Fox Information Questions Why Farrakhan, Cosby And R Kelly Stay On Spotify Whilst Joe Rogan Faces Boycott


Demetra Kaye stories on Fox Trade Information wondering why The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Invoice Cosby, R Kelly and Nick Cannon stay on Spotify whilst podcast host Joe Rogan faces calls of a boycott.

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Date: September 3, 2022

RSS The Hill

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48 thoughts on “Fox Information Questions Why Farrakhan, Cosby And R Kelly Stay On Spotify Whilst Joe Rogan Faces Boycott

  1. List Farakkan words that make him guilty and list Cosby words and list Cannon words. Rogan should be canceled bc he never was sorry til called out when all these others are punished. JOE ROGAN was never punished.

  2. Just like Morgan Wallen. I hate that anyone uses the N word. However, sadly the case is that non-black people using it almost always in a derogatory manner, not as a "term of endearment" as they say.

  3. After 500 years or more the so-called power that be are looking forward to our destruction spiritually psychologically physically and economically the only thing I can come up with is separation & reparation that's my own opinion

  4. $100 million? So he gets rewards for being kniving? I thought Joe R. Was descent but the entire time he detests us? A lie and front the entire time. You get rewards for being evil.. SMH. The new earth… Selah

  5. CENSORSHIP is so DANGEROUS. I think, it's only warranted in extreme cases. People need to be fully informed regarding the vaccine and other issues..
    Full disclosure issues is NOT happening via corporate media. When people are not informed, they become tools of manipulation and exploitation.
    We need independent thinkers not sheeple.

  6. They don't like Farrakhan because he speaks the truth. Those women lied on Bill Cosby. NBC is behind Bill Cosby going to prison. R Kelly okay I can't argue that. And what's wrong with Nick Cannon nothing

  7. He crossed over into another community abuse. If he kept his abuse within his community, black people would certainly minded their business and let his community deal with him.

  8. I stopped fucking with Joe after he snubbed Alex Jones from joining his election watch party in 2020. He literally invited and then disinvited in like less than a minute because he was too excited to come like dude what??

  9. So my thing is with Ms India Arie, She had done shows on Sirius radio and the head person on that is Howard Stern who dresses up in black face and says the N word proudly but that didn't stop her from performing and having her music on sirious radio. If you're gonna be against it be all the way against it there is no partiality. Jump off of sirious radio too!

  10. All this seems to be pushed just so Rogan can move on. Controversy is the way to get people to move into another direction so this is only what that is, a career move or enhancement for Rogan.

  11. Black People are to be blamed for all this!!!
    Just look at nature black people, have you ever seen rabbit being a friend of a shake?
    Or a Bird and a cat.?
    Stop 🛑 being naive black people.

  12. The examples fox uses to make their points are well lopsided. Black People are strangled in the media in comparison. Everyone can look this up. They put in great effort to punish and push or create character-stories that forward their narrative.

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