Fox & Pals First 8/31/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 31, 2022


Fox & Pals 8/31/22
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Date: August 31, 2022

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  • McCarthy: Democrats could pick Speaker if Republicans 'play games' on House floor November 29, 2022
    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) warned his skeptics in the House Republican Conference against opposing him for Speaker on the House floor. “We have to speak as one voice. We will only be successful if we work together, or we’ll lose individually. This is very fragile — that we are the only stopgap for...
  • The Hill's Morning Report — Congress' lame-duck to-do list November 29, 2022
    Editor’s note: The Hill’s Morning Report is our daily newsletter that dives deep into Washington’s agenda. To subscribe, click here or fill out the box below. Congress has returned from the Thanksgiving holiday to the last few weeks of the lame-duck session — and plenty of public and behind-the-scenes planning for the legislative term ahead....
  • The Memo: Republicans’ fervor to go after Fauci could backfire November 29, 2022
    Anthony Fauci is set to retire from public service, but Republicans have no intention of letting him leave the spotlight. GOP lawmakers plan to seek testimony from the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases once they take control of the House in January. Fauci, for his part, says he has...
  • McConnell holds the cards in spending fight November 29, 2022
    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) is calculating whether he wants to strike a deal with Democrats on a year-end spending package before Republicans take control of the House in January. The stakes are high for McConnell, who faces regular attacks from former President Trump and earlier this month survived the toughest challenge to his...
  • Democrats succumb to political reality on same-sex marriage bill November 29, 2022
    The Senate’s Respect for Marriage Act has progressives arguing that efforts to safeguard same-sex unions remain unfinished after concessions were made to Republican demands for bolstered religious liberty protections. The bill as it currently stands would officially repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and require state recognition of legal same-sex and interracial marriages but would...

42 thoughts on “Fox & Pals First 8/31/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS August 31, 2022

  1. Conservative MAGA people need to be censored for telling the truth. Truth is Russian disiformation. Real crime is not a crime. The real crime is telling the truth. Democrat Logic.

  2. Biden's admin is exactly as Joe Biden's ethics and ability has been his entire life time of sucking off the taxpayer, a flaming sack of dog crap.

  3. They need to pull all doctor's license because they've been following the state for years people are sick mentally physically and emotionally because the doctors would not stand up to the state the doctors were in wrong for that and now they should have to see the circumstances of having all these people sick on their watch and they got a degree oh yeah they stabilize the people but that's all the doctors are for stabilizing them they don't care them or help them they stabilize them that's all the doctors allowed to do is to stabilize that's a state law after they're stable then they don't go any further with their health plan and that's wrong cuz they should find the root cause and deal with the root cause and quit stabilizing People's health

  4. They've been following the state's guidelines for years whatever the state says they do they have held the state and not doctoring like they were supposed to do anyways they draw the lines at the doctors can cross over and if they do they're a goner so they've been working with the state for years how do you think the whole America people are just plum sick you got sugar diabetic she got heart disease you got cancer you got plural disease you got brain mental issues you've got I mean you name it you do not think them doctors took and learn how to deal with this no they're making situations worse so they need them pulled anyway

  5. Everything the demos say trump did the biden cartel did. The guilty tell on themselves. I dont know how they sleep at night. Cops need to clean up the PDs before they get more funding. Anyone can buy a gun to protect themselves . The cops are crooks we dont need them .

  6. I can't imagine what Trump must have on the FBI and certain people in government that has these people dumpster diving trying to find it . In my opinion when a FBI is trying so hard to protect a administration that is clearly got a chide in charge of it says a lot about the people. Biden took showers with his daughter when she was little she said she was molested at family parties. And the FBI is concerned about Trump lol this certainly should make people concerned.

  7. We apparantly only have the white house rule book, what's wrong with the picture?

  8. This new bill that democrats are trying to pass is more evidence that democrats created Covid with China. If you can’t see that then your blind.

  9. Didn't they say they had already went thru all documents and already made a decision? Corruption in white house and trickle on down!

  10. Biden words were the police force is down, well he's been in office how long why I ask haven't they done something already, they were saying they were defunding, his empty words, open boarders, afganistan look at his track record, don't listen to empty worded statements.
    I'm a registered Democrat!

  11. California mutilating children. No surprise there. Child abusers. California is quickly becoming the armpit of America.

  12. I agree that it’s best for MD’s to be able to really do their professional job of non biases type evidence based practice research instead of being forced to tell lies in order to continue in their profession.

