Fox Information: You Can Say Merry Christmas Once more As a result of Of Trump!


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Date: September 1, 2022

RSS The Hill

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30 thoughts on “Fox Information: You Can Say Merry Christmas Once more As a result of Of Trump!

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Times 100! I'm sorry to say, when Happy holiday is virtually FORCED on you to be politically correct… I'm sorry to say but our country IS founded on religious freedom. I'm also sorry to say, we Christians have the freedom to say this simple fact without offending others, just as we're expected to endure 'Happy Holidays…'. We do it gladly, save we're expected to conform to the MORE SAFE to Happy Holidays as to NOT offend others? Sorry, THIS IS A TWO WAY STREET! I personally find it offensive to hear happy holidays, just as some find it offensive to hear Merry Christmas. Get over it! We both have our rights EQUALLY! Live and let live. I seriously start having a problem when an employer starts telling me what I should have the natural freedoms to say. Time to get back to the basics. This is a Christian country. Better yet we don't and won't force our views onto others. We know you have a right to live your life and beliefs as you see fit as long as you don't force your beliefs onto us. So… what on that SAME note what gives you the right to force yours onto us? It's not even a question of which group is larger. We all have equal rights. I just tired of smaller groups being given a 'blank' check to force their ideals because they are a minority. Christians' aren't given enough credit. We live and let live and sometimes we can't 'love' our neighbor but we do give them the space to be what they are to be. Why can't the same courtesy be returned? I'm not going to kid, I find a lot of politically correct saying extremely offensive based on MY beliefs. I look at it with a grain of salt and know that's how others differ from me, it's their right. Same note, they too should look to me with a grain of salt from their view too. They may not like it, but just like them I have the right too!

    Good thing, most Americans already know this. But WHY do we keep giving minorities such a serious voice over our own? We understand their right to live their lives to their belief but why not ours too? Say happy holidays if that's what your comfortable with, just as we're comfortable with Merry Christmas. Save Christin's… this IS our HOLIDAY. We WILL celebrate it as we see fit. You want to down play it to happy holiday? Good for you. We don't mind. But WE who know the real original reason of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our lord and savor. You disagree? Your right. We may not agree but your beliefs, your rights just as we have our own.

    I'm kind of sadden, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday and in that celebration we ALL give gifts to each other. Santa Claus is a nice misleader into the real history of Christmas. But go that route, your right even though I believe it's the BIGGEST lie Christians let slip. Santa is just popular fiction covering up the real base of Jesus's birthday. My belief and I have the RIGHT to believe it. Just as a lot of kids have the belief of Santa that their parents fed to them. I just can't to too miffed over it but happy holidays… I believe it was a ditch to cut Christ COMPLETELY out of his own birthday. Remember Christmas at least has Christ minus 'mas' out of it. A hint back to the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Worst, Christians made this lie onto themselves. Time to rip the brandade off… your children are missing the true point of Christmas and are instead believing in a fat man in a red suit….

    Here's something interesting. Respell Santa… easily turns into Satan. Guessing the devil in the details doesn't mind giving hints too! Makes sense in my mind. Satan always wanted to replace Jesus Christ and his temptation was always false gifts. LMAO. A fat man in a red suit giving gifts to those good kids… when this should actually be a celebration of Christ's birthday and the gifts given are to those you care for. Of course it's our kids but don't let the lie continue. We gift our loved ones through Christ's birthday and not some fictional but long held lie. The story is sweat but the truth… give credit where credit is due. We celebrate Jesus's birthday and like him, we gift those we care for naughty or nice because we care and love them. Santa is just a cheap cheap imitation. Worst… held above the REAL reason of Christmas. Come clean. Don't idolize a false image of saint nick. The real deal is so much better if you give the TRUTH a chance. Darn sure your kids will appreciate it too. Don't make your gifts to them false. Your teaching them a lie is a good thing. Short term maybe, but in the long run. Truth never bites you in the ass later.

