Fox & Pals [8AM] 9/2/22 | Breaking Fox Information September 2, 2022


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  • Pence 'getting closer' to a 2024 decision March 24, 2023
    Former Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday said he's getting "closer to a decision" on whether to run for president in 2024. Pence told Sean Hannity on Fox News that he and his wife, Karen Pence, have been praying about whether to enter the presidential race, drawing applause from a live studio audience. “We’re getting...
  • Democrats race to Bragg's defense: Congress 'should stay the hell out of it' March 23, 2023
    House Democrats are racing to the defense of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) amid his criminal probe of former President Trump, saying the Republicans seeking to halt Bragg’s hush money investigation are encroaching on matters of independent law enforcement and should simply butt out. “Let's wait to see if there are going to be...
  • Ethics panel admonishes Graham March 23, 2023
    The Senate Select Committee on Ethics formally admonished Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in a letter Thursday for soliciting campaign contributions for the 2022 Senate runoff race in Georgia during an interview with Fox News in the Russell Senate Office Building.   The Ethics Committee found that Graham “directly solicited campaign contributions” on behalf of Republican...
  • Four key takeaways as lawmakers grill TikTok CEO March 23, 2023
    Lawmakers from both political parties joined forces on Thursday during a committee hearing where TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified on ways his company plans to address recent security concerns raised about the social media app. Criticisms surrounding TikTok were notably bipartisan as House Energy and Commerce Committee members from both parties expressed various concerns […]
  • House fails to override Biden's first veto March 23, 2023
    The Republican-led House on Thursday failed to override President Biden’s first veto, falling short of the two-thirds majority needed to revive the resolution targeting an administration rule related to ESG investing, which takes environmental and social factors into account. The chamber voted 219-200, with Rep. Jared Golden (D-Maine) voting with every Republican in favor of...

39 thoughts on “Fox & Pals [8AM] 9/2/22 | Breaking Fox Information September 2, 2022

  1. Call to Action! Heads up Trump Supporters! Know, Former President Trump is diagnosed with socio-path narcissistic personality disorder. It results in destruction, trauma, and death. Examples: January 6th insurrection, impeachments, and violation of both the Espionage and Presidential Records Act, anti-voting anti-abortion(appointed three supreme court justices who overturned Roe!) anti-democratic, with autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial non-leadership. Wake-up, Wise-up, Raise-up, Speak-out, and act to contradict the behaviors. Fox, Ambitious Politicians fuel Trump’s disease! Don’t be deceived!

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    These SCAMMERS are pushing Political Propaganda in an attempt to influence American Politics. One will post Conservative News and the other Liberal News. BOTH come from same GROUP of SCAMMERS from Foreign Countries including Turkey, Portugal, Spain, and Russia. These SCAMMERS use Click Bait Techniques: Outrageous Thumbnails and Inflammatory Captions that have nothing to do with actual video. They have stolen video from American News Companies and Re-posted ILLEGALLY without their permission. This is a direct violation of American Copyright Laws. If FOX, CNN, or MSNBC knew about this they would sue them. This is no different than Bootlegging Movies and posting so others can watch. These SCAMMERS only want more ‘Clicks’ because it artificially raises their YouTube Metrics and they receive more Ad Money.

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  3. I was a big time tomboy growing up later on in life got married and had kids ,I'm fine thank you , my big brother played with dolls ,joined the army married a beautiful gal had kids he was fine too up until he passed he was a patriot and fine man ,God bless him . Leave the kids alone they too will be fine !

  4. Biden and the democratic lefties party wants citizens taxpayers to depend on the government.
    Stop hounding Donald Trump and go after this corrupt sitting president Joe Biden. Go raid Hunter's home and Joe Biden's. Go to Dr.Jills room and ramsack her clothes.
    Show Hunter's laptop so that the United States can see how corrupt Joey Biden is and his family and his administration are.
    The billions of dollars Joe Biden sent to Ukraine was that to cover for the shady dealings that Joe Biden and Hunter had with Ukraine. Did that money go to Joey's bank account in a Swiss Bank?

  5. Lightfoot says it immoral to bus the "migrants" to New York and elsewhere. Clearly she knows about immorality. Where she is correct is that New York, Chicago and other "blue cities" are Hell Holes. I suppose sending anyone to such a place could be considered "immoral".

  6. What I took from this speech that Biden and his administration have no shame or respect for this wonderful Republic or it’s American 🇺🇸 citizens ! If President Trumps supporters don’t go and vote 🗳 in2022 against this then shame on you ! This is the first time I felt like a second class citizen sad 😢 This Republic is falling before our eyes . I knew Biden wouldn’t be a good president,BUT I didn’t know he would literally demolish everything my gosh he needs to go .

  7. Biden's speech was pure poison! The Democrats have nothing to run on except failed policies and are trying to make the midterm elections all about Trump and his supporters. Biden's official stance is, if you want America to be great again,then you are a threat. Threat to who? Democratic Socialist!

  8. I don't know who needs to hear this!Stop relying on the government and savings. Invest some of your money if you want financial stability, having several income streams is not a bad idea

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