Fox Information Rushes To Shield Extremist


Holly Fisher, aka Holly Passion Foyer (#branding), seemed on Fox & Pals Wednesday morning and expressed surprise on the backlash from her two pictures, the second one of which, appearing her retaining a gun and a Bible prior to an American flag, bore an unlucky resemblance to a photograph of a undeniable jihadist…

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Holly ‘Hobby Lobby' Fisher: Conservatives Need to Know They're ‘Not Alone'

Clip from the Wednesday, July ninth 2014 version of The Kyle Kulinski Display, which airs survive Weblog Communicate Radio and Secular Communicate Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Japanese.

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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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21 thoughts on “Fox Information Rushes To Shield Extremist

  1. 1:23
    The difference between the two is that, the one on the left (Holly Fisher) was just a right-wing online agitator, while the one on the right (Reem Riyashi) killed four people and herself with a suicide bomb.

  2. The best part is, no one even agrees with her. She's just the hottest girl without a cousin in their one stoplight town and none of her brothers got the heart to tell her she's dumb. Edit: I don't give a shit that it was 7 years ago, I was in prison

  3. When she says the flags about freedom…it is but she is not. Everything she believes in is anti freedom. Right thinks freedom of speech excuses them of zero consequences of harassment. The right is the ultimate Snowflakes ❄️ they get so upset when people give opposite criticism and call it cancel culture or deflect to something else that has nothing to do with or stand for smh.

  4. I find it funny Christians believe in and follow a book that calls for their death. Deuteronomy 13:6-10

    What one of the forefathers told the Jews to worship and serve Jesus as God? Since the forefathers did not worship or command them to worship Jesus then Death is the penalty according to this passage.

  5. The difference between the two photos: the lady on the right changed her outfit and put on her army greens. If I am correct please send my prize to Fox news care of D. Trump.

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