2000 mules video & suing is like ah religion that knows that for every truth there is a lie heroes need villains wrongs need rights love2hate hate2love within the shadows of left nor right without ah middle of unity & togetherness is why divided is weaponized within favoritism & popularity we’re theatrical imagery were competing imaginations of of Q&A’s engineered ideas curiosities elevating themselves is no mistake yet it’s picking ah side rather than using one’s mind too decide for oneself is why they believe they can walk ah circle inn ah straight line knowing they can’t yet knowing they can!!!

  5. This guy missed all the hands on ballot mismanagement above and beyond a 16 yr old kid hacking a dominion machine in 5 minutes that was not connected to the net yet it was. Please man, stop lying to what we saw and proved.

  6. This should be thrown out. The AP just came out with an article about Dominion machines and what has been found. Election boards have been directed not to use them going forward.

  7. So in 2019 a study was done in Georgia to determine the ease of use for the voting machines, they had good reviews, a new system was also tested to determine its ease of use to determine if a new voting system should replace the old. Well turns out the new system was painstakingly difficult to use and required extensive measures needed to be taken while using the machine during the voting process, turns out people found this system extremely difficult and if given a choice the current system was better, after a security analysis neither one was better, but! But despite these findings Georgia replaced the old machines with the new one, not only that but after a trial run the security of the system didn't hold up. So what happened people were also pushed to mail in vote. Mail in voting now is the easier option, and more people than ever were convinced that mail in voting ballots were the more secure method. Despite the fact the NAACP defended mail in ballots sent to homeless shelters regardless of any proof the individuals name on the ballot was actually living there or even recieved their mail in ballot or even existed or moved to another city. Yet, the new system made it unbearable to use . Not only that, but in some counties when comparing the census to the number of votes received every single man women and child would have had to vote in that election. So what happened after election day, and the day after that and the day after that
    …well Georgia used another loop hole, they made a law that votes coming from overseas and in remote locations meaning no internet, no local mail, ect they had the right to turn in votes past early voting and surprisingly thousands and thousands came I. After election day. So tell me. The truth. Mail in ballot, what's the difference between living in a state you don't have to even prove you live in ? How does the entire populations of counties vote even children. How do votes well beyond election day still count and why change a properly functioning voting system for one that's more difficult to use. Vote by vote hour by hour the wheels were greased not months but years in the making from the top down. Any state can be bought. Heck people wanted higher taxes. Yeah ok you got something better increase in gas means an increase in tax.

  8. So now want to stop only conservative news cast………….u have 100k liberal news cast but can't move a needle so now want to stop only 5 or 6 conservative news anchor……keep in mind every Liberal who cheated election will go to JAIL ….MARK MY WORDS

  9. I will be watching every moment of this trial- should you televise this. Such a lawsuit couldn’t happen to a worse group of lying propagandists! Fox News was really subdued by this suit. If you want to know the details, access the court documents- very interesting read! And let’s not forget that Rudy Giuliani lost his law license over such claims.

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