Fox Information's Previous Comes Again To Hang-out Them Over Strike


A up to date strike in The us has the entire Fox Information hosts regretting their selection of phrases. Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebellion HQ.

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Date: August 25, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Fox Information's Previous Comes Again To Hang-out Them Over Strike

  1. Fox may focus on their pay, but they're trying to get mold removed and many other safety issues. But the school system says no. How is that reasonable? It shouldn't even be an issue for which they should have to fight.

  2. "Dr." Dixon's salary= $326,685 divided by 230 contract days= $1407 per day.
    A teacher with a $30,000 salary divided by that same 230 contract days= $130 per day.

    This is before taxes & does not include out-of-pocket "contributions that teachers make, so that their students do not go without needed supplies.
    Teachers do not get paid for ANY after-hours work or before-school supervisory activities that many teachers perform.
    The same for weekend & after-school sports, many of which can be out-of-town, with little compensation or reimbursement of expenses incurred.

    To bitch about teachers,"having it good," while the truth is the opposite, is blind acceptance of lies told by cowardly, lying school trustees, union-bashers & downright fools.

  3. Teachers don't ker paid for the summer. We get paid for 10 months. The schools withhold a portion of each pay check and distribute that money during the summer. Also, teachers often work during the summer, attend professional development without pay, or spend their summer planning for the next school year

  4. The conservative, and libertarian think tanks spent decades defunding schools, then claiming the schools were failing, and defunding schools on the back end of the lies
    It's like, yeah teachers care about teaching, but they ALSO wanna be able to buy food and pay for rent and shit like that. Also worth mentioning that since schools have been so harshly defunded, many teachers spend their paychecks buying necessary classroom supplies.

  5. Fox news anchors (and their ignorant guests) have never been in a classroom, and I'm SURE they couldn't teach worth shit. I doubt they could control a classroom long enough to even attempt teaching a lesson plan (duh, lesson plan? what’s that??? teachers don’t just go in and make stuff up like we do at FOX?). It’s easy for them to degrade and debase teachers who are trying to improve their working and living conditions (and pay off student loans!) while FOXers rake in easy millions reading right wing propaganda from a teleprompter. The United States has a terrible history of demanding the highest level of education, while at the same time, refusing to fund it adequately. It's really that simple. They want the best, while expecting it to be done at no charge to them. And yet, for a group that wants free education, they scream in righteous indignation when someone mentions offering free college to students who can’t afford the high cost, but are willing to work hard to keep their grades up. Another classic case of the right wanting everything "on the house" as long as someone else (the left) pays for it. I (and many other dedicated teachers) put up with this idiocy for 30 years. And to the guy who said, “And they hate their students!” you're a liar. However, I probably WOULD hate your kids because they’ve been indoctrinated by cheap, self-entitled, right-wing assholes such as yourself, and they’re the worst discipline problems in any classroom. Thank you for standing up for the teachers, Jeff. You're obviously one of those parents who would volunteer their time and donate extra money to help buy needed supplies.

  6. Those has beens journalists at Fux News have the audacity to complain about how little teachers work, when all they do is sit on their asses, talk over their guests, spread lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and talk s**t. Teachers work hella hard with all the bs they deal with, from students, patents, and those good for nothing politicians. You losers at Fux News aren't even worthy enough to wipe the behinds of those you try to downgrade.

  7. I fought for these things as a PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENT way back when!!! Sad that we have to enter the fray AGAIN, But, ultimately, supporting our PUBLIC SCHOOL Teachers IS supporting our own children and our overall community well being.

  8. As someone who went from a public high school with 30-32 students in each class, to a charter school where my class sizes ranged from 4-15 students in each class, smaller class sizes make the BIGGEST difference. Smaller class sizes benefit the teachers AND the students.

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