Fox News Host Floored by Dan Bongino's Off Script Remarks on FBI Raid | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Dan Bongino’’s livid response to the
FBI raid of former President Trump Mar-a-Lago as he talks to Fox News’ Jesse Watters.




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Date: August 21, 2022

RSS The Hill

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39 thoughts on “Fox News Host Floored by Dan Bongino's Off Script Remarks on FBI Raid | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

  1. This is so great, I hope that lilley livered coward Chris Wray is listening, along with Adam Schiff ( pencil neck) Liz Cheney (rino) & the rest of the corrupt parasites, vote them out.

  2. Watching these pinheads losing their everloving pinhead minds defending the Pinhead King is the best entertainment on tv. Hard to believe actually that anybody watches this drivel. But there you have it. Meanwhile 44 5/8's is running out of escape routes. LMAO!

  3. Well the US Corporation does not recognize the Constitution of the United States. That would be the REAL The United States of America under Common Law. US Corporation is runned under Meritime Law. Look it up people. Wake up!!!!

  4. I personally don't care if Hunter smokes his brains out…but his deals with Ukraine and China that involve giving 10% to the Big Guy…is a severe crime and needs to be investigated.

  5. The left is terrified of Trump. They know that if gets back into office he'll do some serious swamp draining. That's why they're trying to tar him with anything they can by any means necessary. He already complied with a request for documents and nothing unusual was found. This raid was not for national security, it was to find any incriminating documents he might have against left wing power players. He probably has some dirt on some heavy hitting lefties that would be released if anything happened to him and they knew it. His "insurance policy" so to speak. I fear for him. If he does get elected, I fear someone will cut his time short on this plane of existence to make sure he never gets into office.

  6. Well said. Vote to end the continuous smear tactics against a president of the greatest country in the world. People who hate America should search for a better country that they want to be part of. Good luck with your search.

  7. 1920s Italy
    1930s Germany
    … We are witnessing history being repeated…
    Fascism, has been metastasizing in the background through the Democrat party for decades.
    It is no longer the Democrat party… it is the Globalist party, and it has allies on the other side of the aisle as well.
    Globalism, IS a completely fascist political ideology of elites, bent on being THE dominant governing power in the West and in Eastern Europe with unchallengeable authority.
    Absolute power and control over the resources the wealth and the general population… That is the end goal…
    Elites ruling over Peasants
    This raid is a move to completely eliminate a political opposition, and a show of power to set fear into any who may support that opposition.
    And have no doubt… Globalists intentionally released the 'vid plague upon the world population.
    It was done to cause harm to that opposition, to establish more control over the population, enabled them to enact emergency voting rules to steal the 2020 election, and helped them transfer vast amounts of wealth into their hands and control.
    They will attempt the same or similar plan for November 2022 midterm elections.
    If it works, it is the end of our Republic, and the dawn of a 4th Reich.
    2024 won't be a contest, it will be another installment.
    This is the reality, and no one is seeing it or understanding it for what it truly is.
    We've been in serious trouble and danger for a long time… Now, we're at the point of no return.
    And it is all our own fault, because we've continuously allowed it to happen and even at times been implicit and complicit in it's growth.
    Globalisms most powerful efficient and effective weapon has been Social Conditioning/brainwashing, and it has worked almost flawlessly for decades.
    We've been slowly churned into a completely emulsified and pathetic society, and now we will pay the price.
    Our children and grandchildren will all suffer equally under globalism, and there will be far worse atrocities to come in their futures, than we witnessed from the 3rd Reich.
    Most will laugh this off as an insane statement or a joke, and that is exactly what they're counting in and know will happen.
    It's why it's allowed to be stated here and exposed, because they know, no one will buy into the truth.
    The population is brainwashed, socially conditioned… on both sides, left and right alike, just in different ways.
    We are a population of indentured slaves, and we have fallen for every trick and trap theyve thrown at us.
    We blew it, and we will pay for it, while we all continue to deny we are to blame.
    Very sad.

  8. Dave, dan bongino is not a right wing lunatic… He passionate about politics and doing whats right… That doesnt make hime a lunatic. You should apologize.

  9. I live in Africa and I tell you I've seen some of the heinous devilry that goes on here in the name of politics. For many years of my life, I saw America as the unsullied oasis that would never be tarnished by such tomfooleries. But it appears your Democrats in power are telling me I was dead wrong.

  10. We shouldn't HAVE to go vote in an election that These Corrupt Bastards will probably interfere with anyways.. To Stop Corrupt Politicians, Government & Legal Institutions when they become a Corrupt Monopoly, running around being Blatantly Corrupt Year After Year After Year! When the Corrupt control Everything, there Is No Way To Gain Power! By then it's too late anyway. You can't tell me there's no way in the Constitution to stop a corrupt Monopoly when it has overtaken the government I just don't understand.

  11. We live in a Banana Republic now. We are tired of Republican Politicians talking. We want ACTION. People should go to jail. De-fund the FBI and DOJ. Fight these criminals, these fascist!

  12. He isn’t a right wing crazy he is a patriot who served his country with honors and he is furious about what the Left has done to this country. People better wake up and back off because when people like him get pushed into a corner and have no options they become VERY dangerous.

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