Fox News Challenges Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy over Leaked Audio.


Fox New confronts House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about statements made calling for then-President Donald Trump to resign. According to new audio published by CNN McCarthy claimed he did not say statements that were in the recording.

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Date: August 21, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Fox News Challenges Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy over Leaked Audio.

  1. What is going in the world? And switching to America.

    Luckily the world is larger than the USA, and a hell of a lot friendlier than that disaster that is the USA.

  2. Nate- love your stuff man. I feel like I can rely on what you say. You call out lies on both sides.
    I would love to see both Fox & CNN become less partisan. If they were both that way, then both sides would be held to account for lies and bad policy, because they’d know they can’t rely on their favourite network to push their propaganda.

  3. It’s definitely good that Fox News is at least trying to be less biased in this instance. All media corporations should only report the truth and the facts, and not opinions. Most these days like to give you the opinion and force the viewer to find the facts instead of the opposite.

  4. Hi Nate and to everyone reading this. I am not a politician. So I may be speaking out of my (Blank) here. But it seems to me, the tapes simply reveal that he was answering a question regarding what are the potentials for article 25 being passed? He gave his professional and personal opinions in accordance with the question asked. I did not hear any damning information where by he condemned President Trump. But rather acknowledged possible outcomes, and what he would like to do in preparation there fore. If I am mistaken, I welcome any corrections. Thank you.

  5. Sounds like this is also a bit deceptive. According to the audio clip McCarthy is correct. Imagine him as a lawyer and recommending the safest option. I didn't hear any point where he wanted Trump to resign. It was only one option in the discussion to try and prevent Dems for trying to go after Trump with something. It is a spin to try and claim that is proof McCarthy was deceptive.

  6. Nate, I'm glad to see that both CNN and FOX are starting to hold their side accountable. Not sure it's really a change of heart as much as it is a response to the new News organizations coming on board because of the extremely partisan press and the desire of the people for actual, factual reporting.

  7. We need more pushback from all media sources calling politicians out on BS and not just once in a while but when ever it's blatantly obvious. If media wants to regain credibility that's the best way I can see.

  8. Journalists should hold all politicians accountable for their assertions. The problem is that the vast majority of journalists see their role as “activists supporting “the right” politicians .

  9. Excellent example of crawfishing. Attempting to scoot from one rock to another. However, they lie so much that they will ALWAYS contradict themselves. And people like this are supposed to be intelligent? What is even worse, is that liars like this make up most of our government leadership.

  10. Only thing I've ever liked about fox is Tucker, mainly because how funny he is. Bit saying fox isn't right about a lot of things, they are no doubt, just that the only one with any charisma is the Tuck who is most certainly hard to cuck unlike the Zuck.

  11. I don't like to say it but …politicians don't care about us's their wealth over our health … Fed-legalize grass for med/rec !!…Reps playing politics again when both parties should work out the kinks together ..divided they stand , while we fall under the rule of these totalitarians …D & R are clowns … DT was better because he didn't exactly follow the same pattern ..he came from the outside…upset their little world & got more done in 4 yrs than anyone has done in 8 …I voted for him 2ce…I may never vote again ,no matter who runs …it's a big joke ..massive inflation & gas doubled at the pump ..Get every dime you can because the Gov is coming for all you think you own ..take care of your business …these people here are rich , they don't pay my bills !

  12. Blah blah blah fucking blah …. That’s the difference between President Trump and this typical polished up lying politician … anyone with political aspirations or anyone with ANY political background should NOT be in power anywhere……

  13. both CNN and fox are biased, the only thing I can really give fox is that they are upfront about their bias, and the reporter didn't accept the "politicians answer" used to dodge the question like CNN did.

  14. They're only challenging him because for a brief moment he fell out of lockstep with Trump-messiahism. The only unforgivable thing to Republicans is for one of their own to appear to not worship Trump as their God. Any other offense would be covered up or deflected and an endless series of gaslighting and misdirection would follow until the next BS story hit the news cycle.

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