    This is a reminder what the true spirit of Christmas ACTUALLY IS! It's the birthday of our savior! It's a Christian holiday! Not a capitalist's holiday… but it's been made into that. Time to remember what it ACTAULLY stands for. Gifts good, for the wrong reasons… That fat man in the red suit IS NOT the reason for Christmas. Teach the true meaning. A lie, it ruining it ever so slowly. Christ in his own birthday is slowly but completely being forgotten ON HIS DAY!

    My belief. You have different? I give you your right to live and believe as you care to just as I expect the same back. We christens are actually pretty good on that note but, we not dumb either when 'other' rights are being bulldozed over our own. Don't push too hard cause christens will eventually will push back. That goes for any group pushed hard enough. Just as ALL groups in the world, we all exclaim we have the right to exist. Live and let live is all we ask. If just this simple rule could be lived by all… ALL WARS would end. That simple. Problem, someone somewhere always believe they are more right and it givens them the right to erase the other. Sad. Pathetic. You have the right to make your own hell but not the right to drag me into it. Save evil is never that simple. Truth IS simple. Judge by actions, not words. Actions always eventually reveal one's true nature eventually.

    Well enough venting. World is always asking for more than it's willing to give. If it would play fairly… I believe a lot more would be happy despite our differences in all of our beliefs. Live and let live man…

  2. It's just them saying that he's pushed back on political correctness. They are being somewhat facetious when they talk about "we can say Merry Christmas again".
    And… SOME people DO say that "Merry Christmas" is a microaggression. And there are also grumpy atheists who say "Merry Christmas" is shoving religion in their face.
    It's not a "War on christmas" because it's not at the forefront of anyone's activism… but it IS on the outskirts of their activism.

  3. With the day being 30-40% of our economy (via Black Friday), people have a powerful weapon for change. If we threatened boycotting spending for one year, all these billionaires would soil their pants. If we actually did away with this gluttonous American holiday, we would take major steps to combat climate change and eliminate these continual oil wars in the Middle East. If we all took a moment to look at the burden this one day places on the world, we would eliminate the need for the slave labor used to make our plastic shit. However, the overwhelming majority of people will never step up to pay this price. Of course billionaires want you to say Merry Christmas because they get unbelievable profits to the like we will never understand. Oh, BTW, the holiday has nothing to do with Christ, so spend away for your pagan holiday and watch as God crushes the world through your blind obsession over presents.

  4. Nobody got upset when people said merry Christmas. It was conservative pansies who were boycotting businesses for saying happy holidays. Let's just get that straight.

  5. "It is a beautiful thing to say merry Christmas again." 🤣 This dipshit acts like he was in hiding from the Democratic National Police. Somebody else not saying something is not infringing upon your right to say it. These people want to have their cake and eat it too.

  6. America memory retention and gullibility is something to behold. People can actually be led to believe that, prior to Trump, they were in some way inhibited from saying Merry Xmas to each other. While most won't fall for it, there are enough who will to make the effort worth doing.

    And no, this is not just a Trump issue. Our memory has been stymied for decades now. One party screws things up, and we give the other power. Then they screw it all up, and we put the previous party in power thinking they will fix it.

  7. Manny Christian's don't celebrate christmas . Like the Jehovah Witnesses.
    And In a multicultural society is indeed bad manner say Merry Christmas to someone who is not Christian. I bet he doen't go to his sister's house and say Merry Christmas.

  8. When does anybody use the word merry any other time of year? Never, that's why I personally have never been a fan of saying merry Christmas. Also I have always felt like happy holidays which sounds better just covers all the bases including the upcoming new year. Call me lazy, call me utilitarian it's what I prefer. I work a job where I am around the public, especially around the holidays. No body honestly cares what you say, happy holidays or merry Christmas. People being upset by this are a minority and most people out in the real world really don't give a crap. This is just a talking point and fodder for news programs and public figures. It's not a real issue.

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