  13. If there's any FBI agents that was not involved in this Hunter Biden scam or any other scam against American people you would all step down and strike against your own FBI agency against corruption against American people cuz that's not what you stood for step down if you're a good guy and protest against the people in your agency that's the bad guys as a good guy you should not want them representing who you are and you should stand against it for the American people and yourself if not you're riding with him and you're a ride or die and you FBI is going down

  14. I'm sure Joe would love to give millions of dollars more to certain F.B.I.🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh and probably will 😭😭😭 then forget he did, .. ,🤣🤣😷😷 in court !!!!🕊️🕊️🐟

  15. Start by condemning your racist brainwashed college punks who destroyed their city's while waiting for a government handout you idiots are the reason our children are incapable to run a country look at the vice president totally ignorant and lost

  16. Okay, If you go to California and break a law from the state you're from, how is California going to stop the state you're from charging you with a crime when you return.

  17. The d
    D OJwill not do anything about Christians or the Catholic Church. Because they work for Satan !. Satan always tries to destroy God's Church. So why wouldn't the DOJ do the same thing.?

  18. Not that I'm complaining…but, where the hell is VP Harris anyway? We haven't seen her for awhile.

  19. What he's trying to do is say that everything that the Democrat party is doing .Is actually the Republicans are doing. When he is lying out of his teeth !!He knows it is the Democrat party that is destroying this country.

  20. Nothing more important than protect ? Then do something about the southern border you jackass.

  21. Nothing happened on the 6th that you guys didn't make happen. All the violence that happened on the 6th was due to the Democratic party.

  22. Vy mate drzet decka od fetu,jakychkoliv drog delat jim prostredi k vychove a ukazovat jim zivot v nadhere!!! Otec Buh Hospodin,Jezis,Krestan,krasny zivot,to je zaklad,ktery to umoznuje!!!

    Vy zneuzivate a vychovavate decka stylem zadluz se,fetuj,odevzdej penize,delej na nas a nase penize a pak nas zvol,aby nas system jel naplno!!! Delate to vy politici USA spolu s tema po svete a mate dohody o tom!!! Proto je to vsude stejny.Takova Satanska dohoda vcetne Papeze a druheho souboru Vatikanu!!! Proto sem ho exkomunikoval!!! Nerespekt a Italie trest pocasi!!! Vsude,kde je system vas,budete trestani pocasim bez ohledu,dojud nepochopite iak se mate chovat a nebudete respektovat na 100 procent Otce Boha Hospodina,Jezise,Evangelium Bible,lidskost,lidsky zivot,cloveka a rodinnu!!!

    Co bude vite!!! Moznost volby mate!!! Neprovokujte Enocha!!!

    Vse o co jde vam vysvetluju!!! Provokovat me nebudete a Biden a Trump ty lidska prasata uz vubec ne!!! Dejte si pozor ,su kruty a bez milosti!!!

    Cil bude splneny s gama ci bez vas,ale bude splneny!!! Slovo a prisahu vzdy plnim!!!

    S pozdravem Enoch!!!

  23. No we are not political says the DOJ, Acting head of DOJ criminal division is a former associate of Hunter Biden’s lawyer, A Justice Department official hired under President Biden and placed in charge of the agency’s criminal division in an acting capacity — is a former close associate of the attorney representing Hunter Biden in his current business deals.. The department revealed on Inauguration Day that it had tapped Nicholas McQuaid as acting assistant attorney general overseeing the criminal division. February 2, 2021

  24. "We The People"

    It is beyond all doubts, that this ongoing abuse of a 2 tier political system of justice, are the very things perpetuated by the leftist extreme, that will ultimately drive this country into another civil war.

    God Help Us All 🇺🇲

  25. And to think….demoncraps wanted to put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.

  26. For those of you who believe that you are not sinners, and you do not have to be self-aware, REMEMBER! With what measure that ye mete, it will be meted back to you. You may not care about that right now, but you will care in the day when every thing that is hidden, will be revealed! Your weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth at that point will be to no avail and you will realize exactly how foolish, stupid and evil that you have been. Good luck with that, you have been told beforehand.

  27. Do The Democrat's Actully Think That The Whole World's Eye's Have Been Focused On The Biden Family Under A MicroScope, And To Think We Forgot One Iota Of The Retarted Things He And His Party Have Done And Said. GOD Said "You Reap What You Sow" Your Going To Get What You Have Coming.

  28. garland is a devil worshipper. You can see the emptiness and evil in his eyes. Soulless

  29. Oh Biden likes law enforcement NOW??? Right before the elections! Biden you are the lowest class of idiot this country has ever seen. Anyone who supports you or your democrat administration should be sent to a deserted island to live in your misery together. He is a gaslighting hypocrite.

  30. biden is trying to defund hard working Americans. He says he will have middle class audited and hire IRS agents to steal the little money that we have. biden is a fraud, a liar, and a thief. Fact.

  31. Why doesn't YouTube not play actual news footage, I've lived without it for year's, but it makes me wonder how petty they are and they get is so stupid…

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