Fox Information Tries To Make “Gamer Rage” A Actual Factor


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Date: September 2, 2022

RSS The Hill

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46 thoughts on “Fox Information Tries To Make “Gamer Rage” A Actual Factor

  1. kid: Mom! I want this game!
    mom: Sure. what is it?
    kid: shows game
    game: RATED "M"
    mom: <_> buys game
    kid: plays game
    mom: sees violence goes on a rant about how evil video games are and how children could end up playing them

  2. uuuuuught gamer rage is a real thing wtaf?

    Just a year ago upon arriving a my friends house to watch her two amazing kids, i walk into her house and hear her yelling at her eldest kid Brandon to turn off fortnite and come downstairs for dinner. Now, he has never been violent, like, ever! But he got so addicted to this game that when his mother finally turned off the system then walked away, he grabbed his xbox and smashed her in the back with it sending her to the hospital then while i was on the phone calling 911 for help, he was cussing her out braking up his room. She said he didn't become violent until he started playing fortnite.

    % months before this happened, before I had even met the family, a family of color down the road had a 7 year old son and shot his mother in the leg and the hip because his dad took away his ps4. You can see countless videos on YouTube of kids and even adults braking and destroying all kinds of stuff, you can see guys punching their girlfriends, kids attacking their moms because they take their systems, so to say games don't make people violent is a down right lie and just stupid, yes, YES GAMES MAKE PEOPLE VIOLENT!

  3. As a person who likes both videogames and sports. Rich seems to be about as ignorant about sports as fox is about videogames. Fights start because of alcohol, not sports. Alcohol and videogames aren't commonly mixed so it doesn't happen. I've never met a fan who genuinely didn't like me or wanted to fight because I'm a fan of a different team. There's extremes in everything

  4. I see what you’re saying about people saying “we” when talking about a sports team. My take on it I think when they say that it’s because the team represents their hometown and where they live so that’s why they say “we”. But, I agree with what you said as well

  5. i like how the media always describes everyone with emotions to be mentaly ill and sick. sure that guy has an extreme case of anger issues and some people really went out of their way to hurt others because of the salt. but what the media isnt aware of, is that the very emotion that set those people to move their wrongdoing isnt about videogames at the end, they hold onto negative emotions because they lack the ability to let go from the inner stress they have going on in their mind and get consumed by this to a point where they get so extremly frustrated and mad that they just explode.

    look at eliot rogers for example in his case it wasnt about videogame frustration nor that he couldnt seperate reality from virtuality, he killed his co workers because of his personal struggle while his feelings just clouded his mind more and more and more until at one point he went complete nuts and decided that this would relieve his bad feelings if he can take it out on others. its the same reason why violence generaly happens. because of an overstock of bad emotions in a conflict that lead to a lost of controll due to the emotions taking over the persons common sense.

    now the question is: should we surpress our bad emotions? i say totaly not. because the reason why this kind of stuff generaly happens is because of people who either cant or dont wanna tackle their bad emotions in the first place. everyone needs to find their own way of dealing with it because everyone has a different troughtprocess. some people exersice. some people smoke cigarrets or weed. some people punch or kick their walls and some people drink. either if it sounds good or bad, its really subjective and at the end everyone has to find their way to deal with bad emotions.

    videogames are just a medium at the end and those kinds of frustrations can happen anywhere in anything.

  6. Watch out Rich they might make you a headline for exposing secrets. "Video game YouTuber mysteriously commits suicide. Reports say he shot himself in the back of the skull and also ate cyanide and drank antifreeze all at once"

  7. Come on dude…. why do you need to make this about Fox News? Personal issues with Fox maybe? Yes, they make money just like every other media outlet does. it is always about money. Mental health is the real issue here, and nothing else… Not Fox News, not games, not guns, not movies…

  8. Like you said at the end of your video "Anyone with a brain can look right through it.". Most people who watch Fox News are not contemplating what they watch. They don't take it with a grain of salt and think if it's scapegoating or propaganda, and instead just take it as it is.

    P.S this is also for a lot of leftist people.

  9. Every old ignorant republican I know loves Fox news and think video games are from the devil, and the source of all school shootings, it's really sad how brain-dead these people are, I dont blame the news, I blame the idiots who are happy with ignorance

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