Fox News Sent Scrambling After Capitol Footage Exposes Rep. Loudermilk


Fox News is in damage control after someone they defended as doing nothing wrong.. is maybe guilty of doing something wrong. The January 6th committee released video of Republican congressman Barry Loudermilk giving a capital tour to someone who, the next day on January 6th, marched towards the capitol while making questionable statements.


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Sources: (Rep. Barry Loudermilk tweet) (Mediate, Fox News defends Loudermilk) (January 6th committee footage) (CNN, footage challenges statement) (Fox News scrambles for Loudermilk) (golden eagle sconce) (Business Insider, Barry Loudermilk timeline) (Raw Story, larger plan) (Jamie Raskin on CNN)

Date: August 21, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Fox News Sent Scrambling After Capitol Footage Exposes Rep. Loudermilk

  1. Whether the man was too stupid to allow a group to do recon or not he is still culpable. They need stricter security if this is permitted before an election ceremony. What a bunch of BS. Loudermilk is a security risk to both congress and our democracy. It’s going to be hysterical when they nail him. Fox is conservative propaganda with zero journalistic integrity.

  2. FOX News is a media only for Republican, the have their own special view of everything, they have all the answers and thier own personal views as part of the Republican party voters maybe. Well they are with God and we all part of something else, but for me not seen this media is a huge fix and their lies also in some report. Is a shame of the political medias in United States also…


  4. they can play completely stupid , because they truly are stupid..
    trying to invalidate our election.. some people would call this treason. 
    and, they would have a good reason. because it is treason.

  5. Ok so if he didn’t know him why were they talking like they were bro’s, also,why was it ok for the guy with the flag telling the “congressman “exactly what he was gonna do with and they were both laughing…man!! The congressman not only knew him but that tour was his part of the planning, so miss us with all that mess and stop making excuses for these guys , by that I mean the congressman, they get elected to do for the people that put them there, not for one man baby that really does not give two shits about us, DT is using y’all as pawns in his game to gain POWER I’m more mad at the congressmen or senators for their BOLD FACE LIES that cost the lives of innocent people that were misled by a wannabe Kim jun un ….y’all better think twice before y’all put him back in there cause it’s going to be the worst mistake of your life.there are other republicans that would be better than trump cause for me it isn’t about party, I’m sick of the lies.. talk about “the big lie”. WWITH TRUMP AND HIS LACKEY’S IT’S. “. EVERY ACCUSATION, IS A CONFESSION “ wake up!!!

  6. Of course you will spell it all out to all of us. I realize your explanation will come with the Democrats Narrative. His giving a tour proves he was the leaders of the riot. He forgot to mention the video of the Capital Police moving the barricades to allow the people to enter the Capital. And of course we know no one has ever taken pictures while on a Capital tour. This is the only time anyone has ever taken pictures, and they did it so they could plan there attack.

  7. Fox "noize" is responsible for 90% or the right wing ignorance in this country..They need to be held to account..WTF is wrong with them why are they attacking Democracy..

  8. The demeanor of the guy taking pictures also stands out. It does not come across as relaxed in anyway. He was on a mission and that's the way it looks. He's doing what he needed to do. But it's obvious nothing is going to solve this issue in America. The country is so divided and its reached a point of total ridiculous stupidity. It really feels like we are witnessing the downfall of our democracy. I used to believe that in the end truth would win out but I'm not so sure that will happen now. The level of idiocy and lies in our country has become rampant and I'm not sure there is anyone who can stop it. Trump wants to be another Putin and for whatever reason people seem happy to give that to him. It's totally depressing.

  9. If you rob a bank the driver gets same charge. Fox news should be held accountable for obstruction !!!!!
    Do i need to file charges ????
    Your source is your get away car .

  10. Loudermilk lied. He released a lie in writing knowingly even grandstanding on the words truth will come out. His shifting stories and statements show he is trying to wiggle out of the truth as it comes out. He tore himself. I will remember that and what the Republican Party has devolved into.

  11. This Congressman is guilty of helping with the 1/6 riot. He should be charged and put in jail. This Congressman is the biggest liar. The man keeps changing his story.

  12. They're all crooks we need to just start over it's a fresh meat in there get some some guys that's going to take care of some stuff not try to line their pockets and raise gas prices man that boy pissed me off

  13. Pelosi, The mayor of DC & Sargeant at arms were responsible for poor security the moment they refused guards offered by Trump. They knew there might be trouble. There was a woman killed by a DC Capitol guard without provocation, there was that Antifa guy Sullivan who admitted on CNN with Anderson that he broke a window and in there up to no good. Where is your commentary on that. Stop the nonsense.

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