Fox News Host STUNS Dan Bongino, CALLS OUT his LIES to his face


Fox News co-host Jessica Tarlov held fascist co-host Dan Bongino's feet to the fire after telling him that Trump's bogus talking points have completely backfired. When Bongino was confronted with the truth, Bongino lashed out. Meidas Contributor Tennessee Brando reacts.

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Date: August 21, 2022

RSS The Hill

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28 thoughts on “Fox News Host STUNS Dan Bongino, CALLS OUT his LIES to his face

  1. The republican party is not racist or homophobic. That's a leftist talking point to distract people from republican complaints. Here are the republican complaints:
    1. The federal Government is too big.
    2. The federal government overtaxes the people.
    3. The federal government sucks at solving people's problems, therefore it makes more sense for them to usually do nothing rather than something.

  2. Dude, the left also repeats talking points ad nauseam. I know this to be true because I have to work so hard to get my questions answered because reporters suck. They don't ever give enough information. It's the only job they have.

  3. I never realized, but it makes perfect sense, Dan Bongino is a little fella. Of course he is.

    Note the irresponsible asshate laughing as if this is all a fucking joke. That PoS and most of these PoS have no business being on TV, they are idiot liars who think they are playing a game.

  4. This guy Bongino is always bitter . Why? Why is he so angry about? Do this guy think he will be allowed in the MAGA world? Never!!! Guys like him are not MAGA favorite.. Lol 😂

  5. You all realize this is theater, right ? It’s professional wrestling for nerds. Rupert Murdoch is weaning his people off Trump just in case Trump goes down for this. As DeSantis is waiting on deck so why not?

  6. Who takes Dan Bongino seriously?? He was forced out of the Secret Service, (almost all of the agents that knew him said they were glad to see him go) he tried to become some big time Republican politician and THREE TIMES was rejected by Republican voters (uh, LOSER he claims??) and finally lands in the Land of Misfit Republicans, talk radio. He's a six foot 💩pile example of loser. Talks real tough when he's on a TV set or behind a microphone. His gay mancrush for Trump is SO obvious. Listen up, Bongino, Lindsey Graham is available!

  7. Hillary has never been a president and Hunter never even ran for president, so those talking points are moot. Tired of hearing Hillary and Hunter off the lips of people who know they don't really have a more valid point to make.

  8. Dan Bongino is a mindless fool. He's like the fictional character "Mad Dog" from the Frazer show, all blown up, yap yap yap, cuts people off when they are talking because he knows if he lets them talk, he gets proven wrong or looks like a moron, usually both.

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