Fox News LOSES IT On Guest For Telling The Truth


Red states consistently have higher rates of crime, teenage pregnancy and poverty. When confronted with these facts, the Republicans can't handle the truth. Kyla Frank breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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Date: August 20, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Fox News LOSES IT On Guest For Telling The Truth

  1. Sadly this black lady should know that's Kaylee mcenany and oh my gosh her notebook she knows everything this woman's got her eye on everything that's going on in the world she is photographic memory Golden child.

  2. Why must there always be some informative speech at the end of these videos…? We don't need to be taught ? Lol, it takes away from the coolness of your videos

  3. Top 8 cities in 2022 with the highest crime rates…where do most ppl in the USA live? Cities…

    1. Detroit, Michigan, 77% Black (Mayor is a democrat)

    2. New Orleans, Louisiana. 60% black (Mayor is a democrat)

    3. Baltimore, Maryland. 62% black (Mayor is a democrat)

    4. Memphis, Tennessee. 64% black (Mayor is a democrat)

    5. Cleveland, Ohio. 47% black (mayor is a democrat)

    6. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 53% black (mayor is a democrat)

    7. Kansas City, Missouri. 27% black (👏👏👏👏) (mayor is a democrat)

    8. Shreveport, Louisiana. 57% black (mayor is a democrat)

    Do you notice a trend? if not you need to get your fucking eyes checked pronto!

  4. Amen!!! Red States spend less money on Social Programs. A lot of Crime is driven by Poverty, this is statistically correlated. Locking people up in prison does not reduce crime!!! It just hardens inmates so that if they get out of prison, they are more likely to commit violent crime on the 2nd, 3rd offense.

  5. Anyone who majors in Psychology and Sociology can tell you that the number one factor that is at the root of all crime is SCARCITY. The greater the scarcity of a society, the greater quantity and more violent the crimes committed. Scarcity that has a higher than average concentration within a community whether rural or urban, the more violent crimes per-capita. It doesn't take rocket science to understand why this would be the case. Scarcity is a socioeconomic disease that is absolutely preventable in the richest Nation in the history of the world. The immoral management of Capitalism motivated by greed and bigotry by Corporations and Politicians has not only gotten us here…it will continue to rot this country from the inside out. It's going to take, once again, a strong labor grassroot movement to force change. This time though, we don't allow ourselves to become complacent with just a few concessions that will only be legislated out of existence within a few decades…no…we demand a complete reformation of the way this country prioritizes it's people (term limits for Federal Judges and those serving in Congress, Public funding of local, state, and federal elections from public taxes i.e. private donations and lobbying will be ILLEGAL, get rid of the Electorial College, etc.

    Until there's a Reformation… scarcity will not only be weaponized for political party gains, but will continue to trigger violence and crime to needlessly ravage communities…and the entire country.

  6. Would love to find common ground with right wingers but unfortunately racism and bigotry as well as narcissism is the jelly the Republican platform spreads to get their base to eat the turd sandwich. We are talking about people who will do evil things to people they don't even know because of their skin color, religion or sexual orientation. We have seen that rightwingers will turn on whomever when that person either shows integrity or they feel they are no longer useful. To find common ground with people like these you either have to have something they value you can hold over them else it is like having a king cobra as a pet.

  7. It's what these CROOKS fear the most. That's why they are making it as hard as they can for you to vote. LETS GET THIS DONE !!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 PS A picture ID will work. Register at your County Courthouse.

  8. WHO all here is stupid enough to buy into this false narrative? As if there are gang banging drive by shootings going on in rural red ares of states. The high murder rates in Red States (and Blue as well) are because those states have big blue cities where the vast majority of murders are happening.

  9. Cities are the ones that set the environment for the degree of tolerance for crime, NOT STATES. The highest crime and highest murder rates overwhelmingly happen in big Democrat run cities, a state, be it red or blue will get dragged into a high rate because of those cities. TYT knows this, but thinks it's fans are too dumb to connect the dots.

  10. Wow, this channel is aimed at the terminally stupid. A map showing North Dakota and Montana with high murder rates but NOT NY, Illinois & Montana. Gotta watch out for all those drive bys in Fargo and Bozeman

  11. What lying Rebel HQ media doesn't tell you is that it's blue cities that contribute to most of the crime and social problems inside red states. Also being a poor minority is not an excuse to murder someone.

  12. I looked up the statistics last year and it's true. Red state has the most crime and Republicans don't want to believe it or they know and they're just want to lie to you. Look it up yourself and you will see.

  13. It's a shame that the right wing controls the narrative with only one major network? Why are democrats so bad at informing the electorate. You never even hear these responses in debates.

  14. "Let's talk about [this "Blue" city] that is the murder capital of the US. Let's talk about [this "Blue" city] that is the murder capital of [its state]."
    OK. Let's also talk about the definition of a "statistical outlier." And we can talk about the logical fallacy of a "red herring." Since talking about specific cities that don't follow the statistical predictions is a distraction from talking about THE STATES that as a whole are more violent.

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