Fox Information Makes Rotten, Debunked Arguments Towards UBI


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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

  • Pence 'getting closer' to a 2024 decision March 24, 2023
    Former Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday said he's getting "closer to a decision" on whether to run for president in 2024. Pence told Sean Hannity on Fox News that he and his wife, Karen Pence, have been praying about whether to enter the presidential race, drawing applause from a live studio audience. “We’re getting...
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    House Democrats are racing to the defense of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) amid his criminal probe of former President Trump, saying the Republicans seeking to halt Bragg’s hush money investigation are encroaching on matters of independent law enforcement and should simply butt out. “Let's wait to see if there are going to be...
  • Ethics panel admonishes Graham March 23, 2023
    The Senate Select Committee on Ethics formally admonished Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in a letter Thursday for soliciting campaign contributions for the 2022 Senate runoff race in Georgia during an interview with Fox News in the Russell Senate Office Building.   The Ethics Committee found that Graham “directly solicited campaign contributions” on behalf of Republican...
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    Lawmakers from both political parties joined forces on Thursday during a committee hearing where TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified on ways his company plans to address recent security concerns raised about the social media app. Criticisms surrounding TikTok were notably bipartisan as House Energy and Commerce Committee members from both parties expressed various concerns […]
  • House fails to override Biden's first veto March 23, 2023
    The Republican-led House on Thursday failed to override President Biden’s first veto, falling short of the two-thirds majority needed to revive the resolution targeting an administration rule related to ESG investing, which takes environmental and social factors into account. The chamber voted 219-200, with Rep. Jared Golden (D-Maine) voting with every Republican in favor of...

29 thoughts on “Fox Information Makes Rotten, Debunked Arguments Towards UBI

  1. Maybe (under non-pandemic conditions) most people wouldn't need UBI if there was actually a living minimum wage but Republicans don't want that either, they brought this on themselves. If I was getting $500 more a month, I would definitely be spending more and helping the economy more.

  2. The UBI plan in Stockton, CA only allowed 125 people to get 500 a month. The mayor that proposed the idea is no longer in charge. UBI never addressed the cost or where the money would come from. Everything that you give to someone else must be paid from someone else. Most of those cost will be taxed on the middle class Americans.

  3. A huge # of people would benefit in the proper way, yes, but if you really don't think that a 1-2 million people wouldn't just sit on their butts & watch toob, then I think you haven't been around the block enough.

    I support the idea of UBI, but only for the lower classes, and not just indefinite checks with no questions asked ( so I guess technically I don't support UBI, but rather a huge boost and revamp of the welfare system). I think it would be great for perhaps a decade and then at that point begin putting in some minimum criteria.

    I think the better idea ultimately is to look at what people who are struggling actually need to live a decent life, and give them the help they need. People making 50% or more than what they need to be above poverty level, do not need UBI, so why waste time giving it to them.

    Put the money where it is actually needed. This should be the focus. It's ok to start by just putting out the checks and then do an audit/assessment later, that way people who need urgent help, which is many, will get it without hassle.

  4. Doing what the people want = Bribe
    Doing what the corporations want = Perfectly morally acceptable and legal Lobbying

    The backwardsness of this country will be its downfall, and all the suits and ties that will see its end will suffer.

  5. the neoliberals already won. It's time to give up and reopen everything and give people the choice/responsibility for how they want to live. Open states don't necessarily have any worse outcomes than some of the lockdown states. Prove me wrong. At the same time, people on both sides of the aisle are dissing the vaccine's efficacy, and the fear mongering numbers various outlets are pushing don't add up. The vaccine, along with some of those previously infected, will push us to herd immunity within months.

  6. If people didn’t have to work 2 jobs to get by maybe they could discover their “god-given talents”. And the capitalist system they grew up in allowed for one income to support an entire household of way more children than any gen since could afford to have. FOH

  7. There is an argument to be made to critique UBI, that when such programs become popular, politicians start trying to buy votes with public money. There is also enough dystopian sci-fi stories about UBI gone mad, with whole class of people satisfied with some UBI, stupid shows and affordable drugs while small group uses the fruits of automation and reaping all the benefits getting filthy rich.
    So UBI may be used as a tool to keep majority of people unaware of real power dynamics and whole generations that may be lost into this underclass without perspective.
    But this is way waaay into the future.

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