Fox & Pals [8AM] 9/2/22 | Breaking Fox Information September 2, 2022


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  • McCarthy: Democrats could pick Speaker if Republicans 'play games' on House floor November 29, 2022
    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) warned his skeptics in the House Republican Conference against opposing him for Speaker on the House floor. “We have to speak as one voice. We will only be successful if we work together, or we’ll lose individually. This is very fragile — that we are the only stopgap for...
  • The Hill's Morning Report — Congress' lame-duck to-do list November 29, 2022
    Editor’s note: The Hill’s Morning Report is our daily newsletter that dives deep into Washington’s agenda. To subscribe, click here or fill out the box below. Congress has returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to the last few weeks of the lame-duck session — and plenty of public and behind-the-scenes planning for the legislative term ahead....
  • The Memo: Republicans’ fervor to go after Fauci could backfire November 29, 2022
    Anthony Fauci is set to retire from public service, but Republicans have no intention of letting him leave the spotlight. GOP lawmakers plan to seek testimony from the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases once they take control of the House in January. Fauci, for his part, says he has...
  • McConnell holds the cards in spending fight November 29, 2022
    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) is calculating whether he wants to strike a deal with Democrats on a year-end spending package before Republicans take control of the House in January. The stakes are high for McConnell, who faces regular attacks from former President Trump and earlier this month survived the toughest challenge to his...
  • Democrats succumb to political reality on same-sex marriage bill November 29, 2022
    The Senate’s Respect for Marriage Act has progressives arguing that efforts to safeguard same-sex unions remain unfinished after concessions were made to Republican demands for bolstered religious liberty protections. The bill as it currently stands would officially repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and require state recognition of legal same-sex and interracial marriages but would...

39 thoughts on “Fox & Pals [8AM] 9/2/22 | Breaking Fox Information September 2, 2022

  1. Call to Action! Heads up Trump Supporters! Know, Former President Trump is diagnosed with socio-path narcissistic personality disorder. It results in destruction, trauma, and death. Examples: January 6th insurrection, impeachments, and violation of both the Espionage and Presidential Records Act, anti-voting anti-abortion(appointed three supreme court justices who overturned Roe!) anti-democratic, with autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial non-leadership. Wake-up, Wise-up, Raise-up, Speak-out, and act to contradict the behaviors. Fox, Ambitious Politicians fuel Trump’s disease! Don’t be deceived!

  2. Four dozen empty folders marked ‘CLASSIFIED’ found in Trump Mar-a-Lago raid, DOJ reveals

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  4. You can't blame your failures on Trump or the American voters. YOU own this. I think the people have handed you a pink slip.

  5. I was a big time tomboy growing up later on in life got married and had kids ,I'm fine thank you , my big brother played with dolls ,joined the army married a beautiful gal had kids he was fine too up until he passed he was a patriot and fine man ,God bless him . Leave the kids alone they too will be fine !

  6. Biden and the democratic lefties party wants citizens taxpayers to depend on the government.
    Stop hounding Donald Trump and go after this corrupt sitting president Joe Biden. Go raid Hunter's home and Joe Biden's. Go to Dr.Jills room and ramsack her clothes.
    Show Hunter's laptop so that the United States can see how corrupt Joey Biden is and his family and his administration are.
    The billions of dollars Joe Biden sent to Ukraine was that to cover for the shady dealings that Joe Biden and Hunter had with Ukraine. Did that money go to Joey's bank account in a Swiss Bank?

  7. Lightfoot says it immoral to bus the "migrants" to New York and elsewhere. Clearly she knows about immorality. Where she is correct is that New York, Chicago and other "blue cities" are Hell Holes. I suppose sending anyone to such a place could be considered "immoral".

  8. Painful speech,from here in Europe. Horrible.A lot of hate,disgusting LENIN dictatorship. This man does not have the mirror at home. Liar, senile arrogant,rude


  10. It's all planned what happens if it works it's being implemented right in front of fox / Where's my pillow jack Keane what?

  11. What I took from this speech that Biden and his administration have no shame or respect for this wonderful Republic or it’s American 🇺🇸 citizens ! If President Trumps supporters don’t go and vote 🗳 in2022 against this then shame on you ! This is the first time I felt like a second class citizen sad 😢 This Republic is falling before our eyes . I knew Biden wouldn’t be a good president,BUT I didn’t know he would literally demolish everything my gosh he needs to go .

  12. Biden's speech was pure poison! The Democrats have nothing to run on except failed policies and are trying to make the midterm elections all about Trump and his supporters. Biden's official stance is, if you want America to be great again,then you are a threat. Threat to who? Democratic Socialist!

  13. MAGA Republicans are going take this country back to energy independence and freedom. Vote out these demonic _ucks

  14. Our President is just an old teleprompter-reading salesman, and not a good one. When such a salesman would give me a pitch at Best Buy I'd feel so insulted and icky that I would have to take a shower when I got home.

  15. Lori Lightfoot is worse than the witch from the West that lady is something else she's mean and nasty

  16. Whole Lightfoot with her backdrop of Mexicans behind her what a pathetic machine she is and she looks scared

  17. Money is still sitting there ,because the union can't spend the money on themselves! Why don't we have a union for students kindergarten thru 12th? It's their money!

  18. If you ever wanted to know what a disciple from Satan is well you just heard and seen that last night the tongue of the devil coming out of biden's mouth what a shame

  19. I don't know who needs to hear this!Stop relying on the government and savings. Invest some of your money if you want financial stability, having several income streams is not a bad idea

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