Fox Information Pretends Pupil Debt Cancelation Is 'Elitist' | The Kyle Kulinski Display


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Date: September 6, 2022

RSS The Hill

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36 thoughts on “Fox Information Pretends Pupil Debt Cancelation Is 'Elitist' | The Kyle Kulinski Display

  1. Why stop the war now? People have already died fighting it, why stop now?

    Why end slavery? Some slaves already worked themselves to death, what about them?

    Sounds like the same argument to me

  2. So by this man’s logic of “ why should someone else have to pay for your college education?” Well then… let’s apply that to the markets, why should we the average tax payer bail out failing banks and corporations? Why should we use our tax dollars for another’s country defense? Why should we use our tax dollars to continue to subsidize multibillion dollar oil companies? If we’re going to be allowed to hear his lame excuse then we should ask him the actual questions that hurt the people the prop up those that fail ( corporations and other governments ). His excuses have more holes than the Russian navy.

  3. 5:12 Kyle you may make as much fun as you want, but for those people who really fukced their life for repaying their student debt (working, going to military, postponing the education) the idea to forgiving the student loans to others, who were more reckless/careless, is an insult. It is still morally correct to eliminate student debt, but don't make fun of those, who are pissed off at people who demand to get for free what they hard worked for.
    It's like someone paying every year a lot for home insurance only to learn later, that so many people were uninsured, government stepped in and covered all the costs for uninsured people – so who did the right thing paid a lot, while others didn't do the right thing and got it for free.
    And then Hyle shows up and mocks those who were paying for insurance.
    College should be free, pure and simple.

  4. European countries, with free college, see college as something that helps the whole community. A person with a 4 year expertise is a service to others around them. Ask African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe with the termed "Brain Drain" of losing doctorate holders not wanting to live there if having less college educated people want to stay in them has helped or hurt them. People in America have things so good so often they don't even realize how much EDUCATION and EDUCATED PEOPLE are helping them just by living in their community. It's a sad state of affairs nowadays that a college education is purely seen as a product to hawk and not a solution to everyday problems for everyone around them and themselves.

  5. What a freaking joke! They're doing this with everything, and that's what pisses me off. They're doing what they project on to the other side, then flip the argument as tho they are worried about it on the consumer end. They're literally playing both sides then playing the victim. And people accept it! Or don't see it?!!

  6. Kyle, your argument is so stupid. Society funding middle school so kids can get basic literacy and numeracy is NOT the same as society funding utterly useless and unnecessary humanities and social science degrees for a gullible minority. This is a purely regressive policy that is unfair to those who didn't go to college and were smart enough not to waste money.

  7. The one thing that I take comfort in is that conservatives are always on the losing side of history. To be pro-student debt at this point is the same energy as being pro-segregation, or pro-men-only-voting, or anti-any-other-social-progress we have made in the past. It is to say, "why can't you just stay in your own lane and keep things how they are because it worked for me and I don't have the capacity to look beyond how this affects others because I lack the required empathy."

    I want to live in a country where we once AGAIN we have a debt free public college option so that nobody has to get into debt to attain a higher education. I want to live in a country where student debt is once again not an issue. It is a modern problem that only started in the 70s. It is a problem that we have the capacity to fix.

  8. The taxpayer burden narrative when it comes to talking about student debt cancellation is an absolute myth. Federal spending takes place before taxation and is in no way dependent on it. The federal gov has already made profit off of the interest of these debts 1000 times over, so why are people so worried that simply stopping collection at this point is going break the economy or raise their taxes? It makes no sense– it is just the same old "tax talk" people like to revert to when they are too scared or lazy to change a system.

    In this case, it is obvious that the system is not working. 1.8 trillion over 44 million people is a failed predatory lending system. (except for the loan co's and fed gov that is) First, let's all try to admit that and look for solutions. Let's agree that the presence of this debt has, and is leading to massive inequality.

    People love to also revert back to the "moral obligation" argument, or that all debts must be honored and if they are not our society will fall apart. Yet businessmen are able to walk away from their bad business decisions which result in the pain and financial ruin for others. They walk away with impunity and we don't bat an eye much of the time. Yet when it comes to students being trapped under predatory debt that was the result of their trying to gain an education and make good, we are somehow fine with them having debt for life.

    What about the moral obligation, the responsibility to stand up to an unjust, obscene system once you can see how it is hurting other people as well as our country's economy? Why are those who understand the depths of corruption and predatory activity supposed to continue bowing their heads and bending their knees and continue to contribute to the continuation of this system? How is that practicing responsibility?

    To not stand up to such a system once you understand it is in my opinion cowardice.

    To refuse to fix a broken system is irresponsible.

    If enough people stand up, and they are about to, then the system will have no other option but change.

  9. ah yes, I who can barely buy 30 bucks of food a week but has student debt is an elite.

    I can't wait for the upcoming climate apocalypse, because even though we lose, the actual corporate elite shitbags like those on fox die with the rest of us.

    The great equalizer.

  10. Story time that I doubt anyone will ever see. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in biology and a degree in chemistry. I was offered a job at a multinational pharma company doing lab testing. Living near Boston I made base $19.50 an hour with a $1.75 shift differential for working second shift. I also had to be on call every third week from midnight to 8am. I rented a room and was able to save some. I couldnt afford a place for myself. The job was terrible and my training was not what I needed and ended up getting sacked because I couldn’t perform. I eventually got another job a fee months later that also pays $19.50 an hour with a $1 shift differential for working third shift. I took that job because I need money. They told me I could work as much overtime as I wanted (true until recently because we don’t have the same workload atm), and now here I am in rural Vermont at a job where I pretty much need to stay at because everywhere else will pay me roughly the same (I did get a decent raise which helped but it’s not like this is at all my dream job), and at least I can still get some overtime. I have a wife who can’t work atm so I’m the only person with an income. We rent a two bed apartment with a roommate because we cant afford our own place. And the sad part is that a week after I accepted my current job, I got a job interview from Dartmouth (yes that one) where I could of done something similar to the research I did in college and work towards getting my masters degree for free through the university. I didn’t even go to it though because I needed the money. I still think about what it would be like. Yea I probably wouldn’t of gotten the job but the fact that I couldn’t even take that chance is fucked.

  11. Eliminating student loan debt would disincentivize people from working? Ya know I get the fact that these elites have so much wealth and assets piled up that they could live out the rest of their lives comfortably without ever working again. But last I checked the rest of us don’t have that luxury. We have to work to pay for rent and food. Elites are so intoxicated by the myth of their own excellence that they’re blind to the state of the nation.

  12. Doesn’t it benefit society as a whole if people are more educated or skilled? There’s no reason why this should be limited to young people. If older people need to learn new skills, make programs available at little or no cost to them.

  13. These ppl are rarely consistent in their ideology. Im not judging though because I used to think this way- specifically the last argument. I’m glad I don’t think that way anymore

  14. Since when is college a basic human right? If you cancel student debt the money is going to have to come from somewhere. Im sure college professors make more than high school teachers. Not everyone can become a doctor or lawyer.

  15. I've just have to say. For the first time in want seams like YEARS, the algorithm brought me to one of your vids! I hope this is a sigh that things are finally changing for better.

  16. should your neighbour have to pay for bail outs for wall street gamble beyond their means.
    should your neighbour have to pay for bail outs for bankrupt billionaires who live beyond their means.

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