Fox News EXPLODES On News Of Trump FBI Raid | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar


Krystal and Saagar look at the online and cable news reactions to the Trump raid from Fox News to prominent Republican lawmakers

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Date: August 20, 2022

RSS The Hill

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49 thoughts on “Fox News EXPLODES On News Of Trump FBI Raid | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

  1. Crystal says we have never actually had a federal investigation into Trump as if it’s mandatory to legally harass a head of state 😂 😂

  2. I heard the president pardon himself as biden swore on a bible. His place in hell is secured

  3. I get a letter from Uncle Sam every year. Is that top secret. Ever notice the timing. Always when the dems are being exposed

  4. A true patriot is one who protects the people from the government. I believe Edward Abby stated that. Save america vote Democrats out in November

  5. Love both of you and your show! Honestly, this is the first time I disagree with you completely!! Your arguments leave sooooo much out and needed.

  6. Krystal: "It's generally a good rule of thumb it's not good for you personally or politically" when talking about a Trump issue
    Me: spitting out water

  7. I am a 60 yr old democrat this is just wrong .I am no fan of either but this crap has been going on for years and now it's just evil. Enough .This is very dangerous . If you think this is just about Trump you would be wrong . This will be the future if we do not stop it now . It's an overreach of power but hey lets go down this road . starting with the Bushes . Let's see what we fine out This is a banana republic. and believe me you do not want it . If that happens shows like this will be over . I do not care who or what side your on . this effects all of us . And every AMERICAN should be outraged . You may not have voted for this president , but it could happen to the next president, you do vote for in the future .No this whole thing stinks and we need to investigate this .

  8. Yes, dissolve and defund the FBI. While you are at it dismantle the CIA, DEA, ATF, DOD, DOJ, and DHS.

  9. So anyone see the Vanity Fair article on the 5th admitting the Brett Kavanaugh investigation was a sham… ahh good times. I hope Gretchen is still safe

  10. Imagine if Watergate happened at any other hotel and we wouldn’t have to add “gate” to the end of every possible scandal

  11. Krystal is all of a sudden wanting accountability now that it’s trump. Shocking.

  12. Krystal does not understand why Trump is not announcing now. As head of the party, The RNC is paying President Trump’s legal bills. If he announces, he is now a candidate and the RNC can not so favoritism

  13. FBI JOINS KGB GESTAPO RED BRIGADE first official act of Republican congress defund the American KGB

  14. Like you can trust the FBI. It has been a travesty of our country. We have become a country of dictators. Keep it up china will not invade taiwan they will invade the USA. they covered up clinton biden hunter murderers all of them

  15. Jesse didn't make the point Trump shouldn't be investigated, he said they've been saying not b4 elections, and the behavior of the fbi and doj is not consistent. All the other investigations included. You guys really need to ditch the tds. The Georgia votes thing is total BS, nothing burger and nothing will come from any of it… Get a TDS vax.

  16. Just like the news when you found out you couldn’t cut the head off your unborn baby anymore

  17. They're waiting for Biden to die off or leave the office before they investigate Hunter… Clintons are off limits

  18. Krystal kind of sounds like she's holding back her true feelings and that she is hoping this doesn't become an overreach. The way things are currently, I don't like Trump but the things they tried to do to bring him down, the media, the politics etc. I actually lean towards skepticism that they have anything on him and that this another attempt to bring him down.

  19. It's a simple thing. If Trump is liable to be persecuted by the FBI and CIA for criminal behavior/offenses (and I'm quite sure he's guilty of a few), the entire Biden household, and while you're at it, Clinton household also all need a thorough check up.

    ESPECIALLY given good ol' Bill is a prominent figure on the Epstein lists.

    Anything less then that is straight malpractice of democracy and justice.

    It's that simple, until these events happen america is officially a lawless shitshow and we're just a silent, complacent majority taking it's fucking, having the corrupts dicks wiped on our foreheads and expected to keep going as if business goes as usual.

  20. If you think FOX exploded maybe you should take a look at the coverage on MSNBC asylum and CNN.

  21. Oh why is that. Maybe double bloody standards America. This news is as bad a main stream news

  22. The DOJ investigations for the top political officials only go one way! I don't like Trump, but the DOJ has been targeting him for five years and there is NO real investigation of any Democratic top leaders…EVER!

  23. I've mostly just been watching the Fox reaction to this news (besides Breaking Points), it's been fascinating. Haven't bothered with watching MSNBC etc because I know their MO – and obv it was predictable how Fox and their base would respond too, but I'm curious about the effect of the raid on the culture going forward. Surely the DOJ would have anticipated this (that is, if this was a political move rather than a legally–motivated one)?

  24. Saagar saying that perhaps a good thing that comes out of this is that Republicans will advocate for transparency its the most absolute intellectually dishonest and galaxy brain take one could make about this whole thing.

  25. This raid just put Trump in the 2024 race and he will probably win easily now thanks to this galvanizing event. Establishment thinking hard now about the ultimate solution. Hope Trump hires good security

  26. He is the 45 president. He should be on twitter, he should have a voice. 4+ years of RUSSIA collusion, no indictment and they keep coming, what a disgrace as a country that we allowed that to happen.

  27. Not sure how you can’t get understand being skeptical. The past 7 years have shown a complete lack of credibility when it comes to the FBI and dems in general. I’ll wait to see what it all about because if they just did this over docs it’s political suicide. Knowing the tds dems it’s possible but I’ll wait.

  28. Kristal shrilling for the Olgarcy class pushing Jan 6th(she first pushed away from it, then still gets out the Oligarchy classes point)…Saagers face once she brings it up is classic.

  29. That’s the problem thank you for saying it…. the selective enforcement of the law / it’s wild what and who the fbi seems to care about and go after….

  30. Krystal’s bias is so transparent, she never sees a middle ground when it comes to the right. I’m actually tired of her bias.

  31. Trump is too cheap to announce now. He's sitting on a pile of money and does not want to spend any of it. He's getting a huge amount of airtime without spending a dime right now.

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