Fox Information Offended Harvard Scholars Know Stuff


Caleb Bonham, a reporter for a bunch devoted to opposing campus liberalism, instructed Fox Information on Thursday that he had investigated Harvard College scholars and are available the the “relating to” conclusion that they had been “paying attention to what they're finding out in school.”

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Date: August 27, 2022

RSS The Hill

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43 thoughts on “Fox Information Offended Harvard Scholars Know Stuff

  1. What is most noticeable here is the infantile black-and-white thinking that pushes everything into ridiculous extremes, with assimilating plain facts that don't fit the required absurd extreme constituting "finding ways to be evil". Then there's the bizzare complaint that students in higher education are listening in classes to facts.
    I experienced unhinged accusations from certain relatives who desired totalitarian control over me of having been influenced when in postgraduate level education. What exactly do people like this imagine "education" and "learning" mean? If you have to defend your beliefs by stamping out thinking and punishing assimilation of facts, then your beliefs are wrong, and you deserve to be comprehensively ignored.

  2. Fox and their audience don't "know" they only "believe". If you don't "believe" because you are educated it is of course only because you are educated? Hello…
    Shouldn't that be a call to become educated?

  3. Here's a news flash for Fox News something they are not familiar with. It's called the truth. The United States is hated around the world and here the United States is a dictatorship country look at the right right now. This is not a two party country. Democrats and Republicans are in cahoots with each other good cop bad cop plain and simple. The media is corrupt the supreme Court is corrupt the judicial system is corrupt. Therefore America has to be corrupt

  4. So funny that they ask all these kids at one of the greatest thinking institutions in the world what they think and then don't like the answer so they're somehow wrong. Edit: typical

  5. America is responsible for a lot of the problems that we face we made far too many enemies and the so-called allies that we have like Saudi Arabia attacked us and we're still kissing their ass

  6. Don't these corrupt media get tired of lying? The world know's America's terrorism all over the world. It's not only students that know, the world know's except for the corrupt corporate media like Fox news. Profiteers of war. ISIS was made on purpose, every single extremist group belong 's to America, it's all for trillions of dollars profit. America and Israel are responsible for the death Freak Show this world is. All countries where extremists are said to come from are countries that owe America or IMF debt.

  7. Joshua M. Dunn Sr's Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University, states and supports that in academia, "attempts at indoctrination don’t work.”

  8. The only thing that says 'Liberal" more than knowing actual, real, factual history is knowing and understanding and believing science is real and hard logic is reasonable. "Faith is the belief in what reason cannot" ISIS didn't destroy Iraq by falsely claiming they had WMDs, they just took advantage of the international criminal idiots that did. (US). History is a bitch for Confederates & Fascists.

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