Fox Information Reporter In fact Has To Inform WH Distinction Between PPP and Scholar Loans


A Fox Information reporter in fact had to give an explanation for the variation between PPP and pupil loans to a White Area respectable. WATCH DeSantis go away journalists SPEECHLESS calling out wokism:

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Date: August 31, 2022

RSS The Hill

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29 thoughts on “Fox Information Reporter In fact Has To Inform WH Distinction Between PPP and Scholar Loans

  1. The Government is supposed to step on colleges and universities’ dicks and DEMAND they LOWER COSTS TO Students. Universities keep people on staff thst literally go out all over the country and wine and dine propestive donors. .

  2. They weren't forgiving business loans. They were handing out reparations. I seen somebody take their reparations check, by a big barbecue pit, then you took his food stamps, went bought some meat, and now he's selling barbecue on the side of the road. He still goes to get his meat with food stamps. That's what happens when you give somebody something instead of them earning it. They continue to take even while making money. That's just like all these East Coast Twitter morons getting mad about EBT being shut down for a day. Saying they're not about to use their hard-earned money to buy food. Some of them even proclaimed that they weren't eating for the day.

  3. i have more need from a guy who went to ITT and learned to fix car's, than some fancy over costly college graduate who has a degree in political basket weaving . transmission replacement 4k ? a political basket weaver is useless. keep up the exemplary work potato head joe !

  4. Do you know they’re lying when they’re trying to convince people that paying off loans for those who Don’t want to get a job for those that actually have jobs work every day that’s exactly what socialism is pay for those who are not willing to work and provide for themselves

  5. Good Lord all you’re trying to do is make those who don’t work free and clear kind of like the immigrants that are coming in they don’t have to pay a single penny Democrats want to protect the liberals who don’t actually want to work on anything in the laptop New Order world take over and said it’ll be the government needs to pay off their credit cards and the government needs to pay their house payments and their car payments when does it stop liberals they have no end in sight they just want everything for free

  6. Look I think there's a problem with the great burden, taxes are putting on low income families. I think there's a problem with the great burden, inflation is putting on low income families. I think there's a problem with the great burden, sky rocketing fuel prices are putting on low income families. I think there's a problem with the great burden, this administration is putting on low income families. I think there's a problem with the great burden, soaring food prices are putting on low income families. And, I also think there's a problem with the great burden, interest rates are putting on low income families. Many of us are using credit cards to make up the difference. I'm sick of the cherry picking that the Government does to pander for votes.

  7. Mind blowing how the president unilaterally passes executive orders that involves spending TONS of money without congressional input and no one ever calls it what it really is. Authoritarian fascism.

  8. This idiot couldn't run a lemonade stand. And he his going to tell us the difference between a voluntary loan and government extortion.

  9. They just want young people's votes but wait the young people will get taxed to pay for this Nothing is free .Do you have an education then you know this is a shell game and a lot of people will get their hands on the money,and you will pay for it.

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